Best 6 ideas for 25th wedding anniversary gifts

Wedding is the most special occasion for a couple, both the bride and the groom. They would like to celebrate this day and love to cherish memories of those early days in their marriage. On their special D day anniversary, what would be the ideal gift for them? I am going to discuss about the top 25th wedding anniversary gifts. When you get a gift for couple get it as a pair, no matter whatever you are planning to present.

Promise Rings

Titanium ring

You can give them a pair of rings reminding them the beautiful day and rekindle the memories of that D day. They can exchange the rings on the anniversary day. You can get personalized rings from a local store or order them online. They will engrave the names on the rings and you can pack the pair of rings in the gift box that comes along with the rings.

A pair of mugs


Get a pair of mugs which has the text “silver jubilee wishes” printed on it. There are so many of them available in the market and they come along with beautiful presentation boxes also.  Once you get them, take them to a store where you can print the couple’s name on the mugs (husband’s name on one mug and wife’s name on the other). Then gift wrap the box of cups and stick a small anniversary card on it. I am sure they will be using that pair of mugs when they are having coffee or tea and remember your lovely gesture.

Two beanies for the couple


Beanie or seamed cap is usually used in the winter season. This is also known as knit cap. At the top of the knit cap you will have Pom Pom as in Santa hat and a base trim. On the base trim you can stitch Mr and Mrs or King and Queen or their names. They will look “made for each other” in those seamed caps. This will get them in a romantic mood.

Photo frame

25th anniversary

This is another wonderful idea to present as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. Get a photo frame that can hold two photos; one for the wedding day and one of the silver jubilee day. You may gift them the photo frame with the wedding day photo if you have one with you and let them complete the photo frame with the silver jubilee day photo. A silver jubilee themed photo frame will be ideal for this gift. This is a special gift from you to the special couple who stayed together for 25 years.

Pair of Watches

watch set

Buy a pair of watches for the couple on their special day. Watches are always a good choice for anniversary gifts. You can buy a pair of watches for the couple either online or from a nearby store.



This is for their bedroom and will have a special message stitched or printed on them. There are so many messages that you can stitch on the pillows. First and simple one is Mr and Mrs <surname>. Another suggestion is “Happy 25th anniversary” or “Happy silver wedding anniversary”. You may also print something that will look like the couple is telling to each other about their married life. You may either buy it from the store and stitch it yourself or you can even buy readymade ones.

Above are just the glimpse of the ideas that you can make use of while planning for a 25th wedding anniversary gift. If you start looking for more ideas you will never complete exploring.