Heartwarming anniversary gifts for her, presents and ideas

Whether it’s your first year of dating or tenth wedding anniversary, browsing through the seemingly endless selection of gifts out there can be a daunting task. Generic anniversary gifts that come without any planning or thought can be at times less than well received. An anniversary gift is a special reminder of your wedding day and the amazing times that you have shared throughout the years. And expressing your continuous love and support for your wife can be done in a thousand great ways. The most important thing to consider in the hunt for a perfect anniversary gift is your wife’s personal style. While it’s a lot tempting to spend a fortune and make the grandest gesture, sometimes picking a small piece of ornament or apparel that reflects her taste shows that you care. Here’s a guide to help you with choosing wedding anniversary gifts for your wife on all major milestone years of you being together.

wedding anniversary

1st wedding anniversary gifts:

A very happy 1st wedding anniversary! Aren’t those some really wonderful words to hear, especially when it’s coming from your beautiful loving wife? After one complete year of marriage, you have remained strong and both are still deeply in love with each other. Needless to say, you would definitely want to honor this occasion with a special gift for her. Often men say that it’s difficult to figure out women; however this is one area wherein females are easy- they love receiving gifts. A simple gift from the heart is just about perfect and can be achieved in numerous ways. The traditional gift to celebrate the first wedding anniversary of married couples is represented by paper. Check out the below list of gift ideas to pick from for the surefire hit 1st anniversary gift for your wife.

Paper rose

A paper flowers bouquet:

The best part about these gifts is that they never wilt and die unlike the beautiful real flowers. If you are good in art, you can make paper flowers all by yourself. They are quite delicate and usually require a lot of time to make, so she will know that you have put in a lot of effort. Gifting your spouse with a bouquet of flowers always makes for a huge impression. Alternatively, you can also buy them from various stores. You can go for this amazing ivory colored carved rose from Amazon . It’s simple, delightful, adorable and the perfect size to sit on any bookshelf or desk. This sweet little wonderful flower will last a lifetime just like the bond your share together.

photo album

A photo album:

If those moments of togetherness that you have captured throughout the year are just lying around in some directory of your computer, now is the best time to give them some meaning. Surprise her with an incredible photo memory book or a scrapbook filled with images from your first year of marriage. You can find this elegant looking photo album book on Amazon that can hold up to 200 of your favorite pics and there’s memo area on each page so you can leave notes. Your precious memories and recorded life stages will be preserved in this beautiful white cover that you can savor them for the many more years to come.

message bottle

A message in a bottle:

If you wish to dazzle her with your poetic charm or simply put out your feelings, then this thoughtful and unique gift is sure to put a big smile on her face. Write a special message for her on a piece of paper and pop it inside an empty glass bottle. It’s the best way to express your love in the sweetest possible manner. Handwrite your message on a luxurious parchment paper, collect a few sea shells from the beach and place them inside the bottle along with sand. Seal it with a cork and tie a crimson ribbon. If you don’t have the resources to gather all these, you can take your pick from the various designs available online. One such beautiful appealing and wonderfully unique craftsmanship can be seen in this dramatic tall glass bottle from Amazon ( ). It’s the perfect gift put together beautifully to celebrate your love and impress her just the right way.

why i love you

Journal your first year:

This one will require lot more planning that just a day’s work. Maintain a journal for your 1st year of marriage and gift it to her on your anniversary. If you are not a big time writer, just put down one or two sentences everyday about any notable event, your favorite moment or your feelings for the day. It would be such a pleasure to look back upon the days in future. One such great gift for romantic couples to share together is the “Why I Love you: A Journal of Us” from Amazon. It’s designed to be filled by both partners so that you can explore more of each other as a couple, the questions and prompts offer up fun and insight as your put down your love story together.

5th wedding anniversary gifts:

Wedding anniversaries always are a great opportunity to celebrate, and they are even more poignant if they fall of significant dates like your fifth anniversary. A lot can happen in such a long time and you have successfully been through all of them with the one you love. So the five year milestone calls for a celebration and the traditional way of honoring it is with gifts of wood. The more modern gift paired with fifth wedding anniversary is silverware. When you are buying something for your wife, make it a gift to remember and show her how much she means to you and how great your love is. Here is an extraordinary selection of gift ideas to celebrate your wood anniversary, gifts that graciously represent the love you have shared since the day you became one.

wooden bangle

Wooden jewelry and wood jewelry box:

While the gemstone anniversaries may still be a few years ahead on the road, it doesn’t mean that jewelry isn’t a great gifting idea. There are plenty of wooden jewelries to pick from to match her flair and add a naturalistic chic touch to her collection. Get her a beautiful piece of handcrafted wooden jewelry and let her be reminded every time of your strong relationship whenever it’s worn. If you have already gifted her more than enough jewelry over the years, a wooden jewelry box can be a great gift idea- a perfect place to store all the gorgeous ornaments that are yet to come. Check out this beautiful hand carved wood bangle bracelet at  that will serve your purpose just about perfect.

5th anniversary

Framed Tile Wood gift:

A stylish stained wooden frame is the perfect way to go for a keepsake or a decorative gift on your 5th anniversary. The CaféPress Framed tile from Amazon ( ) is a very thoughtful additional side gift that comes out as the ultimate wall accent. It’s a picture of a tree carving on a wooden tile and the frame is solid plastic material. This cute and unusual inexpensive add on is cool and a sentimental little trinket to impress your wife when you are out of gift ideas after all these years.

wind chime

Wind chime:

A lot of beautiful wind chimes are built from bamboo and the earthly sounds of these bamboo wind chimes bring back old memories from topical places you have been together, especially your honeymoon. There are also a few chimes that come with wooden components and are tuned to the notes of weeding songs. Check out this plain antique wooden wind chime from Amazon (). It is solid made, is of perfect size and produces the most melodious sounds. The tones are really soothing and will add a great rustic look to your house too. If your wife is into decorating and re decorating your house every now and then, then this wind chime will never fail to amaze her.

