1st birthday gifts ideas

1st birthday gifts ideas are really easy to come across because every day there are new and improved toys and gadgets for babies and their mothers. Everything is still new to the kids; so literally, even a plastic bag will keep them entertained. However, a first birthday is something that everyone wants to look back on with fond memories, and many kids develop attachments to the things they receive as children. These toys, blankets, sippers, whatever it may be, shape the child as they grow up. Many of these things they carry forward with them as a source of comfort and nostalgia. This is why you should definitely try and think of some interesting and unusual gift ideas.


Unusual 1st birthday gifts to consider

First birthday gift ideas are easy to find, all you have to do is figure out a budget and then you can ask the parents about the things the baby likes, or what they could use around the house and then buy a gift. At this crucial age, children tend to grow out of clothes and they are constantly learning new things and how to maneuver about their little world. So, you should probably get that not only is a source of attraction or even entertainment for the child, but also helps develop his growing skills. If you cannot think of anything at all, then below you will find a number of unusual gift suggestions that you can consider or use as guideline for buying a 1st birthday gifts.

  1. Trainer cup

Cup 1st birthday gifts

These trainer cups are a blessing in disguise for most parents attempting to teach their kids how to drink out of a normal cup. Things like this do not come naturally to children. This trainer cup comes in different colors and has a lock system so that there is no spilling and messing up of clothes. It also has handles for the child to hold on to the cup. It is made of child friendly, BPA free material to ensure your child’s safety as well. These are one of the best first birthday gift ideas that not only help the kids but ease the trouble of the parents as well.

  1. Twisty straw cup

Twisted straw cup

This product from OXO is rather adorable and baby friendly. At this age, kids are not accustomed to drinking their juices, milk or water from normal cups and bottles, especially when they are not at home. This is why the twisty cup with a straw is a rather smart gift. This cup has an attached straw that is hidden and prevents leaks when you twist the cover to close it. Twisting the cover also cleans the straw. It is completely baby friendly and comes in 3 different colors: aqua, green and pink. One of the best features of this cup is the fact that it is translucent, so you can see how much of the drink is actually left in the cup.

  1. Feeding set

Feeding set

First birthday’s mean that soon the baby will start to learn how to fend for itself. One of the things that all kids have to learn, eventually, is how to feed themselves. Starting this at a young age ensures that the child learns how to be independent and gain confidence in the things he or she does. This why this feeding set is one of the best first birthday gift ideas. This feeding set comes with a soft handle and high edged bowls so that it is easy to scoop food on the forks and spoons. This is no guarantee that the child will learn how to eat soon, but this definitely helps the learning process.

  1. Sleeved bib

waterproof sleevs

Babies and toddlers tend to cover themselves in the food or liquid that they are eating or drinking. This means that while they may have a regular bib on, you will still have to change all their clothes because of the mess that they have made. This 100% polyester sleeved bib is completely kid friendly and ensures that you do not have any extra mess to clean. All you will have to do is wipe down this bib. And you can use it for kids aged 6 months to about 2 years, which is really convenient, since they are the messiest at this age, especially during meal time. This is definitely an unusual gift suggestion that you should take into consideration.

  1. Plug covers

plug covers 1st birthday gift

Even before a baby is born, parents tend to baby proof the house. This includes electrical sockets as well. However, if you know of a parent that hasn’t done so, then these plug cover make the ideal unusual first birthday gift. They are extremely useful for parents since this is age of curiosity; kids generally want to stick their fingers into sockets just to see what happens. These plug covers ensure that this doesn’t happen when your back is turned.

  1. Door stopper

door stopper 1st birthday gift

Most kids do not understand the danger they sometimes put themselves in till a late age; and it is not always possible for a parent to have an eye on the child. After the first birthday, babies tend to learn how to crawl and then walk, this is when they unknowingly get their fingers jammed between doors. That is never fun for anybody. These door stoppers are colorful and charming and protect your baby’s fingers. It is definitely a first birthday gift that many parents will be rather appreciative of.

  1. Roll and Swirl Ball Ramp

1st birthday gift ball room

Toys for children should not only be entertaining but educational as well. This is the age that kids tend to pick up everything they see happening around them. This roll and swirl ball is not only colorful and delightful for children to play but it also enhances skills like hand-eye coordination, motor skills, problem solving, and a host of other skills. It is also guaranteed to keep a child occupied for a solid period of time. This first birthday gift idea is definitely something that is gaining in popularity.

  1. Touch and swipe baby phone

baby phone 1st birthday gift

Most children always want to do what they see their parents doing. One of those very common things is using a touchscreen phone. However, it is not the wisent decision to give baby celebrating his first birthday an actual phone. This touch and swipe baby phones allows the child to believe that he is using a phone much like his parents. It is definitely a very good first birthday gift idea that you should consider. It is attractive looking and also keeps babies entertained for extensive amounts of time.

  1. Go! Go! Smart animals


A baby’s brain is like a sponge, this is the age at which they learn about the alphabet, basic colors, sounds and shapes. This why this lion is a fun way to help your child learn about a lion – the way it is spelled, the letter L, the sounds a lion makes, etc. This lion lights up and runs on 2 AAA batteries. It is a fun first birthday gift idea, especially as a last minute idea. It is also fairly light on ones pockets. You can get other animals too like dogs, cows, hippo’s, etc.

  1. Auto racecar

Auto race car

Little kids like to mimic adults, and from watching their parents and things on T.V, something they find rather fun and interesting are cars. This handheld remote control car is fun an entertaining. It is made out of soft plastic as well to ensure that the child does not hurt him or herself. This is not the most unusual gift idea, but it is definitely something that will not fail you. Most kids like any toy at all, so long as it is something that looks decent and they can play with from time to time.

  1. Giraffe Ride on

giraff car

Way before kids can graduate to tricycles, they must first learn to push themselves around on these little three wheelers. These help with giving kids enough exercise, as well, teaching them motor skills. Kids are rather unaware of that though, and find these toys fun and entertaining especially when they are shaped like animals like the giraffe. This is a fun and rather pocket friendly first birthday gift idea that you can definitely keep in mind when trying to think of what to give a child for their birthday. This gift is actually appropriate for 2 and 3 year olds as well.

  1. Slide1st birthday gift 1st slide


This is definitely an unusual gift idea that kids will absolutely love. It keeps them active and is heaps of fun as well. You can keep these slides indoors and outdoors as well. It is definitely a gift that any toddler will love. It will keep a child occupied for quite some time and give the parents time to continue with other work as well. These slides are small; therefore, they ensure the safety of the child as well. They are sturdy and well-built too. It is definitely a gift idea that everyone will love immensely.