10 Best Places For Celebrating Friendship Day

If you are looking for the best place to spend with your friends on Friendship Day, here are some ideas that will help. You might have come across the popular saying that reads that ‘one of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood’. So, if you are a true friend to a man or a lady, a boy or a girl, you might be well-aware of his/her areas of interest. In case you are thinking about taking your friend to a place that you have never been earlier together for celebrating the forthcoming Friendship Day, here are the top 10 best places to choose:

1. A movie:

If luckily a new film featuring friendship is released at a day close to Friendship Day, you can book a surprise ticket for yourself and your group of friends to take them to the movie on Friendship Day.

watching movie

2. Charity:

Share the love you have towards your friends with the rest of the world on the forthcoming friendship day. Invite all your friends and also inform the charity about your visit in advance and also suggest your friends to bring whatever they can, to offer for parent-less children and also for childless old people. Making some valuable contributions to an orphanage will make the day the most memorable in the lives of all your friends. Remember that there is no greater joy as compared to giving to others. If your friends also accept it, just take them all to a charity. You can also get an opportunity to make friends with those orphans, who feel that there is no one in the world for them.


3. Beach:

All of you can plan to visit the beach as a group, where all of you can get utmost enjoyment and fun. But, remember to play safe when you are playing around the ocean on the day of celebrating friendship.

party on beach

4. Adventure sport:

You might be aware that there are different types of adventure sports like trekking, water rafting, Go karting, etc. Just choose one of these adventure activities to make the forthcoming Friendship Day, the most memorable in both your lives.

Adventure sport

5. A reunion:

You can also plan for a reunion with all your school and college buddies. Meeting them all after several years is something that can bring a whole lot of excitement as you can see your buddies grown up and working for great organizations or as great entrepreneurs themselves. You can plan the reunion in a commonplace like your school with the permission of school authorities.


6. Social service:

You can talk to your friends whether they are ready to plan for a social service or volunteering service on the forthcoming Friendship Day. For instance, you can plan to clean a specific street in your area or you can plan to teach a group of poor children or even aged people, etc.

social service

7. A long ride:

If both you and your friend love long rides in a car or motor bike, you can plan for such a ride on Friendship Day. This will give a chance to spend longer time with your friend and you can share anything that you missed to share with him on this occasion.

long drive

8. A theme park:

If you have a group of friends with whom you wish to celebrate the Friendship Day, you can plan for a visit to a theme park. Regardless of whether you love playing rides or not, this trip will give you the opportunity to spend some enjoyable time with your friends.

Theme park

9. Go for shopping:

There might be a specific shopping destination in your city and if you have interest towards shopping and your friend also share the same interest, both can plan for a shopping on the Friendship Day.


10. Religious places:

If both your friend and you share the interest of visiting religious places, both can plan for a visit to a popular religious destination near your city.

Religious places