10 gifts to make your friends feel special this Christmas

Christmas is celebrated in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is the time we get a week of holidays to celebrate this festival of joy. Traditionally, we buy gifts for our loved ones as part of the celebration. We also select Christmas gifts for our friends on this occasion.


The tradition of giving out Christmas gifts dates back to the incident of the Gift of Magi. It is followed as practice to pay homage to the three wise men. Three wise men visited and honored the savior with gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense. The tradition of Santa giving out gifts dates back to the time of St. Nicholas of Myra who used to hand out bags of money to the needy. Enough of history! I am going to discuss about the 10 special Christmas gifts for your friends that they would love to receive or make them feel special.

  • Snow globe

    Snow globe is made of a transparent sphere, inside which there will be some sort of art of traditional figurines. There will be water and white particles that make it look like snow. When you shake the snow globe the white particle fall through the water and gives the impression that it is snowing. When you select Christmas gifts for friends, the scene inside should be with the spirit of Christmas. It can be either nativity scene or even the Santa. Choose the figurine that is relevant to the occasion.


  • Tea tin candles

    If you want to make more personalized Christmas gifts for friends there is no better way than making it yourself. I am sure your friends will love that personal touch and appreciate the effort you have put it. To make tea can candles, you just need empty tins (not necessarily of tea), wax and candle string. Fill the cans with melted wax and place the string in the center to make it a candle. You can paint the can’s outer side so that they do not seem dull and old. Place them in a paper box and wrap them with gift wrappers and your Christmas gifts for friends are ready.

Tea tin candles

  • Photo Pillow

    There is very little effort required in making this personalized gift. You can buy a new pillow and make the storekeeper print your photo. There are quite many sources to print on fabrics. If you have a photo with your friend that will be the best choice.  You can gift wrap the pillow and stick a greeting card on it, along with a well tied ribbon. Your friend would love it and remember you every time he or she goes to bed!


  • Monthly planner/Diary

    Christmas season is the last celebration of the year and signifies the arrival of a new year. Next year’s monthly planner can be given as Christmas gifts for friends. If he or she is your best friend you may even mark your birthday so that it he or she will remember to wish you as well as other dates of importance.


  • Sweaters

    Christmas falls in winter season so, nothing is a better gift than a sweater to your friends, so that they stay warm. This is both a gift as well as a requirement. You will easily get woolen sweaters in market. You may also gift a jacket with hood. This endeavor of yours is going to keep your friend warm for a long time, quite literally!


  • Christmas ornaments

    Christmas is a festival of decoration. These are the gifts for those friends who love to decorate their house for Christmas. You can give a packet of baubles, Christmas lights, Christmas charms or Christmas wreaths for decoration. Imagine how delighted your friends will be when they see these Christmas ornaments among Christmas gifts. Your gift is going to enhance the festive mood of both your friend as well as everyone in the house.

Christmas ornaments

  • Hanging candles

    You will get different designs and types of hanging candles in the stores, if not get them online. It may be inside a sphere, lantern, or inside a terracotta cup. You may gift these with the candles or as just a hanging candle holder. I would rather gift a set of fancy candles along with holder so that they can decorate their house for Christmas.

Hanging candles

  • Stockings stuffers

    If your friends have kids, then you can help your friends by gifting them stockings stuffers for their kids. Stockings are the sock-shaped sacks that are kept by the kids on Christmas Eve, so that Santa can place Christmas gifts for them in that. Your Christmas gifts for friends can turn into their kids Christmas gift. Nothing would matter more for them, than the sheer happiness in the faces of their kids.

Boot stocking

  • Cashmere Scarfs

    These are ideal Christmas gifts for your female friends who love to look trendy and classic. This also will protect them from the chill breeze. You can knit their name on the scarf to give it a personal touch. Cashmere is one of the most coveted fabrics in the fashion world and your friends are going to love them. They are very soft and gentle on the skin lending a feminine style.

Cashmere Scarfs

  • Hand Warmers

    These small sacks of barley or rice are used to keep your hands warm in the winter season. So these make them thoughtful Christmas gifts for friends. You can make these at home itself. You just have to make sure that you are using microwaveable cloths. Make small pouches (should be of your palm’s size) with these cloths and fill them with either barley or rice. Your friends can microwave these for around 30 seconds and keep in their pocket to keep their hands warm.


Above are the 10 gifts that can make your friends feel special during Christmas. Along with these Christmas gifts for friends, add a greeting card too.  You are on your way of becoming their loved Santa!