15 cool stocking stuffers for women

The holiday season is nearing and this is a season of gifts. The stockings are sock-shaped bags that are believed to be filled by Santa Claus (people believe that Saint Nicholas is the Santa Claus) with gifts on the Christmas Eve.

cool stocking stuffers for women

This tradition started centuries ago when Saint Nicholas tried to help a poor man who was struggling to give his daughters a bright future. From that time children started to keep their old socks near the fireplace so that Saint Nicholas can fill it with toys and gifts. These gifts are called stocking stuffers and below are a list of cool stocking stuffers for women.

1. Recharger keychain:

Recharger keychain

We carry our smartphones with us all the time and there is a chance that it may run out of battery. So this Christmas season let us help the woman in our lives with a recharger keychain that can be used to recharge her phone. The keychain has a USB cable that can be connected to any USB charger or port. The cable in the link is for iPhone. This is very useful if she is working. Now your loved one can always be in touch with you.

2. A beautiful bracelet:

beautiful bracelet


Bracelets and bangles are the ornaments used to decorate a woman’s hands. Wearing matching bangles and bracelets is a passion for women. In the link, you can find a beaded bracelet that has a metallic green color. This bracelet is made of lace and glass beads. Buy one bracelet like this and make her festival season happier. If you can afford, you can even fill her stockings with a golden bracelet for this Christmas.

3. A Pimple and Acne removal kit:

3. A Pimple and Acne removal kit


Pimples and acne are the major problems for women. They always try to look beautiful and these things have to be removed from the face. There are many treatments for this problem and the removal kit is one of them. So if the lady is struggling with this issue you can gift herremoval kit as a stocking stuffer. The specialty of stocking stuffers is that the person will not know who put the gift inside (of course if there are more than two people in the house).

4. A gypsy ring:

A gypsy ring

This may seem like very small but can definitely feature in the list of cool stocking stuffers for women. The gypsy rings are adjustable and can give out different colors. This is possible because of the light that bounces off the edges. The ring is made of adjustable bands so she can wear it on any finger. The point is you can buy her any ring and there are millions of options available online.

5. Bath bombs for soothing effect:

Bath bombs for soothing effect


In the winter season taking a warm bath will be comforting and the soaps that you use should not make your skin dry. So gift a set of bathing soaps that can make the dry skin soft. The soaps should contain essential oils, Shea and cocoa butter to give the needed moisture to her skin. You can buy these organic cleaners even from the body shop in your locality. Buy one set and fill her stockings with them for this Christmas.

6. Hand warmers for her:

Hand warmers for her


Hand warmers are used in the winter season to keep our hands warm and safe. These tiny pouches are kept in the pockets so that you can go out by keeping your hands inside your pockets. So buy a set of hand warmers for her in this winter season and fill her stockings with warmth. The warmers in the link are filled with rice and should be microwaved before putting in the pockets.

7. Set of compact makeup mirrors:

Set of compact makeup mirrors


Women carry their makeup kit everywhere and there are compact kits available in the market. You can enhance her makeup kit with a compact mirror so that she can do makeup even when she is traveling. She does not have to search for a mirror. The product in the link comes with 5 compact mirrors in different shapes and designs.

8. Handmade earrings:

Handmade earrings

The next one in the list of cool stocking stuffers for women is a pair of handmade earrings. The earrings in the link are in the shape of leaves and the color gives a vintage look to it. The metal used here is copper and the beads are turquoise beads. Get a pair of earrings like the one in this link and witness the happiness on her face when she checks her stockings for the gifts.

9. A professional glass nail file:

A professional glass nail file


A nail file is another common accessory in a woman’s beauty kit. It is used to make the sharp ends of the nails smooth. With the use of this double-sided and durable glass nail file, she can get the manicure done at home only. This can also be considered if you are planning to make a “ladies gift basket” for her. The beautiful cover is just perfect for the glass nail file. Since the edges are nicely done her nails will be getting the treatment just like in the salon.

10. Beautiful hair pins for her:

Beautiful hair pins for her


Just like any jewelry women also love to shop for accessories like hair pins, clips, and hair bands. So why don’t you fill her stockings with a set of cute hair pins for this year’s Christmas?She is going to love them and will always appreciate your gesture. If the hair pins have small flowers at the end she can even wear them for the weddings or parties.

11. A pack of slipper socks:

pack of slipper socks


Socks are a necessity in the winter season and the slipper socks are a type of footwear that can be worn as slippers as well as socks. There are 4 slipper socks in the link which are in different colors and designs. The interior of these slippers is very soft so that her feet will be comfortable and warm in the winter. The bottoms of these slippers are beaded so that it will not slip.

12. Lip balm collection:

Lip balm collection


The next one in the list of cool stocking stuffers for women is a set of lip balms that are useful in the winter season. The lip balms in the link look like Easter eggs that are painted. When she opens the lip balm the content will be in the shape of a boiled egg. The set contains three flavors of lip balms and these are 100% natural. The flavors included are vanilla bean, pomegranate raspberry, and sweet mint. This is just an example and you can buy different flavors from the store.

13. A royal brooch for the lady:



The brooch is an ornament that is used on clothes to keep the ends closed. This will serve the same purpose of a safety pin. Previously the brooch was used to indicate the royalty and status of a woman in the society. The women who are royal descendants used to wear brooches that are decorated with precious stones and metals. You can buy one that is made of pearls or rhinestones to fill her stockings.

14. Knit woolen headband:

Knit woolen headband


This can be considered as a fashion accessory in the winter season. A woolen headband is stylish as well as useful in this season. The product in the link is handmade using real mink fur and headband. This headband can cover only a part of her head but will match with any apparel. You can even gift her plus sized headband so that the head will be fullycovered.

15. Pairs of crew socks:

Pairs of crew socks


The next one in the list of cool stocking stuffers for women is a set of tip-toe socks. The package comes with 6 pairs of socks that have different colors and designs. Before buying the set, check whether the shoe size is matching because if the size is not matching it will be very small on her feet. You can even buy ankle socks for her so that she can wear them even in other seasons. Getting a pair of woolen socks is also a good idea.