12 great Christmas stockings

Christmas season is the time to celebrate uninhibitedly and the decorations you do enhance the festive mood. Christmas ornaments are available in plenty in the stores and with every year it is on an increasing trend.

Christmas stockings are the classic part of any Christmas decor. They are sock-shaped bags or even old socks that kids hang on the Christmas tree or anywhere inside the house so that the fabulous Santa Claus upon arrival can fill the stockings with toys or coins.

Even though we can get plenty of designs in online market and the regular stores, hand-knitted stockings give you that special feeling that “Christmas is coming”. The tradition of hanging stockings bring you lot of happiness in Christmastide, especially for kids.


Usually mantel is the ideal place for Christmas stockings even though they can be placed in the bedroom or door knobs too. You can either make the stockings all by yourself or you can buy the stockings and modify them. You may use any material to make this beautiful decoration piece. Here we are going to explore the 12 great but easy designs (or ways) to make Christmas stockings that you would remember.

  • Santa cap

    If you have Santa caps in your house take them and stitch them into beautiful stockings. Fold the tip in a way that the fluffy pom-pom at the tip of the hat is to the right of the cone. When you stitch make sure you stitch only the one layer of the cone with the one layer of the folded parts. You need not stitch differently for cuff since the base trim of the Santa hat will become the cuff.

santa cap stockings

  • Oven hand gloves

    If you want a different style for your Christmas stockings you can buy oven gloves and convert them into gorgeous stockings. Take apart the inner and outer layer of the cloth and cut the thumb cover (cut in circle shape) and stitch the sides. You can make two stockings from one oven gloves.

Oven gloves stockings

  • Paper stockings

    Another artistic way to make Christmas stockings is use papers and glue on color papers on them. Cut out the paper (Should be thick paper) in the shape of stockings and stick color paper (cut in same measurement as thick paper) on it. Then you can cut out thin velvet cloth in the shape of mistletoe or Santa or angel and stick it on the color papers.

  • Elf toes

    I have been a fan of elf figurines and even the movies featuring elves. The pointy toe boots are their specialty; so why not we stitch our stockings like that. You will need cotton cloth for exterior fabric and cotton lining for interior fabric. Cut out two cotton cloth and cotton lining in the shape of elf boots. You should stitch these inside out so that the stitches won’t be seen. At the end if you want to decorate the stockings you can stitch a different pom-pom at the top along with the loop to hang.

elf feet stocking

  • Old sweaters

    You can use your old sweaters to stitch Christmas stockings. You may use the sleeves as the stockings and at the top you can attach the collars as cuff. You may even cut the front part with the buttons and collar to make the stockings.

old sweater stockings

  • Carrot shaped

    The idea of making stockings in the shape of carrot is new. I saw this design when I went for Christmas shopping last year. You can easily make this at home too. Just cut two cloths (any material but try to get in orange color) and cut it in the shape of a cone. Stitch these two cloths to make Christmas stockings.

Carrot shaped stckings

  • Lace Stockings

    The decoration of stockings with lace will make them more pretty and elegant. You can use any color for lace but I suggest using light colors like white or baby pink. Knit them with hand around the stockings that you bought or stitched. The cuff can be made of a contrasting color like red, which will also give the Santa effect.

Lace Stockings christmas

  • Monkey cap

    Take your monkey cap and fold the top part of it in triangular shape and knit it. The result will be a sock shaped sack that you can hang near your bed. This is the easiest design to make. Get some Christmas charms from store and glue them onto the new stockings to give them the Christmas feel. You will get charms in the shape of Santa, snowman, snowflake or candy stick.

  • Boots itself

    If you have any old boots at home that is no longer wearable, convert them into Christmas stockings. You can stick a gift wrapper around the boots to mask the wear and tear. Once you are done with decorating with gift wrapper, you may either pin or stick different figurines onto that paper to give it a more festive aura.

knit your name

  • Ribbons

    This is another way to decorate your Christmas stockings that you bought or made. If you feel that your stockings are bland you can decorate them with different colors of ribbons. Glue or stitch the ribbons after wrapping them around the stockings. If you use bright colors for ribbons, use light color for cuff and vice versa.

Ribbon stocking

  • Cotton balls

    These can be used on any type of stockings that you bought from store. Apply glue to only a small area of the fabric and place the cotton balls or pompoms onto it. Leave the cuff alone so that it will look distinct

  • Knit your name

    knitting your name on the cuff of the stocking makes it elegant and personalized. In the ancient days kids used to write their names onto the stockings so that Santa Claus can give the gifts (gifts asked by them) to them.

Boot stocking

This does not end here. Above are the designs that came to my mind at first.

However, if you explore more you will get innovative ideas to make or decorate your Christmas stockings. Happy Decoration!