170 Best Stocking Stuffers That Say You Are Cool

If you are looking for gifts for Christmas, presenting them in stockings can be a great idea. Here are some items that can be used for stuffing the stockings.

stocking stuffers for christmas

Christmas is all about gifts for many of us. You might have heard about Christmas stocking, which is nothing, but an empty sock or even a sock-shaped bag that is hung on the eve of Christmas. This is done in such a way that the Santa Claus can fill it up with small toys, fruits, candies and other gifts. If you wish to present gifts in stockings, here are some stocking stuffer ideas that will help:

1. Strap lanyards:


With many people using pen drives these days, you can fill your stocking with these colorful lanyards, which can be used for ID cards, stylus pens as well, apart from pen drives.


2. Voice recorder:

If you are planning for stockings to somebody learning music, this voice recorder will help him/her to correct then and there, by listening to their own voice. It also has a pen drive and MP3 player.


3. Flash pen drive:


In the present world of smartphone and tablets, pen drives are highly important for anyone. You can stuff your stocking with this set of 32GB Flash pen drives for this Christmas Eve.


4. Magnetic Whiteboard Dry eraser set:

Magnetic Whiteboard Dry eraser set

If your friend or one of your family members has to deal a lot with a whiteboard, you can stuff the stockings with this set of whiteboard eraser, which will be highly helpful.


5. Nail polish:

nail polish

If this is a gift for a girl in your house, this set of colorful nail polish will make her say that you are a cool person. The 12 colors and the metallic full-size lacquer will surely enthrall her.


6. Colored pencil set:

colored pencils

If the stocking is for kids in your house, this set of colorful coloring pencil set with plastic carrying case can turn out to be the gift to bring out the artist in them.


7. Garlic rocker:


If you find that your mom is struggling with garlic peeling during her busy morning hours every day, you can choose this gift for her to enthrall her.


8. Retro pens:


Even though pens are losing importance these days as compared to what it was some years ago, still they are worthy gifts to stuff your stockings with.


9. Cake decorating set:


If you know that your mother has great interest towards preparing cakes, you can fill her stockings with this cake decorating set, which will enthrall her a lot.


10. Origami book:


If you have heard your little sister saying that she want to be an origami artist one day, you can present this origami book for beginners to help her learn the basics.


11. Glitter gel pens:


Most children have an attraction towards glittering gel pens. If you are planning for a stocking stuffer for little ones in your house, this can be the excellent choice.


12. Q-Man magnet set:


If you are planning to stuff the stockings with some entertaining toy, but you are looking for affordability, the best thing you can do is to opt for this set of 5-piece mini Q-man magnets. The pieces are of multiple colors to keep your kids entertained.


13. Reasons to love you:


When you wish to share your love and also the reason for your love towards somebody, this can be the excellent gift. She will be enthralled to learn the reasons why you love her printed in small attractive stones.


14. Disposable tea infuser bags:

Tea bags

This set of 100 drawstring teabags can be the excellent stocking stuffer for anybody, who loves tea. It is perfect for coffee cups and mugs and is made of natural materials.


15. Bouncing action ball:


If you are looking for items to fill the stockings for your kids, you can opt for this Cepia Chuckle ball with crazy motorized action to enthrall your kids.


16. Stress relieving squeezing balls:


If you want your family to stay away from stress, this can be the excellent gift for them. You can fill the stocking with these balls with emoticon faces, which will help with hand exercise and strengthening as well.


17. Portion controlled meal set:


If you want one of your family members to eat less to reduce weight, you can fill the stocking meant for them with this portion controlled meal set. The boxes are attractively labeled for portion controlled meal each time.


18. Puppy Plush dog:

puppy plush dog

If your little girl has been requesting you to present her a puppy, but you do not want a lively puppy to be present in your home, you can opt for this plush puppy that can walk, bark and can wag his tail.


19. Mug warmer:


If you see that one of your friends is frequently complaining about the lesser warmth in his tea or coffee, this mug warmer can be filled as the stocking stuffer for him on this Christmas Eve.


20. Heat sensitive magnetic coffee mug:


This coffee mug can be the excellent gift for people, who wish to begin their day in a playful manner. It will change in color as per the heat of the beverage poured.


21. Like and dislike stamp:


Nowadays, most people cannot think of a day without Facebook. If your family members have such an attraction towards Facebook, you can present them with this like and dislike stamp that they can use on any physical stuff like photos to show their reaction.


22. Race car set and track set:

Race car set and track set

If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for your little boy, who has great interest towards race cars, you can present this gift for creating his own race tracks, which he will like a lot.


23. Mini carrying case for flash drive and headphones:


If you find that your son frequently misses carrying the important flash drives at home when starting to college, this mini carrying case for a flash drive can be a handy gift. He can just attach the case to his belt or backpack and will not forget drives anymore.


