Celebrate Easter with fabulous personalized Easter gifts

There’s a lot more to the Easter festival than just chocolate eggs. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important, significant and oldest events in Christian calendar. It’s that time of the year when you get together with your families, eat lots of chocolates and share a meal. A sacred and popular festival among Christians, Easter is celebrated to mark respect and rebirth of Christ who had sacrificed his life for the sins of his fellow pupils. It falls generally during the spring and is accompanied with exchanging gifts. Easter eggs and bunnies are the major attractions that commemorate this day of renewal of live and the living. However, you can also have tailor made gifts for your special ones. Take a look at some of most unusual Easter gift ideas, suited for adults and kids and everyone on your list.

Personalized wine gift pack:

Wine gift

Since you do not want to go with conventional way wishing “Happy Easter” with chocolates, say it with wine instead for those that enjoy a tipple. Get the perfectly gorgeous silk lined box to gift their favorite tipple accompanied with engraved glasses and may be a few sumptuous chocolates. Also you can personalize the label on wine bottle with a thoughtful message. Such Easter ideas definitely show a taste for finer things in life that people are bound to appreciate.

gift wine

Personalized Easter message bunnies:

personalised easter bunny messages

When Easter is around, most of us cannot deny that we a have a soft spot for all cute and cuddly things. For people find of fluffy soft toys, you can present adorable rabbits that wear cute knitted jumpers which can again be personalized with messages in threads of various colors. These amazing and happy alternative gifts will definitely last longer than chocolate eggs.

Personalized egg cups:

original_personalised-egg-cups easter

What better to be served than boiled eggs on an Easter morning? And what better expressions can you get to see than on the face of your loved ones having their eggs from personalized egg cups? Personalized egg cups are an amazing and thoughtful gift that goes with the tradition too. You can also put in colored and decorated eggs fashioned from enamel or encrusted with jewels.

Personalized chocolate bars:

personalised Chocolate_Bar easter

If you really can’t do away without the whole chocolates things on an Easter day, go for personalized choccie bars. These are the kind of bars that feature the receiver’s name along with a thoughtful message on a stylish wrapping which makes for the perfect treat for the most discerning chocoholics.

Personalized sweet jars:

Easter personalized bottles A humongous jar filled with all of their favorite sweets that include Jelly Babies, Frizzers, Cola Bottles, Drumstick Lollies and much more will be a best gift that keeps up with the syrupy, sugary theme also. The labels on the jars could also be personalized with names and brief Easter messages.