11 Amazing corporate gift ideas

If you are a boss, there is no better way to keep your people motivated than shower them with gifts. Corporate life calls for ways and means to counter the day to day challenges thrown at you, either internally or otherwise. It could be winning a client’s heart during a visit or creating a good impression to a visiting big shot or a means to reward and recognize superior performance. All along you need to keep planning to get the best corporate gifts that would both fit the budget as well as serve as a worthy gift. Let us take a look at a few corporate gift ideas that you can “incorporate” to get the best out of each situation.

A Pen setgift pen

This has been one of the corporate gift ideas since the tradition took its form. A pen is mightier than a sword. So, your corporate gift is indeed a mighty one. Most organizations have a practice of customizing the gift by adding their brand name or other design elements to the corporate gift. This can be done even to the pen sets. If you are looking to reward performance by gifting a pen set to the individual, it has to be a unique one. Take a look at the product in this link. It is luxury gift pen with a tag engraved on it that reads “Success – Dreams create reality”.

Journal Notebook

Journal notebook

We already have set our sights on the pen set as one of the corporate gifts, so now it’s time to get something to use it. The next one in our list of corporate gift ideas has to do with a journal notebook. You can get notebooks custom made with about 192 – 200 pages. It would be great if you can have refillable paper feature. Whoever is going to get this corporate gift would love it and use it for a long time to come. I found one such notebook online at http://amzn.to/29iZN6X

Desktop Accessory – Pen holder

harley davidson pen stand

The next in our list of corporate gift ideas has something to do with the office desk. It is a pen holder that is designed quite creatively, that you would often forget that it is for a purpose. I found this Harley Davidson metal pen holder online. Since then, I decided on gifting this to the accountant who has been keeping a tab over my expenses. You too can get this as one of the corporate gifts to accessorize somebody’s desktop.

A Laptop backpack

laptop back pack

Most employees are given laptops at office and if not it is more likely that they own a laptop. So, next in the corporate gift ideas list is a laptop backpack. A visit to a store will give you a numerous options to choose from. Choose something that offers a lot of utilities like the one in this link.

Classical pocket watch

Regent hills watch

“Time and tide waits for none” quoted one wise man. The next corporate gift is waiting to show the time. You can include the Classical watch as one of the corporate gift ideas in your list. I found one amazing product that would bring on old memories (even before you were born) online at amazon. This is a vintage product that reminds you of the pocket watch that was once widely used.

Mobile Stand

handcrafted mobile stand with watch

In our busy lives, we often forget to keep the smart phone off our pockets even when we are at our desk. This corporate gift would reinforce the thought of placing the phone safely. It would help them keep their phone at bay when it is not in use without the fear of misplacing it. I found a mobile stand with a watch embossed on it online. This was a hand crafted one that further adds to the aesthetic value of the gift. This gift would help them get a bit more organized with their daily activities and they would love this gesture of yours.

Desk pad calendars


This corporate gift idea is to help people stay organized – it’s about a desk pad calendar. I am sure everyone who has a desk would love to have this on his or her desk. It helps you plan things and adhere to the deadlines as stipulated. You can say good bye to that “Oh! I forgot it” utterance as this would serve as a perfect foil to the forgetfulness. In fact, it also helps you plan your holidays well in advance. You will find plenty to choose from if you pay a visit to a stationary store. I found this Desk pad calendar simple and effective.


Unisex jacket with hoodie

As a leader you need to keep your people warm, and what better way to keep them warm than gifting them a jacket that would keep them really warm (even physically). The next in our list of corporate gift ideas features a Unisex jacket that could be given as a corporate gift to anybody. You can have the name of your organization, the project etc. printed at the back of the jacket. This serves both as a worthy gift as well as a marketing gimmick! People get to know that you care for your employees. You can look for a unisex model like the one in this link  and get the print done on the back side as required.

Beverage Bottle


This is yet another one in the list of corporate gift ideas meant to keep your people warm. You can get thermostat vacuum flasks as corporate gifts for your employees. Look for a model that offers maximum insulation and retain the temperature, either hot or cold preferably with a cap (lid) that can be used as a cup as well. This is not hard to find. You can find them at local stores or online too. I found one such thermos beverage bottle that I plan to gift to one of my employees from here – http://amzn.to/29eU5EF

Coffee Mug


This corporate gift is something that you can give to everybody. It is a coffee mug with a message that is both relevant and motivational. It reads “I meet or exceed expectations”.  This print is done on two sides screaming the message loud. This corporate gift idea would serve as a step in building a culture of excellence where employees always give their best and produce outputs that are on par with the expectation. It’s a small measure in conveying an intrinsic message of workplace essentials. Needless to say, a coffee mug is of great utility that everyone would love to have.

Gift Coupons

gift cards

Gift coupons are the trend these days wherein there is a prepaid coupon issued to the individual which can be used to make purchases at select outlets. This gives them the flexibility of choosing what they want rather than what you want them to have. People do love the freedom of choice and the gift coupons are one way of showing them that you do care for their choices. Many stores local, offline and online offer gift vouchers that can be redeemed within a specific period of time. This would be a perfect choice to woo your people and build bonds.