10 Date Ideas To Celebrate Valentines Day

A popular saying reads that ‘when love is not madness, it is not love’. Yes, as you are thinking about the best date ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day, some madness will surely count to make the day unique. It is true that one of the hardest parts of Valentine’s Day is deciding on what to do to make the day perfect for the partner. Many young couples plan their first date on the Valentine’s Day to make the day memorable for the entire life. There is something special associated with this day for lovers and married couple alike. Irrespective of whether you are a man or a lady planning to make some great moves on the day, here are 10 Date Ideas To Celebrate Valentines Day.

Celebrate Valentines Day

1) Watch horror movie with your partner

horror movie - Celebrate Valentines Day

You can get close to your girlfriend when you watch horror movies together. When she fears from the movie, she will love to get closer to you to hug you to get out of the fear. A horror movie can turn out to be one of the unique gifts to celebrate Valentines Day and get closer to your partner.

2) Spend the night in a playful manner

Laser Tag - Celebrate Valentines Day

Yes, you can invest on a set of laser tag as a unique Valentine day gift idea. You can just choose to play with the laser tag at night, when your kids are fast asleep. When your partner is in darkness, you can spot her with laser and can use this time to give her great kisses to spend the Valentine night in a unique way and to surprise your partner.

3) Plan for camping

Portable Tent - Celebrate Valentines DayAfter sending your kids to school on the Valentine’s Day, you can take your partner to a hilly location, where there is no one around and can use the tent to create a lonely place for both of you. The water-proof system will make sure that both of you can stay safe inside, even if it rains outside.

4) Plan for a spicy dinner

Pico Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce

You can spice things up on the Valentine Night by preparing an excellent dinner for your partner. Along with dinner, when you add spicy stuff, your man will be ready for a spicy night. Make sure to start up the hunt, once your kids are fast asleep.

5) Give a Private presentation to your partner

Apart from an attractive Valentines Day greetings cards, you can present your partner with love dice that will decide your action on the Valentine Night, such that the night can be spent in a playful manner. But, make sure that the gift is opened by your partner alone only at the Valentine night, when there is no one around, other than both yourself and your partner.

giving presentation to your partner

6) Remind your partner about the wonderful occasions in your life

This is a gift that needs your work for the entire Valentines week, as you will have to go through your photo collection and should choose 7 different photos that your partner will surely love to see to get to the good old memorable life events.


7) Cook together outdoors

Men generally show their love by helping out the partner in cooking. So, you can plan your Valentine day outdoors with great cooking set as gift and can cook together to make the day wonderful for your wife. This cooking set suitable for outdoor cooking can be an excellent gift for your wife on the Valentine’s Day.


8) Cookies to enthrall your partner

Generally, chocolates are known to boost energy and they are particularly known for their ability to spice up your lovemaking episodes. So, why not try chocolates as gifts for the Valentine’s Day? Even, if you are not able to prepare some attractive dinner at home on the day, you can just place order for this great gift to spice up the day. You can also add your personal message to this presentation to make it even more special for your partner.


9) Light up your night

There is nothing more romantic than lying under the sky. But, February being cold month, you cannot spend your night outdoors under the sky. But, you can bring sky into your home, with this wonder stars super kit that comes with excellent 150 stars in different sizes. When your partner switches off the lights before going to bed, he/she will be enthralled to see the shining stars in the ceiling.

Romantic_night - Celebrate Valentines Day

10) Let the music fill your nights

Do you know that music played during spa sessions is generally relaxing? Yes, if your man or lady has great attraction towards music, you can gift him/her with excellent music collection to ensure a relaxing night on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Choose any of the above-mentioned to celebrate Valentines Day and make the date memorable for several decades to come. Besides these ideas, you can also talk to your experienced friends to know their experience that made the Valentine’s Day, the most memorable in their lives.

A popular saying reads that ‘love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all senses of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end’. So, let your love get deeper and deeper with above-mentioned date ideas for the forthcoming Valentine’s Day.

romantic night - Celebrate Valentines Day

Making your partner happier is of course your main aim on the day, isn’t? Gifts generally have the record of satisfying people and this is why we give gifts on the birthday of our friends and loved ones to show our passion and care towards them. Similarly, on the Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to bring happiness to your partner and they can act as a means of showing your love, even when your partner does not expect anything of this sort from you. It will show him/her about the love and care you have.