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12 best gifts for nurses

Nurses are those persons who are very important in our life. Whenever we are sick they are the ones who take care of us and our family. If you are admitted to a hospital it will be their responsibility to take care of us. this article represent about best gifts for nurses.

gifts for nurses

We may not remember their names after we leave the hospital but the faces of the nurses will always be in our mind thattook care of us. So we should be thanking them for the affection they have shown us through the gifts and here are some of the best gift ideas for nurses.

1. Metal bookmark for nurses:


1. Metal bookmark for nurses:



The first one on the list of nurse gift ideas is a bookmark that can be gifted to nurses. Nurses need to keep themselves updated about the changes in the health industry so that they can give the best care to their patients. Not only that they have to keep records of each and every patient. They can use this bookmark for their record book. The bookmark in the link is made of metal, beads, and Stethoscope charm. You can gift this to even a nursing student who will be graduating soon. If you think that this is a small gift you can find a good book for her/him with the bookmark.

2. Lunch Tote bag:


Lunch Tote bag


Nurses may have to work long shifts and gifting a lunch tote bag will prove to be one of the best gift ideas for nurses. Nurses need to stay healthy because they need to take care of their patients. If they are not healthy even the health of the patients will be affected. Eating out every day is not good for their health. So this lunch tote bag will help them to carry homemade food to the hospital.A healthy body keeps the mind also healthy and alert. Your nurse will appreciate this beautiful gesture from you because the bag can be used to carry a water bottle, two lunch boxes, and snacks. The bag even has a beautiful picture on the front.

3. A designer bracelet:


A designer bracelet



Bracelets are always considered to be the elegant and simple gift for anyone. The bracelet can be used to either represent the job they are doing or their passion. Since we may not be closer to the nurses who take care of us in the hospitals it is better to choose a bracelet that represents the job they are doing. The bracelet in the link is made of charms of a syringe, stethoscope, medicine bottle, and caduceus symbol. The bracelet is made of stainless steel and is adjustable. The seller even offers some selections for the charms if you want to change it. This will definitely feature in the list of gifts for nurses.

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4. A set of highlighter pens:


A set of highlighter pens


If you have ever been to the nurse’s rooms in the hospitals you would have seen the notice boards that have important information written on it so that the duty is done well. A set of highlighter pens is one of the ideal nurse gift ideas. The syringe is one of the most important and common surgical apparatus used by nurses. Buying a set of fancy and colorful highlighter pen in the shape of a syringe can be an unusual gift for the nurses. This is just an example. You can even get pens in many other shapes. Select one that is elegant and colorful.

5. Theme based watch:


Theme based watch


Watch or timepiece is very important in our lives. Nurses need to carry a watch all the time while they are on duty. They need a watch for checking the temperature, administration of IV, and giving medicines to their patients. The theme-based watch can be one of the best gift ideas for nurses. The watch in the link is a quartz watch and has a leather band. Along with the numbers on the dial, there are little charms glued. The charms on the dial are gauze, stethoscope, aspirin, nurse’s cap, and thermometer. While ordering from the seller you can select the finishing color and the color of the band.

6. A key chain to praise their work:


A key chain to praise their work


We all know that nurses are angels in disguise because they are able to make you healthy with their loving and caring approach. The key chain that I have mentioned here has something like that written on it. The quote says that nurses are “Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it”. The meaning of this quote is that the nurses can cure both our body and heart ailments with their warmth and love. At the same time when it comes to saving someone’s life, they are as important as a doctor. Even for the care in the wards, you will need nurses. So giving a keychain that explains their importance is one of the best gifts for nurses.

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7. A coffee mug for the nurse:


A coffee mug for the nurse


Since nurses will have to work nightshifts it is common that they will drink lots of coffee. A coffee mug can be one of the best nurse gift ideas if you want to thank for their care and love. You get the coffee mugs personalized with messages or names as you wish. But if you have stayed only for a short period in the hospital you may not know much about the person. Nurses may feel demotivated in their job at sometimes. To motivate them you can gift the coffee mug in the link that gives funny reasons to be a nurse. Even though it may not seem nice to common people nurses will find it funny.

8. Candle holder:


Candle holder


The next one in the list of gift ideas for nurses is a candle holder with nurse’s prayer on it. Not everyone knows that there is a special prayer for the nurses. It is said that this prayer can make them strong enough to endure all the difficulties they face while on duty. The candle holder is made in a way that will illuminate the prayer. The holder to place the handle is behind the glass that has verses printed on it. The holder is in the shape of a heart that has Caduceus and nurse’s hat charms attached to it. This is a gift that can be placed on the hospital table or in the living room.

9. A necklace with the heartbeat:


A necklace with the heartbeat



The next gift is something that can be considered as one of the best nurse gift ideas. A necklace that has a pendant to represent the hard work of nurses is one of the best gifts for nurses. The necklace in the link can be made in a metal of your choice. You have to select it while placing the order. The pendant is in a rectangle shape that can be customized with the name of the person and has a heartbeat symbol on it. You can get any necklace that has something related to the job of a nurse as a thanksgiving gift to the person who cared for you or your loved ones.

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10. A suncatcher for decoration:


A suncatcher for decoration


We all know that suncatchers are almost like the wind chimes. The suncatchers are used to reflect the light from a source and to display it on a surface. The suncatcher that I have mentioned here is in the shape of Caduceus but at the same time, it looks like a butterfly. The catcher has a heart shaped charm at the tip of it with “Nurse” printed on it. The two wings of the shape have real flowers pressed in between the glasses. This can make a perfect decoration for the living room. You can consider this as one of the best gift ideas for nurses.

11. Personalized stethoscope cover:


Personalized stethoscope cover


The next gift is one of the cutest gifts for nurses. Even though we have seen doctors keeping the stethoscope around their neck nurses also need this tool for different purposes. So why don’t you gift your nurse a cover to keep the apparatus safe and clean? The material used to make this cover is a mix of cotton, minky, and Velcro. The seller even gives options to select the symbol to be used below the name. You have to mention the name and the symbol while placing the order. In other words, to give this gift you have to know the nurse’s name.

12. A stem less wine glass:


A stem less wine glass


The last one on this list of nurse gift ideas is a stem less wine glass. A nurse’s job is stressful and a glass of wine is sometimes needed to relieve this stress and pressure. If the nurse is not mentally stable the condition of the patients also can get affected. The wine glass in the link does not have a stem and has a Caduceus symbol on the front side. The back side has three measurements according to the situation. There are measurements for good day, bad day, and the worse day. You can even get the same type of wine glass with a ste


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