24. Fitness tracker:

fitness band

If you are planning for a stocking stuffer for your dad or your elder brother, who is nearing is 40’s, the best thing you can do is to fill the stocking with this fitness tracker. It will help with monitoring sleep and it also has a pedometer and monitor to keep track of calories.


25. Keyboard with trackball mouse:

Keyboard with trackball mouse

If one of your family members spends a lot of time in front of the computer, you can fill their stockings with this ergonomic backlit mechanical keyboard. The great thing about this keyboard is that it comes with optical trackball mouse as well.


26. Tie and belt rack:


This tie and belt rack will help with the easy picking of the right tie from the huge collection of ties. This easy-to-install and simple-to-use rack will provide the right room, even if the individual has a huge collection.


27. Desk stationary organizer:


If you are highly concerned about the things remaining unorganized on the table in your house, you can choose this desk stationary organizer as the stocking stuffer for any of your family members to keep things organized.


28. Remote control holder:


With many electronic units in your house like television, speaker and set top box, there will be many remote controls. Everything can be kept organized at a single place with this remote control holder/organizer.


29. Blood pressure monitor:


If you are highly concerned about the high blood pressure of your mom/dad, you can fill their stockings with this blood pressure of monitor to help them get their blood pressure tested at home conveniently.


30. 3D nail art sticker:

3d nail art stickers

If you have found that your sister shows great interest towards coloring her nails in different designs, you can present her this 3D nail art sticker decal.


31. Adjustable dumbbells:


This is yet another stocking idea for fitness freaks. The weight in this pair of adjustable dumbbells from Bowflex is adjustable. This adjustable set will eliminate the need for dumbbells with multiple weight levels.


32. Air purifier:

air purifier

If you are concerned about the quality of the internal air in your house, you can present your wife with the stocking stored with this air purifier. It can automatically detect and remove 99.97% of allergens from your home to safeguard your family.


33. Wireless baby monitor:

Baby Monitor

If you have a little baby in your house and you are concerned that your wife will have to spend many of her times watching the baby, this wireless baby monitor will come handy for her to ensure the safety of the infant.


34. Nose hair trimmer:

Nose hair trimmer

If you want your dad to look professional, this nose and ear hair trimmer can be the excellent gift to fill in stockings as gifts to your father.


35. Solar Phone Charger:

solar phone charger

With mobile phones and tablets forming part of our day-to-day requirement, it will be hard to look for power sockets at all places. This is where the solar phone charger from GreenLighting can be the excellent gift.


36. Wooden ball point pens:


This can be the useful gift for anybody in your family for Christmas stocking. This set of 3 pens is made out of a natural wood barrel and so it is eco-friendly. For easy gripping, it comes in a substantial size.


37. Family game pack:


If your family plays together quite often, this pack can be the excellent entertainment unit for spending time together with your family. It comes with a travel bag to make it ideal as a traveling game as well.


38. Go Fishing game:


If you have a toddler in your home, this can be the excellent stocking stuffer for him. This electric rotating fishing game will provide the base for fishing to your little one.


39. Thumbs-up phone stand:


If your son or daughter frequently watches videos on a mobile phone or tablet, you can present this useful gift for him/her. This stand has thumbs-up hands in the middle of which the phone or tablet should be placed. It is flexible to hold the phone or tablet of any size.


40. Wireless Bluetooth speaker:


If your family members simply love music, you can present this Bluetooth speaker as the Christmas gift for your family. It comes with rechargeable battery and it ensures long play time after a single recharge.


41. Personalized keychain:


Personalized gifts are always special. Rather than using different stocking stuffers for each one of your family members, you can get the keychains with each one of their names and can put them all in a single stocking. Let them pick the sterling silver keychain with their name.


42. Easy-to-Carry Easel:

easel board

If your daughter has great love towards drawing and painting, but she needs the help of others to carry her easel board outdoors. If this is a thing that concerns you, you can present this easy-to-carry easel with the help of which she can paint anywhere.


43. Laptop bed stand:


You know that placing the laptop on the lap and also on the bed can be harmful at times. So, you can present this bed stand to place the laptop and for easy working for your son when he is in bed.


44. Mouse pad with wrist rest:


Mouse pads are highly useful to keep the hands and wrist safe when working on a desktop. This pad comes with provision for resting the wrist comfortably. It will also keep the hands cool and dry with ventilation channels.


45. Sound sensing sleep sheep:


This can be an excellent companion to your toddler. Not just a cuddly companion toy, it comes with two sleep timer options. The calming natural sound made by this toy will make your baby sleep.


46. Jesus Christ for dashboard:


For your family members, who have a great attraction towards the Jesus Christ, this dashboard Jesus Christ figurine with a spring can be an excellent gift. They feel blessed with this great gift for Christmas.


47. Language translator:


If one of your family members visit foreign countries frequently for business, this 16-language translator can be the most useful stocking stuffer. He can get instant English translation for phrases in 16 other languages.


