15 Great Gifts For Lawyers

Lawyers are special individuals who are vested with wisdom and gift of the gab. Selecting gifts for attorneys is not going to be easy as you expect it to be.


Thanks to the ever expanding gift options, both online and offline you can now search for personalized gifts for lawyers. By personalized gifts, I am referring to gifts with themes relevant to their profession. Here I am going to list out some of the best gifts for lawyers.

Gifts For Lawyers

1. Legal decision maker paperweight


The first one in the list of gifts for attorneys is a legal themed paperweight. The paperweight in the link is made of metal and spins with the help of ball bearings. It has all the possible roads written on it that a lawyer can take when he is struck with decision making. For example it has not guilty, ask mom, plead, guilty etc. Sometimes, the lawyer would not have thought about all the possibilities of a case until he sees this paperweight. Not only that this becomes a great addition to his office desk and of course your list of great gifts for lawyers.

2. Lawyer’s prayer plaque


This is one of the best gifts for lawyers, depicting a heartfelt wish from you. You can gift him / her a wooden plaque on which the famous lawyer’s prayer plaque is engraved. Whenever the lawyer sees this will have a silent prayer in mind and will also remember you. The plaque in the link is made from alder wood and the pack comes with a paper cover, so that you can wrap it easily with a gift wrapper. You can get other gifts like this with a quote written on it. If you do not get one from the stores, you may even write one for your favorite person.

3. Business card holder


Well, if you want to give personalized gifts for lawyers you know, you can gift them a business card holder. Every lawyer will have a business card with his contact details so that the clients can get in touch with him. He can keep his cards in this elegant card holder on his desk. The card holder in the link can hold up to 10 cards. The lawyer’s scale is engraved on top of the business card holder. This is a compact one, so that he can carry it around.

4. Gift box of wisdom


By reading the gift’s name you may not understand what I meant. I meant a gift box that contains four books that are specifically for lawyers. The pack contains four books written by famous lawyers like Oliver Wendell Holmes giving light into the history as well as constitution. The books included in this pack are “Common sense”, “The declaration of independence”, “The path of law”, and “The constitution of US”. Four books narrate four different topics and will be handy to any lawyer. Hence this gift box will feature in gifts for attorneys.

5. Cufflinks for a lawyer


Next one in my list of personalized gifts for lawyers is a pair of cufflinks which the lawyer can wear to court and other functions. You can use cufflinks for a lawyer shirts that do not have buttons on the cuffs. In most of the formal shirts, manufacturers give you the option to use either cufflinks or buttons. The cufflinks in the link included here is in the shape of a lawyer’s scale. These beautiful cufflinks are silver plated which gives them a professional look.


6. Lawyer jokes


A book to lighten up their hectic work schedule is one of the great gifts for lawyers. I was searching for gifts for attorneys and I found this book “Lawyer Jokes” by Steven D. Price. The author has tried to publish a book with a collection of jokes, quotations, anecdotes and proverbs which are funny. The author is well known for his editorial works and is currently a consulting editor at Skyhorse publishing. Be assured that your lawyer friend is going to laugh and enjoy this book.


7. Desk organizer


Now let us look into one of the best gifts for lawyers – a desk organizer. If you have ever seen a lawyer’s desk you will see so many files, pen, papers and other items on the desk that they use on a daily basis. You can gift the lawyer you know a desk organizer to keep all his case files and other items organized.

The product in the first link is specifically for keeping the files organized and has 7 vertical sections and 2 horizontal sections. The desk organizer in the second link is a kind of pen and pencil holder but with more sections for sticky notes, clips, and other small supplies. Gift one of these to the lawyer or attorney and you can see how delightful they will be for due to your gift.

8. Lady of justice clock


Lady of justice is the figurine that is used to represent the judicial system. So I have added this clock to my list of best gifts for lawyers. The clock in the link is an elegant one which has the lady of justice in a seated position. The body of this desk clock is made of cold cast resin. The clock is hand painted and polished to give a classic look. You can order it online or can buy it from a nearby store. Buy one and gift it to the lawyer that you care for.


9. Large Ergo Desk


Next in my list of personalized gifts for lawyers is a portable desk which is very convenient for lawyers who need to read and write for long time. They can carry it around if they have to travel for any reason. The Ergo desk  helps the lawyer to keep the book in a slanting position while reading or writing, which is quite comfortable.

This can be placed on a desk or bed as per his / her convenience. This compact and portable desk can be used while taking notes and it also includes a centered ledge to hold pen, pencil, and papers.

10. Lawsuit – The Board Game


Till now we were discussing about the gifts which a lawyer can benefit while at work. But, next one in my list of great gifts for lawyers is something that lets him spend some time with his family and friends – Lawsuit a board game. Even though this is a simple game, the lawyer can enjoy quality time with his kids or family members teaching them how the judicial system is working. The game set includes game board, 3 sets of cards, 1 die, and playing pieces.

11. Legal writing portfolio


While searching for great gifts for lawyers I stumbled upon this writing portfolio which can be useful to any lawyer or attorney. The link takes you to a portfolio which can be used by lawyers to carry their legal papers. Along with that, he can make note of valuable points while he is studying a case. The compartment is of A4 size and you can refill this pad with A4 size papers. Other accessories you can keep in this writing portfolio are pen, business card, credit card and an easy access pocket is also provided.

12. The Bench chess set


This is another game which any lawyer would love to play. The next one in my list of best gifts for lawyers is a chess set. The specialty of this chess set is that the board pieces are replicas of court personals. For example, the king and queen on a traditional chess board is replaced with the judge and lady of justice.

Other board pieces are substituted with other courtroom inspired figurines of attorneys, jurors, bailiffs and law books. This can be a great addition to the lawyer’s office.

13. Gavel Keychain


A keychain in the shape of a gavel is the next gift item in my list of personalized gifts for lawyers. This is a gift which is related to the courtroom. Everybody knows about the gavel that the judge strikes on his desk when he passes a verdict. This gavel keychain in the link – is made of wood and is the miniature version of the gavel.

14. Law School in a box


This can be gifted to budding lawyers and law students also. By Law school in a box the manufacturer (author) has tried to give the basic knowledge of the profession. The box contains a book titled “law school in 96 pages” that gives you definitions and explanations of the legal terms used.

Other items that come with this pack are 10 trading cards of Heroes of courtroom, a mini version of bar exam, 10 ‘You Be the Judge’ cards, and a faux diploma. This small box is one of the best gifts for lawyers.


15. Lawyer Pen set

Lawyer Pen set

The last one in my list of personalized gifts for lawyers is a Rosewood pen set. This pen has a matching Rosewood case that is courtroom inspired and can be customized with the lawyer’s name. The pen is a ball point pen and can be refilled using a standard Parker refill.

This concludes my list of gifts for attorneys and lawyers. These are among the best you will find for them.

Choose any one of these and gift-wrap it, include a touching note as well! Also, you may check best gift ideas for doctors here.