10 unusual Christmas plans

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations observed in high spirits around the world in the form of caroling, feasting and giving away gifts. People indulge in transitioning their Thanks giving decor into Christmas season by adding more color and faux elements to keep up with the holiday tradition. But if staying organized throughout the entire celebration season and planning for a huge six week festivity smoothly isn’t your thing, don’t just rush into having a nervous breakdown or a fiscal hangover by going with the conventional planning and merry making. Now get suggestions for your Christmas plans.


There’s definitely a lot more to satiate your holidaying mood than just attending toy sales, brooding over unique tree décor ideas, getting yourself drowned in gifts and wrapping paper and preparing a hundred delicacies to please your neighbors. If you are tired of facing your relatives or squabbling over the last piece of scrumptious cake every year, then leave the house and offer yourself something more amazing instead.

Lend a hand:

There are numerous homeless charities all over the world seeking volunteers who can work towards making vulnerable people feel safe at home. Those with skills like dentistry, chiropody, hairdressing, and medical training can significantly contribute towards shaping the lives of the less privileged. On the other hand, anyone can offer to help in the kitchen for much simpler cleaning and cooking chores. Contribute towards spreading love and joy that Christmas is in the most beautiful way possible.

surfing - christmas plan

Go surfing:

Venture into the surfing world right away if all those videos and pictures of crystal tubes and curling blue peaks have been successful in working their magic on you. Surfing is undoubtedly the best high feeling that you will ever experience once you are hooked onto it. Go out and ride on those little and moderately sized waves, feel comfortable, have fun and then you can graduate to bigger ones. Surfing is a wonderful feeling that is bound to grow in your heart and transform into a love affair. So, this Christmas season, get in water, take on those small little mushy waves and unravel your wonderful relationship with them.

Christmas plan camping-engagement

Go for a romantic camping trip:

If camping seems like one of your favorite things, then a romantic retreat is all that you need to bring back the spark in your relationship. With all the stresses in life due to bills, work and family obligations, you can effectively make use of this holiday season to relieve your anxiety and enjoy a fun filled romantic getaway. Chalk out a great plan by building up all kinds of great ideas to turn your alone time in the wilderness into a valuable bonding time.


Take the cruise:

If you ever wanted to travel the world in a truly luxurious and hassle free manner, utilize this long holiday season to enjoy fabulous ports. Luxury cruise travel is often sophisticated and offers a vast array of entertainment activities. Apart from providing special recreational activities for kids, this kind of travel also offers spectacular nighttime entertainment, spa services and countless other adventure for adults. You can make use of this travel and the long vacation to spend quality time with your families and get all the desired rest and relaxation.

dance crash course

Take a dance improvisation crash course:

No matter whatever amount of time is left for that big dance audition or onstage performance, you might want to improvise yourself with the rooted techniques to bring along more versatility and creativity. Dance improvisation classes will teach you how to respond to music, to try to contain yourself, to stay open, to stay safe and at the same time expand your movement horizons. Start building your skills and learn to express yourself with craft, intent and creativity this Christmas season.


Enjoy Church services around the world:

Instead of exhausting yourself with all the Christmas preparations for days together, take a vacation to attend Church services and traditions in various parts of the world. There are numerous famous, unusual, unique and spellbinding offerings held every year in Austria, England, Egypt, Italy, Russia, Spain, Wales and Syria that you may not want to miss. Each place has its own special way of commemorating Jesus and you can take your chance to be a part of those joyous processions.

handmade Christmas gift card

Make your own Christmas cards and put them up for sale:

Collect as many ribbons, bows, seasonal clippings and small decorations from Christmas cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, magazines and advent calendars, and sit down with your family and kids to bring out the creative side of them. Let your imaginations run wild and try out various designs to give full rein to your creativeness. The idea is to have fun and at the same craft some beautiful homemade Christmas cards that everyone would want to gift their friends and loved ones.


Spotting wildlife:

Every season comes with a different occasion for wildlife viewing and during the winter fall, you may get a chance to view many unusual species. Venture into the wilderness, blend with earth tones colors and environments and learn about wildlife habitats for a change. Also if you are looking out for birds, there are numerous wild lands in America that offer great opportunities to relish the continent’s most beautiful and unique birds. Talk to wildlife refuges, join animal clubs, research the rare and endangered species and make the most of this outdoor activity that will last a lifetime.

ways-to-meet-new-people Christmas plan

Meet up old friends:

Remember how life was exciting, interesting and emotional with your friends back in your youth and take this Christmas season off to reconnect with your roots. Meeting up with old friends is always nostalgic, bringing in memories and the warmth that you once shared together. They will remind you of who you were back then and how you have evolved over the years to become the person you are now. Good friends are hard to come by and there’s never a reason to let go of your valuable connections.


Take a spa break:

Take a well deserved relaxing break away from kids and all the stresses of life back at home and book yourself a rejuvenating spa holiday to cater for your every whim. Go for one of the many famous sensual spa treatments to truly unwind yourself in comfortable surroundings, listen to calm music and take in the sweet smell of floral oils while slowly drifting into pure bliss. This wellness experience will provide every bit of pampering for your body and mind and you will once again be refreshed and shimmering before you tread back to start with your routine life.