48. Portable sanitizing wand:


If you are highly concerned about cleanliness in places that you visit, you can bring your family this portable sanitizing wand. It can instantly sanitize anything right from kitchen top to remote control just with a single waving.


49. Light up ties:


Do you wish to see your father wearing a glowing tie on his neck? Then, you can fill his stocking with this light up tie for this Christmas. It comes with adjustable length to make it fit for all. Even, it can be used as a normal tie by switching off the light.


50. Teething guard:


If you have a toddler in your house, you can present this teething guard to your wife, who can use it for safeguarding the baby from chewing rubbish things on the crib. It is easy to wash and it comes in two reversible colors.


51. Luxury sleep mask:


If you are concerned that your wife is not getting sound sleep every night, you can present her this sleep mask. It comes with an adjustable strap, contoured design and memory foam to make it a perfect fit for all.


52. Target alarm clock:


If you want your son to prepare himself for the forthcoming examinations by getting up early in the morning each day, you can stuff his stocking with this target alarm clock that does not have a snooze button. He can wake up fresh every morning with the satisfaction of hitting the target with the gun that comes along.


53. Hands-free book stand:


This can be the perfect gift for elderly people, who love reading books. But, due to their old age, they cannot hold the book in their hand for long. They can just sit comfortably on the sofa and can place this stand with book by their side to read books.


54. Toothpaste dispenser:


This can be the useful gift for anyone in your family. In the sleepy morning hours, they need not have to search for the toothpaste and need not have to squeeze it for dispensing. They will feel this toothpaste dispenser with brush stand easy to use.

55. Clap on and clap off lights:


This can be the useful stocking stuffer for elderly people. After reading books at night, they need not have to get out of the bed to switch off the lights. They can just clap their hands to switch off the light.


56. Set of colorful rubber bands with storage organizer: 


This can be the most useful gift for anyone in your family and in fact it can be useful for all members of your family. This box contains single and multi-colored bands. There are colors like gold, clear jelly, glitters, black, white and glow-in-dark bands. Can be used for multiple purposes and the storage organizer will keep the bands organized.


57. Adhesive Dory bandages:


If you are concerned that your kids get wounds frequently, there should be some quick solution, right? This is where this set of 20 attractive bandages with Dory designs from Johnson & Johnson can be the best stocking stuffer.


58. Chapstick lip balm:


As Christmas falls in the winter season, chap balms are essential supplies. This variety brand includes lip moisturizer sticks, strawberry, cherry and regular sticks and there are 12 numbers.


59. Dust mop slipper shoes:


This set of mop slippers can be slipped to the feet to easily dust mop on floors. The powerful absorbent will easily absorb dust and dirt and can be an excellent time saver for women at house.


60. Anti-aging gold face mask:


If your spouse is concerned that she is getting older, you can present this gold face mask as her stocking stuffer. It will bring a smooth and radiant complexion. It will slow down the breaking of collagen and will help with the regeneration of skin cells.


61. Tea bag holder:


If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for your wife, you can choose this set of tea bag holder for her. With this holder, she need not have to keep the bag in hot water until the content drips completely. She can just tie the bag to this holder and can enjoy the hot cup of tea.


62. Tea bag squeezer:

tea bag squeezer

This set of 4 squeezers will help with completely squeezing the tea bag without having to throw off the bag with a doubt whether it will produce an even thicker beverage.


63. Easy ice cube tray:


This ice tray comes as easy push out ice cube design and this tray is dishwasher safe. It comes in blue or lime green color. This 11-inch tray is from Chef Craft brand.


64. Pizza cutter with blade guard:


This can be yet another useful gift for your family. When you place an order for pizza, easy slicing will become possible with this pizza cutter with blade guard as the stocking stuffer.


65. Popcorn machine:


Do you wish to get a theatre-like movie watching experience at your home? You can present this popcorn machine to your spouse as a stocking stuffer. It pops faster as compared to a microwave and it can prepare nearly 18 cups of gourmet corn just within 2 and half minutes. Without any oil, your popcorn will be ready within a few minutes.


66. Personalized apron:


If your spouse has been frequently saying that her apron has become old and she should get a new one, you can fill her stocking with this personalized adult apron. You can choose from a number of colors and the font style and size to print the name of your wife can also be chosen.


67. Writing Pads:


Not just for kids, but writing pads can be useful for anyone in your family. Some might need it for writing down the list of items to be shopped, while some might need it for creating a to-do list. This set of narrow ruled 5×8 inch writing pad from AmazonBasics can be a useful stocking stuffer.


68. Shampoo pack:


This set has sulfate-free and no detergent set of shampoos. This can be the perfect stocking stuffer for any of your family member, who will be in frequent tours. It also comes with refill bars.