10th wedding anniversary gifts:

By the time your 10th wedding anniversary rolls around, you must probably be feeling that you have run out of the huge gamut of anniversary gifts and you may be fondly considering getting away with chocolates or flowers this time. But stop right there because it’s a milestone in your lives and you definitely wouldn’t want to take a wrong step forward. In this day and age, ten years of successful marriage is quite an achievement and so you need to put in a lot of efforts to treat your wife with the best you can. Traditional tenth wedding anniversary gifts are crafted of tin, but your ideas can be something different and a bit more inspiring. After a decade of married life, she would be extremely grateful if you break the tradition and get her something more materialistic like the modern or contemporary gift associated with tenth year which is diamond. Check out the numerous options that you can opt for while selecting a gift for her. Having spent ten great years together, deciding on a gift should not be that complicated.


A second honeymoon:

It’s been ten years since you last went on your honeymoon, so a repeat honeymoon is just a great idea. Book a night in the same hotel in the same country to ensure a fantastic start and relive those great memories of back when you were newlyweds. They say romance is incomplete with flowers. So go for an early morning surprise of a fresh bunch to make a prefect beginning of your day. Brighten up her mood by ordering a bunch of sparkling bright yellow daffodils. You can order it from  and receive them at your doorstep. Opt for a private celebration and take her out for an extra special dinner to give her enough feel of the great escape that you have planned for her.

original apple watch

Aluminum gifts:

Aluminum is among the traditional gift for tenth wedding anniversary that signifies durability. The material presents great opportunities for home décor and cookware options. Aluminum tipped flowers also make for a lovely romantic gesture on your special day. Another great option to impress your love which also comes with a hint of traditional touch is an aluminum watch. Take a step further into the technology world by gifting your wife with  , a dependable and versatile gadget from Apple. The smart watch will only bring you closer to her as it allows making and receiving calls, sending and dictating text messages, calling a taxi and browsing through numerous other apps. She is going to have a great time with this unique gift and remain ever grateful for the same.

Diamond Anniversary Ring

Diamond Anniversary Ring:

The timeless present of diamond jewelry links your yesterday with tomorrow. Diamonds are usually viewed as symbols of commitment and love. If you are looking for a nice gorgeous ring for your beautiful wife, check out this sterling silver simulated diamond ring from Amazon ( ). It’s a really pretty and delicate ring that looks great on all kinds of attire. The brilliance of the diamonds fitted in amazing style is something that you can’t take your eyes off and for that matter, be it any diamond ring. This ring set is sure to get your wife a lot of compliments all the time on how pretty and marvelous it is.


25th wedding anniversary gifts

A quarter century of a marriage is a real achievement and deserves to be celebrated. Couples celebrate their two and a half decade years together in numerous ways. While some opt for elaborate vacations, others plan big parties with families and friends. The unwritten rules behind gift giving for the 25th year anniversary are governed by tradition which is symbolized by silver. On the special occasion of your silver anniversary, you should consider honoring your wife with a silver piece of jewelry or a beautiful silver keepsake, since it’s the best way of showing your appreciation to her for sticking with you throughout all these years. Take your inspiration from below gift ideas to commemorate your never ending love for her.

Wedding accessories

Champagne Toasting Flutes:

Amazon brings a wonderful set of champagne flutes, nice and clear for couples making their special 25th anniversary toast. The  product is of exceptional quality and is characterized by competitive prices, breathtaking style and fine fabrics. If you occasionally enjoy sharing a glass of wine or champagne with your wife, gift her with this amazing reminder of your silver wedding and raise a celebratory toast to each other. You can also get customized champagne flute on various online stores as well. These glasses make for an ideal, functional and a great anniversary present.

silverplated wedding anniversary

Silver photo album:

If you can spare some time, consider personalizing something to commemorate your happily married life of all these years. Purchase a nice silver photo album and use it to paste special memories of both of you to cover all those years from your courtship to present. Also don’t forget to add your childhood stories and stories of your children if you are considering on making a scrapbook. Such a gift will be treasured for a lifetime. Go for this shiny matt silver photo frame available at. It’s a special anniversary frame with a beautifully embossed design showcasing two silver bells along with a silver colored ribbon. If you are gifting it to her, she will be definitely elated by the sweet gesture and impressed by the great product that it is.

silver heart pendant 25th anniversary gifts

Silver Necklace:

What better to amaze your wife and rekindle your love than to gift her a sterling silver necklace that speaks of how much she means to you. This beautiful love heart pendant silver necklace available at Amazon () with a sweet message engraved on it is sure to please your wife and her fall in love all over again. It is well made with absolutely gorgeous looks and the synthetic diamond on top has a brilliant shine that will garner in a lot of compliments.

sterling silver wave cuff bracelet

Silver Wave cuff Bracelet:

The sterling silver wave cuff bracelet should never be missed if you are looking for the perfect traditional set to gift your wife on your 25th anniversary. To make it a bit more modern, you can opt for one of those Swarovski- decorated bracelets that would make her look stunning even after all those years. Irrespective of your choice, a beautiful cuff bracelet will always be adored and appreciated by her, especially when it’s offered for this huge mark in your life. Check out this beautiful silver cuff bracelet featuring a wave silhouette and a polished finish available at  . It comfortably slips over the wrist and brings out a trendy bright touch to any outfit. It’s lightweight, comfortable to wear and a classy addition to any wardrobe.