14 Unusual Gifts for Wine Lovers

We are living in a generation where there is no end for a party, and the best party is during the weekends or holidays where a group of your friends gather round! If you are living in the west, then it’s a common idea to gather for a wine party with your colleagues, and most of the time we end up with a bottle of wine in our hands for the party! So, if your friend is a wine lover, then this article is just for you to guide with some of the best ideas of gifts for a wine lover! Here is a list of 14 Unusual Gifts for Wine Lovers!

gift ideas for wine lovers

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

1. Wine Glass

Wine Glass

To start our list of fourteen unique gift ideas, let us start from general gifts that people usually gifts to a wine lover. And for those peoples wine glass is the most common gift. Wines are always to be taken in a wine glass, to preserve their aromas and their unique tastes. For this reason, a good collection of wine glass is a good gift idea for a wine lover, be it in your family or friends. They are the perfect ideas and are the most common ones.

2.Wine Openers

Wine Openers

Looking for an exciting gift but also a productive one to help you wine friend lover, then perhaps wine openers are the perfect choice for you! They are a great gifts, and also very productive. Recently, some of the new electronic openers are also available in the markets, so try them as a gift idea!

Wine openers can be of tremendous help to your friend who is always using an old cock screw opener! Though they are classic and some prefer to collect the rare ones, but why wait for the party when you have an electric opener right in front of you, and you can start your party right away!

3. Wine Stand

Wine Stand

Among some several common gifts, a perfect wine stand for your wine loving partner or friend is the perfect idea! They are very attractive, and are a perfect idea for a friend who has a cellar in his or her house! This stand not only does the trick, but is very helpful in keeping the wine collection safe. And this is the best thing your friend can show case his or her wine collection!

 4. Wine Stein

Wine Stein

Looking for a good wine glass to gift to your friend, but your friend doesn’t like one and you are stuck in between? Then this is a solution for you, for person who prefers cups than a wine glass, but is a wine lover too. This glass comes in a regular coffee mug shape, but the twist is they are double walled and the inside of the cup is shaped like a wine glass! They are transparent, and are a unique gift idea for your friend in the next holiday house party!

5. Wine Holder

Wine Holder

Among some popular gifts, wine holder is a unique idea, which is great for some holiday occasions or a house party. They are unique and are specially built to hold some few too many bottles of wine for the time being, depending upon the size and its capacity. They are a perfect gift, and are available in many different varieties and designs. This being a perfect idea if you are looking for a general on the go gift, but some unique ones too!

6. Wine Thermometer

Wine Thermometer

As a wine lover, one must be assured of the fact that to have wine it should be perfect so does the temperature of the wine bottle to be perfect. Or else you might feel little bit uncomfortable about its taste. Yes, temperature of wine does matter while having it, and for this reason the next item is on this list.

What does a wine temperature do? Well, as the name suggests it is supposed to measure the temperature of the wine bottle, and give you a display of the same. They are very cool looking and the display on it is awesome too! Try this, as your next gift idea!

7. Wine Rack

Wine Rack

Your friend is looking for a wine showcase, and then why not presents him or her with this unique design of wine racks. This is made up of bamboo and is light weight as well as sleek in design. It is a great item to display some of your rare collections and it definitely does the trick of increasing one’s home decorations! Wine rack comes with a wide range of products ranging from as low as $100 to maybe more than $10,000. So it is a great idea to look for, and you can even search for a better product which will fit under your budget and is a perfect gift idea for a wine lover!

8. Metal Wall Wine Holders

Metal Wall Wine Holders

A wine lover generally keeps their collection at home, and they have some weird fantasies and ideas with their own collection. To a wine lover, they always have that special bottle that they keep just for themselves or for some very special occasions where they bring out their best wine bottles out! So why not give them the idea of displaying those special bottles in some particularly good looking metal wall wine holders. And these generally holds some few amount of bottles, being a great way to show case their special bottle – gifting this is your choice and putting the bottle is theirs!

9. Chocolates


There is no person in the world who doesn’t like chocolates, isn’t it? To be true chocolates are a great choice for wine lovers, as there are certain wine to chocolates combinations – like chocolate truffles goes extremely well with Compartés’ Sea Salt Caramel. There are various other comparisons too, and it’s a great idea to taste wine with some great chocolates.

If you are new in pairing chocolates with wine, then you should be keeping some points in minds. Follow the rule that wine should be taken with a less sweetened chocolate, but not the opposite, if the chocolate is sweeter then the wine tends to feel bitter. Another rule is more the chocolate is dark in colour – more should be the wine, for this reason dark chocolates goes well with well matured red wines!

10. Wine Themed Cook Book

Wine Themed Cook Book

Wine is for the elites and people who prefer wine do not go for, or prefer any other kind of alcohols! They are unique; starting from the way a bottle should be preserved to the way a wine to be consumed is a long process. And each of these processes has some unique style which varies from different varieties of wine.

Wine goes very well with foods and cuisines, but as usual cooking some awesome food with wine is a matter of choice. The matter is everything doesn’t go well with wine, for this reason you can always gift a wine themed cook book to your friend who is a wine lover and loves to cook – or just loves to eat good!

11. Wine Refrigerator

Wine Refrigerator

As said once before in this article, wine is all about keeping the right temperature to have it, and for this reason our next gift idea is a wine refrigerator. You will ask why not keep the bottle in a regular refrigerator, and to a point they serve the purpose. But wine refrigerators are specially design to maintain the exact temperature that your wine needs, and they have a display of the temperature.

In regular refrigeration it might so happen that due to prolonged use of the unit, there is much ice deposition and thus, the temperature increases. But, in this special design machines they keep the temperature at the exactly specified amount – much like home air conditioning systems. You can always try them as your next gift idea for a wine lover, of your budget is higher than the usual standards.

12. Wine Furniture

Wine Furniture

As a wine lover you might want to try out some furniture that can portray your wine love – and as a wine lover one can try to decorate their home with furniture that will do the same. For instance, how about a gift of a wine furniture in the shape of a wine barrel! Yes, they are unique and have a wide range of items starting from sofa sets to dining table, all of which are shaped like a wine barrel.

13. Wine Stopper

Wine Stopper

To keep the aromas of a wine in perfect condition after opening a bottle, or just to keep the bottle safe during wine serving? Wine bottle stopper are very helpful and they are also a great and unique gifting idea for a wine lover. They can keep the bottle safe and also keep the temperature and aroma of the wine intact!

14. Wine Gift Baskets

Wine Gift Baskets

Last but not the least, rather than showing up empty handed to a wine party why not carry a good looking wine basket along with.  This will always serve its purpose and would be a perfect gift for a wine lover and if they have all the items in the list above! You can always show yourself with a wine basket, and they are a unique gift to fit right in your budget.

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