69. Adjustable jump rope:

jump rope

If your spouse is highly concerned that your little girl is short, jumping/skipping can be the excellent workout that will help her gain height. This is where this jump rope made out of solid rubber and adjustable rope from AmazonBasics will be a surprise stocking stuffer for her.


70. Nerf sports toy:


Basketball is a game that is the hot favorite for many children and they are attracted towards sending the ball right into the basket. This is a similar set of sporting game built in such a way and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


71. Piggy bank:


If you wish to encourage savings in your kid, you can stuff his stockings with this transparent piggy bank. It will also display the amount that you have just deposited along with the running total. Just a twist of the head of the pig will help with the withdrawal of coins.


72. Baseball cap holder:


If your son has a huge collection of baseball caps, this time, you might not be opting for such a cap, but you can opt for this cap holder. This holder will help him keep his caps organized and he can easily take the suitable cap as per his dress on any given day.


73. Air freshener:

air freshener

This pack of 6 assorted packages of juice vent sticks can be suitable for car and even for the bedroom. It eliminates bad odor and it is long lasting as well. The environment can turn out to be refreshing with this set as a stocking stuffer.


74. Hand warmer:

hand warmer

In general, Christmas falls during cold climate and this is why you can present this hand warmer as a stocking stuffer for any of your family member to keep themselves warmth.


75. Spice rack:


If you are thinking about a stocking stuffer for your wife, you can consider this spice rack. This rack has 16 beautifully arranged boxes of 16 spices that are freshness locked. This pack is also eligible for 5 years of free spice refills to enthrall your wife.


76. Rubber Duckies:


This set can be a fun toy for your toddler when he baths and it can also turn out to be a learning tool for him. The reason is that each of these 26 pieces has the letters A-Z written on them for fun learning.


77. Box of Candies:


Anybody, irrespective of the age will love candies. So, it can be the stocking stuffer for anyone. This huge 6-pound box has a variety of candies. This box contains more than 200 individually wrapped candies.


78. Sugar-free gum:

sugar free gum

If one of your family members have diabetes and you are looking for a stocking stuffer for that individual, you can opt for this sugar-free gum from Trident brand. This is an easy gum to freshen up breath and it will also protect against tooth decay.


79. Toy car for boys:


If you are planning for a stocking stuffer for your little boy, you can choose this truck transport carrier, which comes with 6 tiny cars, besides the 20” long truck. Even, there is space to carry 28 cars, such that your son can place his old tiny cars in this truck.


80. Multi-color erasers:


If you are looking for a useful stocking stuffer for your school-going children, you can opt for this colorful set of erasers. In addition to three beveled erasers, this set has 12 wedge cap erasers. It will leave clear and smudge-free surfaces after erasing.


81. Crayon set:


If your little kid shows great interest towards coloring and he has a huge collection of coloring books, you can present him this pack of 96 color crayons. The true hues and intense brightness will enthrall your child.


82. Coloring books:


If your son has great interest towards Mickey Mouse and Donald duck, you can fill his stockings with this great coloring book with 400 pages to color. Minnie mouse, goofy and their friends can also be colored in this fun book.


83. Stickers:


Kids generally love stickers and if you find that the quench for stickers is not yet over for your kids you can present them this set of 1000 Amscan all year around stickers. The child will find stickers under different categories to get entertained.


84. Yo-Yo:


Kids generally love spending time with yo-yos and this particular Duncan Imperial Yo Yo comes in assorted colors to choose from. It has steel axle for smooth spins, it can the great gift for individuals without experience in handling yo yos. It is made out of durable plastic.


85. Activity pad:


If you wish to keep your kids engaged during the holiday season, you can fill their stockings with this set of activity pads. There are 144 pads in total and each contains 12 pages of 5”x7”.


86. Hand and body lotion:

body moisturizer

During the winter season, the skin and hand get dry easily and some people might experience this problem more as compared to others. If you have such a family member, you can stuff her stockings with this set of hand and body lotion.


87. Makeup set:


If you are looking to choose a stocking stuffer for a lady in your house, you can choose this makeup kit with mascara, lip gloss, blush, eyeshadows and many such stuff to keep her beautiful.


88. Cookies and crackers:


Cookies are hot favorites for many of us and this pack of cookies and crackers come as a variety pack. There are flavors like lemon ohs, peanut butter, choco creams, vanilla creams, etc. There are 45 packs in this set of cookies and crackers.


89. Action figures:

action figures

If you are thinking about action figures for stocking stuffing, you can opt for this Pokemon action figures set. Pokemon is the hot favorite this year with the introduction of Pokemon Go and so you can present the favorite Pokemon character action figure set for your child.


90. Handmade dresses for bobby doll:

Handmade dresses for bobby doll

If your little girl loves her bobby doll and you cannot see her even a minute without the doll, you can fill her stockings this year with this set of 9 handmade dresses for Barbie doll. The assortment of colors and designs will surely enthrall your little girl.


