10 Janmashtami Unusual Gift Ideas

Janmashtami is a day of celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday. So it is the right time to rejoice in the glory of Lord Krishna and remember him and his achievements. You can share the teachings of Lord Krishna with the near and dear and also give them your warm wishes. To make this festival more pleasurable, send gifts to your dear ones.It is a good way to express your feelings to your relatives, friends as well as show respect to them. This even magnifies the festive spirit of this festival.

So encourage this festive spirit with various Janmashtami gifts. These gifts can be of different types ranging from the idols of Lord Krishna to gift cards and gift hampers, accessories required for the pooja, sweets, dry fruits and lots more. So, give these valuable and brightening gifts to your friends and elders and this will make this festival special for you and for them too.To help you out in choosing the Janmashtami gifts, we came up with few unusual gift suggestions that you would definitely like. So see the listed out items and send these Janmashtami gifts to your dear ones to make this festival more joyous.

  1. Krishna Idols:

The first gift that we suggest you is Lord Krishna’s idols and sculptures. There are different types of Lord Krishna’s idols ranging from small to big. During this festival, people indulge in prayers as well as worship Lord Krishna. So this would be a perfect gift for them and to convey your wishes and prayers. It also beautifies their pooja room.You can find Radha Krishna and baby Krishna idols in various colors and sizes, hand carved, brass and many more in many online stores. So choose the one that you want to give to your friends and families.

janmashtami idol

  1. Krishna Jula:

This would be another great gift which you can send to your relatives or very close friends on this Janmashtami occasion. There are many exclusively designed Bala Gopal Julas to swing and show your respect to the lord. You can simply buy a beautifully designed Krishna Jula paired with Lord Krishna and send it to your friends or relatives. They will definitely like it and they feel like Lord Krishna has entered their home on the festival.

  1. Janmashtami Pooja Kit:

Janmashtami pooja kit can be offered as a gift to temples or your relatives on this great occasion. There are many online stores that sell these beautiful Janmashtami pooja kits that contains all the accessories like yantra, pooja thali, attractive bells, cradles carved beautifully, etc., which are necessary for performing this Janmashtami pooja. They serve a good functional purpose for the occasion.

  1. Gift Hampers:

You can also purchase a good gift hamper that is associated with Janmashtami and its celebrations. Online stores specially sell a variety of gift hampers on these special occasions. Gift hampers come with various group of small gifts from idols to accessories, sweets, and many other items. So choose a gift hamper and send it to your dear friend or relative.

  1. Traditional Apparels:

Celebrating the special occasion with new clothes is a universal way to bring joy to the occasion. Almost all the festivals start with taking a bath and putting onnew clothes. So it is a good idea to gift your dear ones with new apparels,especially the traditional apparels that suits the occasion. You can even try out different branded apparels from online stores and send as a gift to your friends and relatives.

  1. Sweets and Dry Fruits:

Sweets and dry fruits are used in all kinds of Hindu festivals and people are used to share sweets with their near and dear ones and no festival will be complete without a sugary delight. So you can choose either a box of single sweet or a mix of different sweets in a box as well as dry fruits and wrap them in a beautiful gift cover and send it to your relatives on this auspicious occasion. These days, many online stores offer ready made sweets packs. So buy one and send a box of sweets to your loved ones on this occasion.

  1. Lord Krishna Wall Hangings:

There are varieties of wall and door hangings with Lord Krishna’s idol on them and they can also be the great gift option for your friends or relatives. In online stores, we can find beautifully carved wall hangings such as Lord Krishna playing flute, Radha Krishna images and lots more. So choose one good wall hanging and send it to your friends. It creates the festival mood in their house and you would be appreciated on this occasion.

happy janmashtami 2015

  1. Bhagavad Gita:

For elders, there is no better gift than Bhagavad Gita on the occasion of Janmashtami. You will be greatly appreciated and you will get their blessings. So make them happy in their elderly life and they will spend their precious time under Lord’s blessings.

  1. Gift Cards:

If your friend or relative is far away, you can convey your Janmashtami wishes through a gift card with the image of Lord Krishna on it. You can select a good Krishna’s gift card and send them through email. Many online stores give this option to their customers. It is a good way to convey your festival wishes and greetings to them. So don’t lose a single chance of sending a gift to your near and dear ones.

  1. Krishna’s Dress:

Last but not the least, you can also present a beautiful traditional dress of Bala Gopal to your friends or relatives to decorate their Krishna on Janmashtami. It would be definitely a great idea for enriching Bala Gopal in your friend’s or relative’s house. Many online stores offer these dresses in their stores. So choose a beautiful dress for Krishna and send it as a gift.

These are the various Janmashtami gift ideas. So choose your gift today and send it to your near and dear ones on the occasion of Janmashtami to convey your warm wishes to them.