Personalized Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is not just a fun time for kids; everyone can frolic in the joy and colours that Easter brings.  There are a lot of fun things to do during Easter, and a lot of exchanging of gifts that happens. Everyone usually goes for the generic, colorful Easter eggs and bunnies but those gifts are so impersonal, and honestly, they mostly work as good gifts for kids. However, if you are willing to take some time out of your schedule there are plenty of gifts that you can choose from online. These gifts will not only be special to the person, but it will be something that is of actual use to them.


How to pick the right Easter gift:

There are many things that you need to keep in mind, especially if you take gift giving seriously. Also, it is not like you have a lot of time to simply sit back and go through pages and pages of gifts. This list will help you minimize on how much time and money you spend on your search.

  • Try to find something that fits the festive mood.
  • Keep in mind the person’s preferences, likes and dislikes.
  • Set a budget so that you don’t overspend. This will also help you narrow down the amount of items you need to search through.
  • Make sure you order your gift way before Easter, this will ensure that you have something to give and that your gift doesn’t arrive late.
  • Add something personal to your gift to make it special. A hint of something personal will be appreciated by one and all.

Easter gift Idea’s:

  • Easter Framed Picture

Easter Framed Picture

Nothing screams Easter more than an Easter nest full of eggs. This framed picture of a next with rocks is a lot more personal than it seems. You can have the rocks look like they are engraved with the names of the family on it. It is something that is simple, clean and fits in perfectly in the living room. It is a neat size of 11 inches by 14 inches. It comes completely ready to gift, so all you have to do is place an order with the specifications.

  • Easter Bunny Basket

Easter bunny basket

If you’re trying to think of a cute yet fun Easter gift for kids then this bunny basket is one of the best on the list. The basket is filled with an assortment of bunny shaped chocolates, it can also be used to store little trinkets and such once all the chocolates finish. The bunny is a soft toy that is attached to a basket made of carrots which is also a soft toy. It makes an adorable accessory that can be kept around the child’s room as well.

  • Personalized Easter Basket

personalised basket

At a rather reasonable price you can have this customized basket lining. The lining is made out of soft material and you can use it to line a basket of your choice. The embroidered liner has the person’s name on it to make it personal, and is 6 inches on the bottom, 10-12 inches in diameter at the top. This is perfect for a medium sized basket. It will gentle hold all the toys or Easter goodies that you intend on putting in the basket. It is made in such a way that it is easy to attach to your basket without much trouble at all. Keep in mind that the basket is not included in this gift.

  • First Easter Picture Frame

First easter

If your little one is celebrating their first Easter, then this is definitely something that they will be able to look back on years later and appreciate. You can take use a picture from their first Easter and place it in this adorable photo frame, so that they never forget. It is a brilliant memento of the day. You can even have their name printed on it. It measures 8 inches by 10 inches and can hold photos of two sizes: 3.5 x 5 inches and 4 x 6 inches.

  • Ferero Rocher Chocolates

ferrero collection

Why go with the plain and simple chocolates this year? Sure the chocolates may be shaped like bunnies or eggs or something quirky. But nothing is more deliciously appreciated than a box of Ferero Rocher chocolates, especially when the chocolates are assorted. You can choose from 18 pieces of coconut, dark chocolate and regular Ferero Rochers. It will definitely make any chocolate lovers day even better if this is their favourite brand of chocolate. There is no occasion that is more perfect for this box of chocolates than Easter, so it is most definitely a gift worth giving.

  • Wine

Wine easter gift

Thinking about gifts to give to adults is no easy task. A basket of funny shaped chocolate is far too mundane. That is why wine makes the perfect gift for the occasion. The 2011 Vortex Cellars Yakima Valley late harvest measures at 375mL bottles, and it is the perfect gift when visiting someone’s house on Easter Sunday. It makes a good gift for someone who enjoys wine. You can even pair this with a delicate set of wine glasses if you like. It packs a punch in taste even though it will be pretty light on your pockets. You should consider this gift for a quick and cheap buy, which also comes across as fancy yet simple. It is also the perfect gift when you cannot possibly think of much else, or do not know the person very well.

  • Themed Easter Basket

Cowboy themed basket easter gift

Many little kids love a good old Western movie and cowboys. This is why this cowboy themed Easter Basket is an improvement on the regular and standard Easter basket. It comes packed with bunny shaped chocolate and a soft toy to signify Easter, and even a bandana and cowboy hat. There are an assortment of chocolates and cookies that fill the basket as well. So, this gift is something that is fun and tasty at the same time. It will definitely grab the attention of a little boy who is fascinated by cowboys and loves some delicious chocolate as well. You would think this is an expensive gift, but it is quite reasonably priced so you don’t have to worry about overshooting your budget at all. Also find some perfect personalized Easter Gifts to present someone.

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