91. Set of fashion dolls:

Set of fashion dolls

If the stocking is for your little girls, you can present her this set of fashion dolls to make her happy on this Christmas Eve. This is a set of 12 dolls with dresses and shoes and each one of them is 11.5” tall. The arms and legs can be bent.


92. Bedtime stories and rhymes:

Bedtime stories and rhymes

If the gift is for the little ones, you can opt for this book of bedtime stories and rhymes for stuffing the stockings. There are 365 bedtime stories and rhymes for all round the year fun.


93. Broad line markers:

Broad line markers

If your son or daughter is studying at the college level, broad line markers will be highly helpful. This set will be helpful for teachers as well. Students can mark the important points with this set of 10 markers and can go through before the examination.


94. Candy necklace:


You can fill the stockings with this attractive set of candy necklace. But, remember not to present this for kids less than three years. This can be the most enjoyable gift for kids and adults alike.


95. Single-use camera:


If one of your family members is planning a one-day trip shortly, you can fill their stockings with this set of single-use camera. It is easy to use and can be the excellent choice for taking photos indoors and outdoors.


96. Hair Ties/Ponytail Holder:


This set of 100 colorful hair ties can be an excellent gift for your girl or your wife. It comes with stretchy elastic and it is perfect to hold ponytails tight during play or when working. This can be a perfect item for women with thin and medium thick hair.


97. Building bricks:


If you are looking for a suitable stocking stuffer for your little boy and are particular that the gift should improve his creativity, you can opt for this set of 1000 bulk blocks in 10 different colors. It is compatible with all major building block sets.


98. Special effects sidewalk chalk:


If you are looking for items to stuff the stocking of your kids, you can choose sidewalk chalks. When it comes to sidewalk chalks with glittering effects, your kids will get double happiness and this is what this stocking stuffer is all about. The colors will shimmer in the sun to bring special effects to the drawings of your kids.


99. Foam balls:


As you know foam balls will be safe and will not cause any harm to the kids. This set has 3 balls of 4 inches each. Volleyball, soccer ball, and basketball are the contents of this set. It is soft and durable for your kids to play around.


100. Bubble blowing:


Kids are always excited when they see bubble revolving around them here and there. This saxophone bubble blowing set of 2 can be an excellent stocking stuffer for your kid to feel happy about.


101. Rechargeable batteries:


If you are looking for stocking stuffers for your dad, you can consider this set of 16 rechargeable batteries from AmazonBasics. This set has AA batteries with a high capacity of 2400 mAh. It comes pre-charged with solar energy.


102. Mini Lint roller:

mini lint

This can be the best stocking stuffer for anyone in your family, who wish to stay clear of tiny dusts, lint, and dirt. This set of 4 mini rollers come with 30 sheets per role. The small and portable size makes it easy to carry.


103. Mini Arthritis pain relieving physiotherapy machine:


If you are concerned that your grandfather is frequently complaining about arthritis pain, you can stuff his stockings with this mini handheld physiotherapy machine that can be used at home easily. It comes with 10 pairs of snap-adhesive electrode pads.


104. Weekly meal planner fridge magnet:

fridge magnet board

If you are looking for a useful stocking stuffer for your mon, you can choose this fridge magnet that has a weekly meal planner. She can erase and can easily write her plans for the week ahead. There is a section for notes and grocery lists.


105. Mini hand sanitizer:


This pack of 30 mini hand sanitizers can be an excellent gift for each one of your family members. Even, you can get this pack as a whole and can drop four to five bottles in each of their stockings.


106. Pocket Calendar:


Planning things in advance is something that is important for each one of us and so you can present this pocket calendar for the year 2017-2018 to anybody in your family as one of the best stocking stuffers.


107. Paper clips:


Paper clips are useful stationary items not just for school and college children, but also for working professionals. So, you can present this box of 60 paper clips in assorted animal shapes in different colors for anyone in your family.


108. Origami Sticky Notes:

Sticky Notes

Anybody will be highly attracted towards origami art. When they are provided with the opportunity to create such an art, they will feel highly happy. This is what this origami sticky note is all about. Easy to follow diagrams in this set of sticky notes will help in making 10 different origami model.


109. Facial tissues:


Many of us stuff facial tissues in our handbags. These are useful stocking stuffers for anybody in your family. This set has 8 packs of 10 tissues that will be useful for anyone.


110. Reusable toasta bags:


These reusable toasta bags will help in enjoying perfectly toasted treats inclusive of bagels, sandwiches, French fries, chicken nuggets, etc. This set will help with clean and hassle-free snack time anytime.


111. Costume jewelry:


This can be the excellent stocking stuffer for any girl/lady. This necklace comes with leaf shape gold plated pendant. This fashion women necklace comes included with a jewelry pouch. It is free from lead nickel.


112. Milk frother:


If you wish that your wife should prepare frothy coffee, cappuccino and other milk-based stuff for you, you can fill her stocking with this handheld milk frother from PowerLix. This is a battery-operated unit and ensures perfect frothy milk within minutes.


