17 best Thanksgiving gift baskets

Giving thanks is always good and is something that should become the part of our everyday life. Saying “Thank you” to someone who does a help for you will make the other person happy.

best Thanksgiving gift

Thanksgiving is a festival to thank God for the good harvest and for all the blessing in the previous year. This is celebrated in the month of November in the USA and in the month of October in Canada. This is the season of treats, celebrations, and feasts. We will be visiting houses and hence gifts are part of these celebrations. Below is the list of Thanksgiving gift baskets that can be helpful for the family.

1. Gourmet Food Basket:

Gourmet Food Basket


We all know that Thanksgiving is more about harvest and feasts. A food gift basket  is an ideal Thanksgiving gift.This basket has four editions and you can select the content according to the festival and needs. This medium gift basket’s theme is candy and contains Chocolate Raspberry Cake. The sweet contents are Focaccia Italian crackers crisps, amaretto glazed almonds, sweet butter cookies, silk chocolate crunch cookie, Godiva chocolate truffle gems, and three pepper blend water crackers. There are some savory items too that can be used for the feast. They are savory beef sausage, Merlot cheddar cheese spread, and champagne dill mustard.

2. Gift basket with chocolate truffles:

Gift basket with chocolate truffles


This gift basket is for those who love to munch on truffles. Chocolate truffles are made using chocolate ganache and are coated with more chocolate to give them crunchiness. The gift basket in the link  contains different flavors of chocolate truffles. Some of the flavors included in the basket are chocolate ginger biscuits, almond flavored biscuits, dark chocolate orange bar, and fresh cream dark chocolate truffles. Your loved one will be receiving the sweetest Thanksgiving gift for this year.

3. Deluxe Eco Purity spa set:

Deluxe Eco Purity spa set


The next gift on this list of Thanksgiving gift baskets is a bath spa gift Set.This set contains mainly bathing items that are of a beauty spa standard. This basket comes with a body scrub, shower gel, and bath crystals. To enjoy the complete relaxation with these products the company is also providing pumice brush and a pouf. This can be a great gift to friends or family members who love to relax after a long working week in the bath tub.

4. Natural Skin Care Gift Basket:

Natural Skin Care Gift Basket

Next gift on this list is a natural skin care gift basket for ladie. This is the gift for the ladies in the house. The gift basket comes with a handmade scrub, a handmade soap, and handmade body butter. These skin care products are delivered in a gift basket that can be customized with a personalized message to the lady. When you order you can even select the type of soap and body butter to be added to the basket.

5. Coffee and Tea Gift Basket:

Coffee and Tea Gift Basket


This is the gift basket for tea and coffee lovers. The gift basket contains Starbucks coffees, Starbucks Biscotti,Starbucks VIA coffee,Starbucks Tazo teabags, Shortbread fingers, TCHO chocolate bar squares, and Shortbreadhighlander. The company also sends a coffee mug so that the person is equipped with all the accessories needed to drink a perfect coffee or tea. The box comes wrapped with a bow to give it a gift look. If your loved one is not a fan of tea you can just gift a coffee gift basket which I have mentioned below.

6. Pampering products basket:

Pampering products basket


On this Thanksgiving, let us help some needy people while at the same time gifting your loved ones. A part of the collection will be dedicated to the cancer patient’s care. The pampering product gift basket hasdifferent types of soap, moisturizer, jar of Extreme Crème unscented, lemongrass body spray, Sage shave bar with upcycled soap dish, lemongrass sugar scrub, Frankincense & Sage massage oil, essential oil hand sanitizer, sleepy time inhaler, natural underarm deodorant, Spearmint lip balm, Frankincense & Sage inhaler, one set of ivory ear plugs, unscented soy candle, one black out sleep mask, and 2 hand knitted cotton washcloth.

7. Cheese and meat basket:

Cheese and meat basket


Next one on the list of Thanksgiving gift baskets is a gift basket that is full of savory items. This basket comes with cheese spread, sausage, water crackers, a bottle of root beer, Gourmet sweetmustard, butter toffee Pretzels, olives, and a cheese knife to help in Thanksgiving cooking. We all know that sausages are made from the ground meat and the other items in the gift basket can be used to make them tastier.

