12 Cool Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys They Would Absolutely Love!

Desperately searching gifts for 12 year old boys? It is hard to think of interesting gift ideas that would make the 12 year old happy.

They are at the cusp of puberty and would like to act like grown-ups. So, toddler toys won’t really make them happy. Yet, they want to preserve the child within and have fun with their gifts.

As a result, you need to select a gift carefully that would not only make them happy, but more importantly, make them cool among their peers.

gifts for 12 year old boys

Racking your brain for gift ideas for 12 year old boy? Think no more! Listed below are 12 such attractive gifting options that you can purchase and make the child’s life happier.

12 cool gifts for 12 year old boys to unbox happiness:

1. A cool graphic t-shirt

12th Birthday Party Shirt


Nothing spells as cool as a graphic t-shirt with some printed statement. A t-shirt is always a 12 year old’s favourite and should make them stand apart from the rest with some really amazing statements. So, if you are looking for presents for 12 year old boy, then a t-shirt is certainly a cool gift to give.

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2. Start a catapult war!

Start a catapult war


Want the 12 year old to have some strategic wars? Gifting them a ready to assemble catapult will allow them to harness their strategic abilities. The catapults can be used both indoors and outdoors and form a part of group games.

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3. Get them to learn some fun facts

Get them to learn some fun facts


If you want the child to learn some fun facts while playing, then getting the totally gross board game will be appropriate. Plus, it is totally alright for rainy days when the boys can’t go out to play. A board game with fun facts is exactly the gift ideas for a 12 year old boy that you need to cheer them up!

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4. Shoot them up with Nerf guns!

12 year old boys love shooting games and want to become a special agent at this age. You can simply allow them that chance by gifting a nerf gun which comes in a kit. They will shoot around the house all day, and this will keep them occupied until they are tired! It is one of the great gift ideas for 12 year old boy that you can explore.

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nerf gun

Button5. Play the slammo game

Play the slammo game


Need more Christmas gift ideas for 12 year old boy related to games? Try gifting the slammo kit. The slammo game is a two-on-two volleyball game which is a real fun. Also, it will keep the kid active, so no need to worry about exercising.

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6. Gross them out with zombie farts

Gross them out with zombie farts


12 year olds love to gross out other people and love everything gross. So, they will be fascinated with blood and brains and what not. Gifting them zombie farts candies are definitely a great idea to bring their humorous side out. What could go wrong with a fart in a bag?

7. Play safe with a ring toss

Play safe with a ring toss


If you are worried about the safety of the 12 year old boy but want them to have fun at the same time, then getting a ring toss board will certainly solve the dilemma. As far as presents for 12 year old boy go, this is good because it doesn’t comprise of sharp object. So, no over-anxious parents looming over them. Also, it will challenge the kid and keep them occupied.

8. Reinvent the game of capture the flag

capture the flag


Who doesn’t love a good game of capture the flag? Now, add some futuristic elements like glow in the dark orb; it becomes all the more interesting.

Get them to create some fun times:




The present generation loves their tech and the best gifts for 12 year old boy would be a drone. Let them manoeuvre the mini drone around and explore future possibilities. The LED lights and the one key return make it all the more interesting.

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10. Make chores fun with hamper hoops

hamper hoops


If you want a 12 year kid to keep his room tidy, then gifting him hamper hoops will definitely solve the problem, and the parent would thank you for sure. It is basically a basketball hoop with a detachable laundry bag.

So, for every piece of cloth they dunk, the room looks tidier and parents are happier.

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11. Let them explore their geeky side with solar robots

solar robots


12 year olds are fascinated with robots, especially, if it can transform! So, gift them a solar robot and let them explore their geeky self!




Who doesn’t love LEGO? Ever since the movie, LEGOs are more in demand. As Christmas gift ideas for 12 year old boy, this is the best as they can be creative and mine through the world of LEGO.

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So, get to shopping and buy the best gifts for 12 year old boy!