113. Dishwasher magnet:


This stocking stuffer can be useful for your wife or your mom. This magnet is made out of plastic and it will let others know whether the utensils within the washer are clean or they should be cleaned.


114. Multipurpose sealing clips:


When it comes to sealing clips, most of us feel that they are helpful in the kitchen. But, this set of multi-colored sealing clips can be used in other places as well. These clips are freezer and dishwasher safe and it is, of course, perfect for sealing snack/food bags to keep them fresh.


115. Eyeglass repair tool:


If anyone in your home uses eyeglasses, this repair tool kit can be highly useful as a stocking stuffer. This eyeglass screwdriver kit can be used for repairing watch and pocket clock as well. It comes with an easy-to-carry pouch.


116. Toothpick holder:


As you know, most adults carry toothpick with them whenever they visit a dinner or a party. If you have such a person in your home, you can present this toothpick holder with mini keyring. It can be hung in backpack, purse or even in a keychain for easy usage.


117. Booklight:


If your kid spends a lot of his time at nights studying, you can present him this book light. This LED reading light has a clip that makes it easy to attach to books and e-readers. It is designed to securely attach to e-readers.


118. Bamboo Kendama:


On the Christmas Eve, you can bring your kids back to their non-technology-oriented bases with this entertaining Japanese ball and cup toy. You can keep your kids engaged with this great stocking stuffer.


119. Chopsticks:


Chopsticks can be highly useful for your mom/wife in the kitchen and they are actually used as eating tools in some countries. You can choose this set of metal chopsticks as stocking stuffers for any of your family member.


120. Washi Masking Tape:


If any of your family members have great interest towards arts and crafts, you can present them this set of Washi masking tape. This set of 12 rolls comes in beautiful vibrant colors and attractive designs. Without the requirement of scissors, it can be torn and pasted for decoration purpose.


121. Dryer balls:


So, if you wish to get a gift to your wife that will help her in daily chores, you can get this set of dryer-balls that will make cloth drying easier for her, particularly during the winter season. This set of 2 dryer balls is made out of non-toxic materials and they can soften fabrics as well.


122. Designer fragrance:


This is yet another option available for filling the stockings of any lady. This is a pack of 12 designer fragrances. Also, these fragrances are brand new to the market, such that your lady will experience something new.


123. Hand Held Scalp Massager:


This can be the best stocking stuffer for anybody, who wish to have a relaxing massage on the scalp every night after a tedious day of work. This massager can increase the flow of blood, thereby helping in stress reduction and deep relaxation. It can be used not just in the scalp, but also knee joints, elbows, and ankles too.


124. Daily devotions:


If your spouse is highly devotional, this book with daily devotional tips can be an excellent stocking stuffer for her. She will find that each day’s devotion in this book is filled with practical advice and it will take her trust towards god to the next level.


125. Public toilet survival kit:


Due to her profession, if your wife is forced to use public toilets on a daily basis, you can fill her stockings with this survival kit. This kit will save her from infections when using a public toilet as the set comes with toiletry bag for germ protection, toilet seat covers, and flushable wipes. It can fit easily into her purse and it comes with durable zipper carrying case.


126. Garden tools:


If your father has just retired from work and has plans to spend his days of retirement with gardening, this gardening tool kit can be the excellent stocking stuffer for him. This set has 9 tools to make the gardening highly enjoyable and comfortable for your dad.


127. Magnetic wristband:


If one of your friends is a mechanic or an electrician or a plumber, he might need to handle a lot of tools at the same time. This is where this magnetic wristband will come handy for him. The strong magnet in this Velcro wristband will hold screws, bolts, nuts and even tools that will make the works easier for your friend.


128. Baking Cups:


If your spouse loves making cupcakes at home, this set of green with white dots cupcakes can be an excellent stocking stuffer for her. This is a pack of 25 cups and it can be used for serving ice cream and appetizers as well.


129. Spoke Beads:


If your son is highly interested towards his bicycle, you can provide him the opportunity to decorate the spokes in his bicycle with this stocking stuffer. This set called Sunlite reflective spoke beads is available in different colors. These beads contain bright reflective band and there are 16 beads in total in this set.


130. Nail grooming kit:


This set has 10 tools that will make nails beautiful and healthy. This can be the most useful stocking stuffer for anyone, who is interested towards manicure and pedicure. Some of the items present are cuticle trimmer, toenail trimmer, etc.


131. Paper straws:


If you are looking to add some useful stuff to the stocking of any of your family member, this set of 25 biodegradable paper straws can be a great filling. The length of each straw is 7.75” and it is made out of food safe ink.


132. Training toothbrush:


If you want the task of toothbrush training to your infant easier for your wife, you can fill her stockings with this banana-shaped training toothbrush. It can bend and will make the handling easier for the baby.