8. Vintage cotton bags:

Vintage cotton bags


Here we are discussing the Thanksgiving gifts and giving a pack of gift bags is a great idea. The family who is hosting the party will also be giving gifts to others. This link will take you to a set of holiday favor gift bags that can be used to send gifts to others. This is really a unique gift for your friends and family members.These gift bags have turkeys and Thanksgiving wishes printed on it.

9. Fresh fruit basket:

Fresh fruit basket


In this age where gifts are more of synthetic indulgence, a basket of fresh fruits is a real exception. The individual receiving this gift basket will get a basket full of various fruits. The fruits that are included in this basket are pears, grapes, pineapple, oranges, apples, melon, and kiwi. This is the best gift to tell your loved one that you care for his or her health.

10. Set of Paper Flowers:

Set of Paper Flowers

There is something about flowers that always make them a preferred gift for any occasion, especially if there is a woman involved. A set of paper flowers though significantly different from the natural ones does remind that chivalry still exists among the human race. This gift set contains 12 sets of paper flowers that can be used to decorate the house for this Thanksgiving celebration. The materials used are Sepal, Mulberry paper, stamen, and green wire.

11. Bubble Bath Gift basket:

Bubble Bath Gift basket


Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves. There is nothing more pampering to an individual than a bubble bath. This gift set contains everything that is needed for a relaxing and refreshing bubble bath. This bathing gift basket has bath crystals, shower gel, body scrub, bubble bath, bath fizzers, and bath sponge in the shape of a rose. This can be one of the ideal Thanksgiving gift baskets for the ladies in the family.

12. Amigurumi Basket of Fruit and Vegetables:

Amigurumi Basket of Fruit and Vegetables


This is a basket of fruits and vegetables that are made from woolen strings. This basket comes with stuffed vegetables that can be used for Thanksgiving kitchen decoration. It has all the vegetables and fruits like Avocado, berries, mushroom, carrots, corn, apple, banana, and clementine. The family can even keep this in the showcase and living room for decoration. This will make the best toy set for your little ones.

13. Picnic Cutlery Set:

Picnic Cutlery Set

This is a special Thanksgiving gift basket that has everything needed for a picnic. This Picnic cutlery set comes in a backpack that has enough compartments to carry your food fresh. This basket has spoons, stainless steel knives, dinner plates, forks, wine glasses, cotton napkins, bottle opener, cheese/butter knife, plastic chopping board, salt/pepper shakers, and fleece blanket.

14. Thanksgiving Gatherings Gift Basket:

Thanksgiving Gatherings Gift Basket


As the name indicates this is a basket of snacks and chocolates that can be served for gatherings in the Thanksgivingseason. This basket  contains toffees, different types of cookies, smoked almonds, candies, crackers, truffles, cranberry snack mix, nut cookies, and chocolate bars. With the cheese bar in the basket, you will get a cheese knife too.

15. Coffee gift box:

Coffee gift box

Coffee is a drink for all occasions. Who doesn’t love the scintillating aroma of authentic coffee? A lot can indeed happen over a cup of coffee. So, our next item in the list of the best Thanksgiving gift baskets is a coffee gift box. This is a simple gift basket that has two unique coffees, and a supply of the chocolate covered espresso beans. You can select the style (ground or whole bean) of the coffee while placing the order.

16. Roasted & Salted Nuts Basket:

Roasted & Salted Nuts Basket


This is the Thanksgiving gift basket for the nut lovers who love to munch on nuts while reading a book or watching TV. This nut basket contains roasted and salted cashews, almonds, and Peanuts. Chocolate covered raisins, almonds, and espresso beans are also included in this basket for chocolate lovers. This delicious gift basket is one if the best Thanksgiving gifts for your loved ones.

17. Mix Up gift Basket:

Mix Up gift Basket


The last one on the list of Thanksgiving gift baskets is a mix-up basket. A mix-up gift basket has everything that is needed for the kitchen and celebration. This gift basket has some fruits, biscuits, cookies, nuts, and snacks mix. The items are arranged in a gift basket that is decorated. We all know that the Thanksgiving is the season of celebration and these snacks will be ideal for the gatherings.