13 Wedding Gifts You Would Never Think Of

Summary: When we start thinking about wedding gifts, we get several ideas in our minds. But, we totally miss out something and here are such ideas that you might never have thought earlier.


Many of us search for unique wedding gift ideas. Even though there are some gifts that are considered traditional for a wedding, many of us wish that the gift that we present should be something different and others should never have thought about the same earlier. Here are some such gifts that you might never have thought of gifting anyone for his/her wedding.

1. A sleeping bag for two:


If the couple has plans to visit many tourist spots and they are going to spend most of their days outdoors on camps during the initial days of their wed life, you can choose this sleeping bag for two as the best gift. This Ohuhu double sleeping bag comes with two pillows and a carrying bag, thereby making it the best choice for hikers, backpackers and for camping purpose. It is made out of high-quality material to last longer.


2. An instant camera:


The couple might already have a camera, but how about an instant camera that will capture the moments at their honeymoon instantly. Even though we live in the world of digital photos, many of us still love taking hold of our older albums to recollect the most precious moments in our life. To give such an experience to the couple, this instant camera from Fujifilm can be the excellent gift for them on their special day. You can choose this camera that comes with attractive features and colors to choose from.

3. Double hammock:


This is yet another ideal gift to enthrall the couple, who will be traveling a lot outdoors. Even those, who wish to spend some useful time together outdoors in their garden will find this hammock to be the most useful and also a romantic gift to spend valuable time together. Features like integrated drawstring stuff sack to ensure double comfort and storage, durability and versatility make this gift the unique choice under the category of wedding gifts.


4. Amazon Tap:


If the couple has a great attraction towards music and your bridal friend has a huge collection of songs that she listens whenever she is free and also whenever she is engaged in a work, you can present her Amazon Tap. This Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker will turn out to be her personal assistant. She can add personalized playlist for herself and her husband. Also, this most useful gadget comes in different colors like white, black, blue, green, magenta and tangerine. So, make your selection according to your friend’s taste and let her feel happy about a unique gift for her wedding from her close friend.

5. Drill and toolkit:


If the couple is planning to move to a new house, this toolkit even though it seems to be unfit for a wedding, can be of great help to them. They will have to plan for a lot of wall hangings and in these instances, this toolkit from Black & Decker will be the most useful gift for them. It will help with a wide range of home projects. It comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with the battery holding capacity of 18 hours to help the groom engage in hassle free works.


6. Dome tent:


This is yet another useful item in the list of gifts for couples, who will be camping more. This is a lightweight camping tent from Swift-n-Snug. Quick and easy-to-setup feature is an added advantage. It is long-lasting, dependable and sturdy and also you can enjoy great savings on your shopping for this unique gift that the couple will love to a great extent.


7. Pasta maker:


If you know that your friend, who is the groom, has a great attraction towards pasta, you can present this pasta maker for the wedding. Even though it looks like a gift for the bride, it is actually a gift for both. Yes, they can spend some valuable time together preparing pasta for a dinner. This pasta maker comes with spiral slicers to enjoy the pasta with some attractive vegetable toppings that the couple will love to enjoy together.


8. Board game:


If the couple has plans to host a board game night every month, you can present this Catan board game for 5-6 players to them. Not just 5-6, it allows even a single or a couple to play. This can be yet another unique gift for the couple to enthrall about on their wedding.

9. How about a shower head?


Most couples in the initial days of wedding spend some romantic time together in the bathroom. Why not consider presenting them with this shower head from HotelSpa brand?  This set comes with handheld and overhead shower head. Different features like water-saving economy rain, mist, rain/massage, hydrating mist, pulsating massage and power rain settings can be enjoyed by the couple based on their requirement and mood. This can be a unique and one of the romantic wedding gifts for your friend at his wedding.

10. Casserole:


When they are together spending time with each other, they will not have time to prepare foods and serve hot. Whenever they get time, they can prepare their favorite dishes and can store them in a Casserole. This is where this unique gift from Crock-Pot brand will be useful and helpful for the couples. The great thing about the casserole is that as against normal ones, it comes with manual warm, high and low settings and also a cook-and-carry lid system to stay easy on the go. It is also safe on oven.


11. A set of cookbook:


Even though most people consider cooking supplies when it comes to wedding gift ideas, most of them forget about the cookbooks that will be of great help to the newlywed. If your friend is new to cooking, she would be looking for new recipes to satiate her husband in the best possible manner. This is where this cookbook box set with 100 simple recipes will be of great help to your friend. This book contains useful vegetarian dish recipes along with a nutritional value of each recipe.


12. Glass Cloche Terrarium:


If the bride has a sweet tooth and the groom has a green thumb, this glass cloche with a matching stand can turn out to be a two-in-one gift. In addition to the chance to use this gift as the terrarium, your friend can use it for displaying pastries and cakes that she prepares on her own. Irrespective of the way they choose to use it, it has an excellent look as a tabletop.


13. LED Desk lamp:


If your friend loves reading books and engaging in other official works at nights, from here on, he cannot keep the lights on as his wife is going to join him after the wedding. So, you can opt for this LED desk lamp as one of the best wedding gifts. This LED lamp comes with excellent features like wireless charger, USB charger, brightness adjustability, timer power off and also 4-color temperature adjustment. Better eye protection function associated with this lamp will bring better working experience to your friend for sure.


Receiving a wedding invitation is the time that you begin searching for wedding gift ideas. You might not have thought about wedding gifts listed above. So, you can try any of these items to enthrall your friend on his/her wedding. More than value, the usefulness associated with the gift is something that you should consider with utmost care and compassion. Choose any item from the list above and also never forget to check the cost, such that you will end up with the most useful gift that will come within your budget.