133. Bracelet making kit:


Girls generally love wearing matching bracelets for each of their costumes. So, you can provide this opportunity to your teen girl by stuffing her stocking with this bracelet making kit. She can make her own colorful bracelets with this kit.


134. Nail art pen:


If your teen girl is artistic and she tries different artistic works on her nails every day, you can present her this set of nail art pen. This set has nail art pens for UV Gel polish to make nail painting easier. This set has 12 different color pens.


135. Car decal stickers:


If one of your family members have a great attraction towards his/her car, this set of 100 bumper stickers for cars can be the best stocking stuffer. Not just for cars, these stickers can go with laptops, bicycle, skateboard and any other stuff. Sun protection and waterproof functions are added benefits.


136. Measuring cups and spoons:


If you are looking for a useful gift for your spouse or mom, you can opt for this set of premium quality, sturdy, light weight, rust proof cups and spoons with engraved measurements to make the cooking fun-filled.


137. Furniture repair markers:


If you are looking for a utility item that will help for the entire family, this set of 6 assorted furniture-repair-markers can be the ideal choice. The six are different shades suitable for furniture in different shades. It tries within seconds and with this set, one can repair and restore the color of any wood surface.


138. Guitar picks:


If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for your friend, who is a guitar player, you can choose this set of 16 quality celluloid picks with thin, medium, heavy and extra-heavy gauges. This set of 6 comes in a delicate circular box for easily carrying the picks.


139. Book Sox:


If one of your family members have the hobby of collecting hardcover books, you can fill their stockings with this set of the book sox stretchable book cover. This set has 6 stretchable book covers that can fit any hard covered book of 9×11 size. These covers can be washed and can be reused.


140. Retractable wall mounted whiteboard:


If your little kid has started drawing lines on the wall, you might have started worrying. But, you can bring the practice of drawing on a white board with this retractable wall mounted whiteboard. When not in use, it can be winded and can be kept inside. Fill his stocking with this retractable board.


141. Sticky notes:


Most of us look sticky notes as office supplies. But, they are friendly for students as well. Yes, when preparing for their examinations, if they will have to remember certain important points in a particular chapter, they can just write the important points and can paste it on the chapter page for quick reference. So, fill the stocking of your college girl with this set of 5 pads of sticky notes.


142. Waterproof notebooks:


If your friend is a poet and wishes to write his verses right by sitting in front of the rain, this set of 5 waterproof notebooks can be the excellent stocking stuffer for him. He can write even when good words strike his mind when he is in the pool or when bathing.


143. Hand massager with heat compression:


No matter whether they write or work in a computer, at the end of the day, one thing that is going to happen is that their hands get tired. So, this hand massager with heat compression technology can be the excellent stocking stuffer for anybody in your family. It will massage the pressure points around the palms and fingers.


144. Harry Potter playing cards:


If your son loves playing cards and also he is an ardent follower of the Harry Potter novels, you can fill his stocking with this set of Harry Potter playing cards. Each card in this set has different images and they have linen type finish.


145. Magnifying reading glass:


If you are planning for a stocking stuffer for a senior citizen in your home with great interest towards reading, you can present him with this rectangular handheld magnifier glass. It comes with a storage pouch and it is portable and lightweight as well. As there is LED light in the corner of the light, the user can switch on the light when he will have to read in a dim-lighted room.


146. Mini desktop bowling game:


Not just for kids in your home, you can fill the stockings of any of your family members with this desktop mini bowling game. This game from Fun Express brand is made out of a wooden board and white bowling pins and a metal bowling ball. So, rather than visiting a snooker station, they can relax themselves with this desktop game.


147. Adjustable yoga mat sling:


If your spouse and your young girl have recently joined a yoga class and they find it hard to carry their yoga mat to the class on a daily basis, you can fit their stocking with this adjustable yoga mat sling. It is made out of durable cotton and it is suitable for carrying yoga mat easily like a bag.


148. Syringe needle pens:


This can be a stocking stuffer to enthrall about for anyone, who uses a pen in your family. Particularly, school kids, who have just started using a pen in school, will be enthralled with this set of 60 multicolor syringe-like pens.

Button149. Locking cable ties:

Most of us do not like cables to go here and there in our rooms. If you find that there are such cables in the room of any of your family members, you can present them with this set of cable ties. These are self-locking cable ties with no slip grip from Darice brand.


150. Keyboard stickers:


If one of your family members spends most of his/her time in front of a desktop or laptop, this glowing fluorescent keyboard stickers can be the best stocking stuffer. Large and glowing letters will reduce the strain on eyes. Even, it can be used for renewing work-out keyboards.


151. Foot massage ball:

foot massager

After a long day of running around, most of us feel that a deep foot massage can bring a whole lot of relaxation to the entire body. This set of 3-foot massage balls will help with improving mobility, flexibility, and circulation for whole body relaxation.


