10 Unusual Navratri Gifts For Your Family

Summary: In India, as you know Navratri is a 9-day festival celebrated to honor goddesses, and here are some Navratri gifts to help you out.


Navratri is celebrated as a 9-day festival in India and this festival is celebrated in a different manner in different parts of the country. For instance, when it comes to southern states like Tamil Nadu, it is a festival for women, where they arrange the idols of gods and goddesses in their home on the first day.

Starting from the first day, they invite their women friends and family members to see their arrangement and when they start to their home, they are provided with some gifts along with some dishes that are prepared specially for gods on these 9 days. The first three days are considered to be the days to honor goddesses Durga, the second three is for goddesses Lakshmi and the third three days are for Saraswati. On the other hand, in northern India, Navratri is celebrated as Durga Pooja, where gifts are shared.

Irrespective of the part of India you belong to, if you are looking for unusual Navratri gift ideas, here are some gift options available:

Best Navratri Gifts

1. God idol

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the favorite god idol for many women in India and you can choose this gift that can be used both at home and on the dashboard of the car. It is made out of resin material and the golden color gives an attractive look for sure.

2. Pooja Thali


Being a spiritual festival, you can choose this Pooja thali, such that your friends will be satisfied with getting a spiritual gift from you on Navratri. It can be used for Pooja aarti thali for different occasions. This plate comes with attractively-designed kumkum and thilak boxes.

3. Designer rangoli


Rangoli is something that makes many occasions special in our homes in India. This handicraft designer rangoli piece comes with a set of 9 pieces and the receiver can arrange them as per her creativity to decorate her house on the Navratri occasion.

4. Traditional Wooden coasters

Art Elephant Design Wooden Tea Coaster

Nowadays, many people use coasters as they have their tea or coffee in a dining table. If you are thinking that coasters can be useful for your friends as Navratri gifts, you can choose this traditional wood coaster with elephant design. This package comes with 6 coasters and a holder with elephant design.

5. Festival lamps

Festival lamps

How about glowing a traditional lamp without oil and thread. Yes, this traditional lamp glows with electricity. The lights are beautifully placed similar to that of a traditional lamp. This gift will bring a traditional touch to your Navratri gift and the om design at the top makes it even traditional and spiritual. This diya can be hung either indoors or outdoors.

6. Copper Pooja lota and spoon


When it comes to Navratri, poojas are inevitable parts. So, you can consider presenting this set of copper Pooja lota and spoon as a traditional gift on this Navratri. Copper has some auspicious connection with spirituality and so this gift will turn out to be apt for the occasion.

7. Incense sticks


Incense sticks have the ability to make any arena more spiritual by adding a spiritual aroma. This is where this gift for Navratri can be an excellent choice. This gift pack has 9 packs of different fragrances that are handcrafted. This pack also comes with a wooden incense stand.

8. Incense case and holder

Incense case and holder

In some houses, you might have found that they have a separate case for holding incenses. They just open the box of incenses immediately after shopping and store the incense sticks in these boxes to retain fragrance for long. This elegant wooden handcrafted incense case can also act as a holder for burning agarbattis without the ash falling down on the floor. It is easy to clean as well, such that the ashes can be cleared out easily.

9. Amazon Navratri gift card


If you are confused what to present on Navratri, you can just send this email gift card with any value of your choice starting from Rs.500 to Rs.7500. You can enter your amount and pay for the same and can send the gift card to the email of the receiver. She can use the gift card for redeeming on any of her favorite items from amazon.in within 365 days of the date on which you shop for the gift card.

This can be the best choice as you allow your friend to shop for any of her favorite items. Even, she can opt for a costlier item and can get the value of your card as the deduction from the value of the item that she shops for.

10. Home decoration lights

Home decoration lights

During Navratri, your friends might be decorating their homes with attractive lights. For this occasion, this home light decoration can be an excellent choice of gift. Each set of light comes with 20 lights and they are 3 mtrs long. The set has 20 mini clear light bulbs that are arranged in the shape of flower leaf. As it comes to US pin, your friends should have a converter or US pin socket.

So, think on this before you choose this item as the presentation for Navratri for your friends. Lights can be both traditional and can be attractive for those interested in decorations.


Navratri is the festive occasion to celebrate, particularly for women. So, you can present your women friends by choosing any of the gifts given above to make this Navratri even more special not just for them, but also for yourself. Nowadays, with online shopping, you will be enthralled with the different items available and so we have listed the top based on the suitability of items for this Dussehra occasion.

So, you are at liberty to choose any of the top 10 items. Do check with the seller as to whether you can get any discounts on placing orders in bulk as you will be shopping items for gifting all your friends, right?