10 Last Minute Gift ideas For Any Occasion

We tend to forget certain events and we get to know that we have to attend a party only at the last minute. Here are some gift ideas for such occasions. Tomorrow is your friend’s birthday and you just remember about it now only. At this time, you do not have time to place an order online or you do not also have time to visit your local gift shop just because it is already night and the shops would have been close. In such a case, you should be looking for last minute birthday gifts, isn’t?

Not just for a birthday, here are some Last Minute Gift ideas ideas that you can make within a few hours with the items that are readily available in your home, such that you can present your friend or family member with a gift that you made out of your own hands.

last minute birthday gifts,

1. Tea wreath:


Tea wreath


If your friend or the person to whom you are planning to gift something loves tea to a great extent and if you have a pack of tea bags in your home, you can make this wreath. As you know, wreaths are generally circular in shape. So, just take a cardboard and cut a circle out of it. Once the circle is finely ready, just cut out the center portion of the circle. Then, decorate the cardboard with some colorfully designed papers or you can also paste a white paper and can draw your own designs.

Once this is done, just take some wooden cloth clips and decorate them in such a way that they do not look like clips. You can just paste colorful papers on the clips. Then, paste the clips on the circular cardboard in such a way that the pressing portion of the clip is placed on the circle with the holding side facing outside. Once the clips are firmly attached to the cardboard, insert the teabags on the holding portion of the clips. That’s it, your gift is ready. Now, tie a ribbon at one end of the circular wreath, such that your friend can use it as a wall hanging or even can use the clips and tea bags.

2. Bow bobby pins:


Bow bobby pins


You will surely have several pairs of hair clips in your home. Also, you will have satin ribbons handy in your home. With these two things, you can make bow bobby pins in different colors with different colored satin ribbons. No one will be in a position to resist immediately sticking these clips to their hair immediately after opening the gift box.

You can find many video tutorials online on how to make roses with satin ribbon. Just make roses as per the instruction with different colored satin ribbons and attach them or paste them to hair clips. That’s it your sets of bow bobby pins are ready for presentation. Just place them in a box and gift wrap it.

3. Name in Poms:


Name in Poms


If you have woolen treads in different colors at home, you can easily make this gift with the help of woolen threads and with cardboard. First take a cardboard and cut out the name of your friend with letters in huge size. Next, you can find how to make poms with woolen threads online. Make poms in such a way that they can be pasted to the letters that you made from cardboard and attach all the letters finally to a huge cardboard and gift wrap. Do not forget to attach a thread to the center for wall hanging before gift wrapping.

4. Greeting cards:


Greeting cards


Greeting cards are always special and when you make the cards on your own with drawing and words written on your own, your friend will surely feel happy. He/she will also feel proud of the efforts made by you towards making a gift on your own.

5. Pom branch bouquet:


Pom branch bouquet


As mentioned earlier, you can learn how to make a pom over the web. With your poms, you can just gather some wooden sticks from your garden and can place them like a tree in a glass bottle with the poms attached to the sticks like a colorful tree.

6. Customized mugs:


Customized mugs


If you have a coffee set that is not used in your home handy, you can just turn out the coffee mugs to be a personal gift with the help of glittering pens and fabric painters. You can create designs of your interest or you can also write the name of your friend in an attractive manner to make it even more personal.

7. Fruit wreaths:


Fruit wreaths


You can also make attractive wreaths with apples or oranges that are readily available in your home. Just cover the fruits with a transparent polyethene cover and just attach them in the form of a circle with threads to make an attractive fruit wreath that will be useful as last minute birthday gifts.

8. Sweater gloves:


Sweater gloves


If you have an old sweater, you can make a pair of attractive hand gloves for your friend, who is going to visit a cold country for her honeymoon after the wedding. Just cut out the sweater in the shape of you hand by placing your hand to make sure that size will be suitable for your friend. Just cut out two pieces and stitch them as gloves. For both hands, you will have to cut four pieces to make a pair of gloves.

9. Personalized bookmarks:


Personalized bookmarks


If your friend is a frequent reader, you can present her with bookmarks made out of different designs. Personalized bookmarks can be made with the help of her photos by attaching a thread and by attaching the photo to cardboard to make it thick.

10. E-gift card:


E-gift card


If you are not going to meet your friend on her birthday, just because she is away, one of the best last minute birthday gifts is to send her an e-gift card. Even, this can be sent in advance, such that when she opens up her inbox on her birthday, she will see your gift card in her inbox and will be enthralled.