152. Stretch out strap:


Do you know that stretching can be the excellent exercise for anyone? You can fill the stocking of any of your family member with this stretch out strap that comes with a poster that explains 20 different stretching exercises that can be done with this strap.


153. Tomato saver:


If your wife has the practice of saving shredded tomatoes in the refrigerator, she need not have to worry about the shelf-life, when you fill her stockings with this pro-line tomato saver. It can extend the shelf life of cut tomatoes and it is also a great tool for carrying sliced tomatoes outdoors. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe.


154. Motorcycle Googles:


After learning bicycle riding, if your son is spending most of his time outdoors riding on bicycle, you can stuff his stocking with this safety googles. It can provide UV protection to his eyes and it is also windproof. To ensure all round vision, it has a set of arched design lenses.


155. Zoo backpack:

toddler bag

If your little one has just started attending school, you can fill his stocking with this panda zoo pack. Not just panda, you can choose giraffe, frog, penguin or any other design. This bag will turn the task of starting to school fun-filled for your kid.


156. Portable back scratcher:


Back scratchers can be useful tools for anyone in your family and particularly elders. This set of 5 extendable massage tools comes with telescopic bear claws to provide relief from itchy spots. It can also be used for the scalp, head, foot and back massaging.


157. Economy stopwatch:


If you want your son or daughter to shine in sports, an economy stopwatch can be the most useful stockings stuffer. This is an ideal tool for those engaged in sports training. It also displays, month, date and day of the week.


158. Citrus peeler:


If you are looking for useful stocking stuffer idea for your mom or spouse, you can opt for this set of 2 citrus peelers, which will help with peeling the skin of the lemon, orange, and other citrus fruits easily without any mess.


159. Pumice stone:


Pumice stones can be useful gifts for anybody looking for smooth looking foot. This set of 4 pumice stones can be the best home pedicure gift. It is a premium quality product and it is also environmentally friendly and economical.


160. Knife Sharpener:


When it comes to useful stocking stuffer item for kitchen use, this knife sharpener from AccuSharp can be useful without any doubt. Safety hand grip prevents cuts when sharpening knife, which can be done quickly and easily.


161. Sidewalk chalk stencils:


If you know that your child is highly interested in artworks and he already has some great collection of sidewalk chalks, color pencils, and similar things, you can fill his stocking with this set of 24 creative plastic stencils. Images of animals, alphabets, flowers, people, letters and many such things will improve the creativity of your kid.


162. Glow-in-the-dark lizards:


Kids generally love items that glow in the dark. Particularly, they will be enthralled with this set of glow-in-the-dark-lizards as they can make fun out of this stocking stuffer. This lizard is made out of plastic and the size of each lizard is 2.5 inches.Button

163. Mermaid blanket:

mermaids blanket

Teens are generally attracted towards mysterious characters like mermaids. You can fill the stocking of your teen girl with this mermaid tail blanket. It is made out of super-soft material and it comes with an eco-bag.


164. Character socks:


If your teen boy has a great interest towards some characters like Spiderman, Ironman, Wolfman and Hulk, you can present him this set of socks with these characters printed on them. This set of 4 socks is machine washable.


165. Temporary tattoos:


If your teen girl or boy has great interest towards tattoos, but they do not want to opt for painful tattooing, you can present them this set of temporary tattoos. This set of 18 sheets is safe and non-toxic. It is easy to apply and also easy to remove, but it is completely waterproof and durable.


166. Wallet:


If your teen son now has many cards to his favor, you can stuff his stocking with this slim wallet. It is made out of genuine leather and it is a RFID blocking wallet to protect the identity of your son in the event of any scanning of wallet.


167. Tape measure:


If your spouse has plans to learn to tailor, you can fill her stockings with this tape measure that comes with inches and metric measurement. It can be the most useful sewing measuring device with push button.


168. Felt tip pens:


Felt tip pens as you know will help with smooth writing. This set of 12 felt tip pens from Paper Mate brand comes with a point guard to prevent the tip from fraying even after several uses. The quick drying feature will resist smearing and more importantly, it will not bleed through paper.


169. Toddler favorites:


If you wish to keep your toddler entertained and also you want that he should learn things, you can get this CD of toddler favorites for him. This CD contains the most popular nursery rhymes that your kid will learn even before he joins the school.


170. Harmonica:


Harmonicas are traditional stocking stuffers for those, who love music. This is the best-selling preschooler harmonica suitable for kids of three years and older. Even if your grown up kid is in classroom band, this can be the useful stocking stuffer for him.



A popular saying reads that ‘may be Christmas does not come from a store. May be Christmas means a little bit more’. Yes, if you want this Christmas to be even special this year as compared to the previous year for your family members, you can choose any of the above-mentioned gifts for them this year as stocking stuffers. Choose from these ideas and make this Christmas the most memorable and special for them. Merry Christmas!