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10 purchases you need to make before Ganesh Chaturthi

A festival celebrated in the honour of Lord Ganesh, Ganesh Chaturthi brings happiness and prosperity to the lives of many. Celebrated on the very day of Shukla Chaturthi, the festival lasts for ten days. In these ten days, Lord Ganesh is worshipped in every way possible so as to ensure that he showers all his blessings upon us and that all our good wishes come true. The main slogan “Ganpati Bappa Moriya” urges the Almighty to come and bless his devotees. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated almost all over India with grandeur. During the Puja, Ganesh idols are worshipped with various sacred materials and are offered a range of things from sweets to different Puja essentials.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the largest Puja celebrations in India and is considered an inevitable tradition in most places. Even non-resident Indians celebrate this festival in the foreign countries. Such is the legend of Lord Ganesh. To add to that, we all know that to successfully organize a festival and to worship the Almighty in the proper way, a lot of arrangements need to be made. These include buying all the pre-puja essentials, the mid-puja needs and the post-puja commodities. Purchasing all the smallest of things can be a hectic job and one might often forget to buy an essential. When it comes to celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi inside your home premises, special care needs to be taken as you have to take the whole task of arrangements solely on your shoulders. However you don’t have to worry about the same this Ganesh Chaturthi as we offer to you a list of 10 inevitable essentials without which the 10 days of Puja would remain incomplete.
1.Ganesh Idol: No matter what you expect to buy before the Ganesh Chaturthi, your first and foremost requirement would be buying the best Ganesh idol for your home. Lord Ganesh brings prosperity to our lives and hence installing a beautiful statue of Him in our houses would be the best thing before this Ganesh Chaturthi. Though there are a range of idols available with varied manufacturing materials, a brass Ganesh statue would serve as the best buy this season. We recommend the Ganesha Brass Idol to make your home prosperous than ever.

ganesh idol
2. Ganesh Chawki: After your primary task of buying a beautiful idol is complete, it’s time for you to consider a resting place for Lord Ganesh. Where you do make the idol sit for worshipping him? Indian’s don’t have a customary to make any idol sit directly on the floor and rather is offered an elevated place. Thus your next task is to buy this ‘elevated place’ for Him so that he can shower his blessings to us. Considering a Chawki is the best thing for the job and you can get a range of beautifully designed Chawkis for the purpose. However the Little India Meenakari Work Lord Ganesh Marble Pooja Chawki will not only serve your need the best but also offers a Marble Ganesh with it so that you don’t have to buy a separate one.
3. Puja Kit: Any worship associated with a festival is incomplete without the right Puja materials. We know how tough it can be to collect all necessary ingredients to make a true worship successful and only then the importance of Puja kits is highlighted. Puja kits serve as a collection of assorted materials which are important for a respective festival. For Ganesh Chaturthi, there are separate Puja kits to please Lord Ganesh. These kits not only have all the essentials packed but also have books and CDs to make your worship even more successful. One of the best Puja kits available at this moment is the Ganpati Puja Kit which is packed with Puja requirements like Gangajal, Gomutra, Incense sticks, Ghee, Rangoli, Rice, Chandan, Dry fruits and an endless list of things. All these are sufficient enough for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with grandeur.
4. Puja Utensil Set: Do you have the right utensils for offering sweets, dry fruits and water to the Almighty Ganesh this Chaturthi? If not, then your primary requirement should be buying a good Puja Utensil set that serves the purpose well. A good set is one which has the proper plates, bowls and glasses of the right size ideal to use in a Puja. When it comes to worshipping Lord Ganesh, special care needs to be taken to please Him and a best way to do the same is offering the required stuffs in the most beautiful and pure way they can be offered. The GSM Silver Plated 6 inch Puja Set 4 Pcs allows you to offer puja in a great way. The set boasts 4 pcs Silver plated utensils that consist of one Puja plate, two bowls and a glass. What else would you require to offer Lord Ganesh!
5. Modaks: The primary sweet without which a Ganesh Chaturthi puja is incomplete is the Modak. These are moulded sweets offered to Lord Ganesh on the very day of Chaturthi. A Modak is made up of rice flour or wheat flour mixed with several other ingredients that include coconut, jiggery, etc. While the use of Modak is inevitable, serving the best pack of Modak to the Almighty Ganesh is important too. You may find a variety of Modak available everywhere but one of the bestselling and most popular pack of Modak are the Ghasitaram’s Mathura Mawa Modaks 400 gms which comes in an elegant box specially made for the occasion and offers a free Ganesh pendent to make the celebration even more prosperous.

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ganesh chaturthi modaks
6. Roli Chawal: A Ganesh Chaturthi Puja requires a number of essential ingredients without which the celebration wouldn’t be successful. One such ingredient is the pack of Roli Chawal which is a must while worshipping Ganesha. Considered as one of the most important offerings to Him, Roli Chawal comes in a beautifully designed Marble peacock shell that houses the two ingredients. The marble peacock is beautifully designed in most cases to signify the beauty of the celebration. We recommend the Purpledip Ganesh Chaturthi Special Pack of Roli Chawal for the very purpose of Ganesh Chaturthi.
7. Conch Bowl: It is customary in our tradition to offer Charanamrit to Lord Ganesh in conch bowls to imply that the very purpose of this celebration id heavenly. The conch bowls look like half-dissected conches so as to hold the Charanamrit in its hollow cavity. The legend of conches dates back to the age of sages where they used to call the Gods from heaven through the sound produced by blowing the conches. A conch bowl looks exactly the same and is additionally designed with various bids and paints to make them look more apt for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. One such elegant conch bowl is the HD Techno Crafts Indian Rajasthani Marble Shankh Bowl which is made up of marble and painted with enamelled metal and vivid floral prints and colors. The build quality is excellent and the whole product is hand-made so as to magnify the cause.

ganesh chaturthi sankh
8. Diyas: After you have completed buying all the essential materials for the Puja, there still remain some important commodities without which you won’t be able to provide the finishing touch to your arrangements. One such essential is the Puja Diya used to worship Lord Ganesh. It’s always better to buy a Diya that has more number of cavities to hold the ghee dipped threads or camphor during worshipping the Almighty, and hence it is advisable to buy the 7 Diya Ganesh plate lamp plain which has 7 cavities and also boasts the face of the Lord so as to imply the cause for which it is made. With an outstanding look and washable paint material to offer, this Diya is perhaps the best you can for the purpose of Ganesh Chaturthi.
9. Prasadam Plates: Have you considered something to serve the Prasads after the Puja to your guests? If the answer is in negative then buying Prasadam plates for your guests is the best you can do at this moment. The plates serve the very purpose of holding the Prasads very well without the fear of spilling from the sides if the Prasad is in liquid state. Also you should buy a plate that is bio-degradable so that you don’t pollute your community in the name of Puja celebration. Let it be Kheer or Laddu or any other Prasad, the Ganesh Chaturthi Prasadam Bowl made up of Palm leaves is the best to consider for this Chaturthi.

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ganesh chaturthi kheer bowl
10. Door Hangings: Last but not the least in our list of Ganesh Chaturthi essentials are sacred door hangings to ensure that Lord Ganesh comes your way and brings prosperity along with Him. The door hangings are not only beautifully designed but also embedded with sacred writings to bring a good feeling into anyone who hangs it to decorate the doors during Ganesh Chaturthi. We recommend the Purpledip Ganesh Chaturthi Special Shubh Labh Door Hanging as it contains the two sacred words – “Shubh Labh” which signifies that only good earnings visit your door and you get prosperous and successful than ever.

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