10 Essential Gadget Gift Ideas For a Smarter Kitchen

Gadgets have created a niche for themselves in our lives. With new ones being invented quite frequently, the day to day chores have become all the more easy and less complicated. The reach of the gadgets, both electric as well as electronic has not spared the kitchen space too.

Just like how the regular mobile phones gave way to the smartphones, the kitchen that was mostly manually managed earlier is also getting smarter. Gadget Gift Ideas For a Smarter Kitchen will make your cooking both easy and fun filled.

Those who are lazy to cook (using the conventional methods) will find using the smart gadgets interesting. Here I am going to list out some of the gadgets that are essential for a smarter kitchen.

Smarter Kitchen

Best Gadget Gift Ideas For a Smarter Kitchen

1. Egg minder

Egg minder

This gadget helps you to monitor the age of the egg (how old is the egg?) so that you can use the older ones first for cooking. You will be able to get this gadget online or you can even buy it from a kitchen appliances store. The smart egg minder syncs with your smartphone and tracks the number of eggs you have at home.

You will be notified when the tray is going to be empty. The LED light next to the egg will indicate you which one should be used next. When you are out for grocery shopping you will get the number of eggs remaining in the crate and at home you can select the oldest one; so that the eggs won’t go bad. The device is compatible with iOS 6 & above, iPhone 5 and above; and Android OS 2.2 & higher.  Mind those eggs from being dropped, and the egg minder takes care of the rest!

2. Smart Bartending

Smart Bartending

This one is for all those of you party makers. Smart Bartending can be used when there is a party and you want to serve cocktails at home. This smart bartending appliance helps you mix the drink properly and makes up for your small mistakes while pouring. You can download and install App on your smart phone which gives you the freedom to select from more than 300 recipes for drinks.

You can save your own concoctions to the App. This device gives you suggestions about the mixing if you tell the App the drinks available with you. A virtual glass image is there in the mobile App to indicate you when to stop pouring. This appliance for sure will help you make perfect cocktail.

3. Smart refrigerator

Smart refrigerator - Gadget Gift Ideas For a Smarter Kitchen

A refrigerator is a must for any kitchen to keep the food fresh (fruits and vegetables). If you can afford a smart refrigerator,  the dream to make your kitchen a smart one is accomplished. There are so many models available in the market with plethora of features which are more than enough for you. These refrigerators will have a digital control panel which can be operated from outside. Some of the features include regulating the temperature, rapid cool function, open door alarm and even power saving mode. There are refrigerators which can be used as both cold storage equipment and the regular refrigerator as well.

4. Smart scale

Smart scale

The smart weighing scale helps you with precise measuring so that you can cook a perfect dish as per the recipe. Some of the smart scales can also be used with water, milk, and even jewelry. These scales come equipped with digital display and stainless steel platform. You can switch between the units you want to measure using the button. Even though this is not used as much as the other gadgets, smart scale is useful for chefs who needs to follow the recipe as it is.

5. Precision cooker

Precision cooker

The precision cooker is used when you want to preserve the natural nutrients in the food. In this method the food item is sealed in a vacuum cover and immersed in the water. Once the precision cooker is immersed in the water the food is cooked in low and consistent temperature. The drawback is that this method will take longer than the conventional cooking but preserves the nutrients and textures. This method is called ‘sous vide”. From the touch screen panel you can control the temperature and time.

6. Smart meat thermometer

Smart meat thermometer

You can use this thermometer to measure the temperature of the meat. The smart meat thermometer gives a sound (beep) when the meat is done and ready to be served. This smart appliance saves you from the embarrassment in front of your guest when you serve uncooked steaks or burgers. These thermometers come with options to select the type of the meat you are cooking and how well you want it cooked. Select these and check using the thermometer to serve the perfectly cooked meat.

7. Smart frying pan

Smart frying pan

You can add this appliance to your kitchen utensils. Yes a smart frying pan which works with your smartphone to give you the perfectly cooked dishes as per the recipe you select. The pan has a sensor which enables you to communicate with it using your smartphone and cook the food. In this method the pan notifies you when to add ingredients, when to flip and when the dish is done. This is designed in a way that, the time for the food to get ready is updated in the mobile App. You may also select the way the food should be cooked – whether you need it medium rare or fully done.

8. Smart kettle

Smart kettle

Yes, you heard right; this kettle is smart so that you can communicate using your smartphone for boiling liquids. The process is very easy – download the mobile app from the store and install it on your smartphone. This works with iOS 7 and higher and Android 4.0 or higher versions. This has a remote control sensor so that you can work using the mobile App without the need to get up to get the work done. The smart kettle has different temperature modes, and some models even notify you when it is time to refill the kettle.

9. Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

This thermometer allows you to measure the temperature of the food so that you can adjust the temperature according to that. You can use this to measure the temperature even when the food is inside the vessel. The digital thermometer gives automatic temperature and time alarm. This gadget will be a value addition to your smart kitchen.

10. Smart cookerSmart coocker

This helps you to prepare the food on time and is very useful for working women. You can connect your smartphone with your cooker and control the cooking from your desk. The mobile App which is available for these smart cookers enables you to do this.  You can connect to the cooker if you have internet or Wi-Fi enabled in your phone.

Well, these amazing gadgets help you convert your kitchen into a technological hub, making your life easy and delightful. Also, you can take a look into Gift guide for hygiene freaks.