20 Best Gift Choices For Book Lovers

Many of us have people in our circle who are ardent readers – the book lovers. These folks have an insatiable desire to read. The luxuries the modem world offers are nothing to them when compared to the passion for reading. What would be the best gift choices for book lovers? Let us take a look.


Best Gift Choices For Book Lovers

1. Favourite author’s book

Favourite author’s book - Gift Choices For Book Lovers

There is no other better gift for a book lover than their favourite author’s newly released book. If you do not have the idea about their favourite author, try to buy a book that is of his / her taste. You may even think about the books that will be of use to them. For example gift a book on the difficult subject for a student.

2. Pendant with books on it

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Buy or order online a pendant with books imprinted on it. Then gift wrap it for your friend and stick a greetings card on it. You can gift this to anyone at any occasion, be it birthday or anniversary. You can either buy one with the chain or just the pendant.

3. Book marks

Book marks - Gift Choices For Book Lovers

It is not always necessary that you will be able to complete reading one book at a stretch. So buy a set of bookmarks for the book lover and gift them. There are so many models in the market and you have to select one considering the person’s age and gender. A cartoon book mark set will be ideal for kids.

It may either contain their superhero or other cartoon animals. For adults you can buy simple but elegant looking book marks . This is going to make an impression that you do care about the person’s interests and needs.

4. Custom T-shirt with book

Custom T-shirt with book

You can order a t-shirt that has the person’s favourite book cover printed in front. This can be any fictional novel, biographies, or education books. For example you can gift a t-shirt with Jungle book cover printed for both boys and girls. You can even get the book cover or their favourite author’s photo printed on the t-shirt.

5. Library kit

Library kit

Nothing delights a bibliophile than taking care of their books properly. It will be the worse feeling for them to lose their books and library kit  helps them to keep track of the books they have taken and when to return them. Along with that the kit enables them to keep track of their books, to whom they have rented it and to whom they have to return a book.

The kit usually contains small checkout cards, stamps with date and inkpad, and pencil to write. So gift this kit to the book lover you know and free them from the thought of losing a book.

6. Kindle


This is the perfect gift for the people who travel a lot but love to read books. The Kindle gives them the freedom they want from carrying the books around when they travel. The Kindle which looks like a tablet has the user friendly screen to read the books online. This supports Wi-Fi also, however does not do other functions of a tablet.

You will get different colours and models. Buy one which is good enough and affordable for you. Even tablets give option to read books online but the advantage of using Kindle to read books is that it does not tire your eyes (feels almost like you are reading a paper) and does not have the glare like in tablets.

7. Book shelf

Book shelf

Those who love to read books also takes good care of their books. So, another great idea as a gift for the book lover is a book shelf. There is no scarcity for the models and sizes for this in the market.

You can even custom make these in the shops. But if you do not have enough time for that you can always order a book shelf online. Just keep in mind about the number of books he / she has and your budget. The best material for a book shelf is wood since it gives a typical library look, so I would suggest you to buy a wooden book shelf.

8. Bookends


These are another simple but thoughtful gift for people who loves to read and buy books for them. They will be having a collection of books at home and also may be having a small space (book shelf) for arranging them as it is in library. Bookends are mainly used to prevent the books from falling down and these are kept at both ends of the row. This can also be used to categorize between the books and the perfect material will be iron or metal so that it can hold heavy books.

9. Digital book mark

Digital book mark

Even though it is named as digital book mark , this is not just a book mark. This enables you to track and monitor the time you spend for reading. Using this you can make sure that you are covering the time for reading in your time table. If you select the countdown timer, you will be notified when the time allocated for reading is over and also can make sure that you spend needed time. This is really helpful for students and some models come with a small lamp so that they can read even at night.

10. Book stand

Book stand

Like laptop stand, you will get book stands in the market. These book stands  do not take up much space and comes handy even if you are lying down in the bed. Book stand can be adjusted in different angles to achieve the needed reading support (giving comforting reading angle).

Some come with height adjustments too along with the angle adjustments. This gift will be a gift they will be grateful to you for life time. You may either buy a wooden book stand or a metal books stand.

11. Magnifying glass

Magnifying glass

This is the best gift for your grandparents or aged people who has difficulty in reading small letters. You can buy normal magnifying glasses or the ones with LED lights to aid the reader will more light. Magnifying glass is not only for aged people but also for those who have impaired vision. The magnifying glasses are made of convex lens so that the image of the object can be magnified. Buy one magnifying glass, gift wrap it and present to the book lover in your life.

12. Reading log

Reading log

The reading log will help you to keep the track of the books you already read and can select another book next time. The reading log has pages to record the details of each book you read. A book lover would have read 100 books and it is possible that they may not be able to remember some names easily; this is the gift for them.

The pages contain the title of the book, type of the book (Classic, biographic, romance etc.) and you can even mark if the particular book is your favourite. Some reading logs even have the options to record the author’s name, publishing date and even can keep track of loaned books.

13. Artistic gift

Artistic gift

It is not necessary that you have to always gift something that can be used while reading or keeping the books. You can even gift something that represents a book and can be a showpiece for their living room. When I searched online for something like that I stumbled upon a folded book art gift online which looked pretty and can be placed in the show case.

This is actually a custom made gift which was created by folding the pages of a book to give a special message to your friend. You can gift this at any occasion but will be special for the book lover you know. Another option is to gift a figurine depicting something related to books.

14. Membership in a library

Whoever loves to read will be having a membership in the nearby library. You would be thinking then why did I list this in the gift list. This gift is especially for those who have started to read now and is interested to read more. So go to the nearest library and get a membership for the new book lover. It will the best gift if you can get a membership in a library which provides access to books from all around the world. This you can do online but for the local libraries you will have to go in person.

15. Book Shield

Book Shield

This is something that can be used to keep the book clean which is made of transparent plastic. This can also be used as book weight so that you can read your book even in a windy day. The book shield or the book weight is very useful for the students and can be carried in the backpack since it is light weight. There is another use for this – you can munch while reading without the fear to get the book dirty. You may use this in the kitchen with the recipe book so that nothing will spill on the pages.

16. Mug warmer

Mug warmer

While reading a book most of us will be sipping a cup of coffee along with some snacks. This is something that is useful for them since it takes long time to complete the books. You can keep your coffee mug warm using this mug warmer. This acts like a portable little heater to keep the coffee mug warm; however you cannot heat the coffee using this. Your friend will love this since they can sip the warm coffee till the end of the cup (no matter how long they sit there reading).

17. Book strap

Book strap

The book wrap or the strap that is used to hold books and notebooks is another gift that can be given to somebody who loves reading. This will help them carry their books around without the books falling down. You will get different types of straps and there are book wraps which are made of rubber and even leather. You can do the research and decide on the model which you can present to your loved one. These can be even used to hold the tablets and notebooks safe. Just make sure that the strap has enough width and is made of strong material so that it will not go bad.

18. Highlighter


We have the habit of highlighting important lines in the book so that we can refer it later. We usually use the pencil or pen to highlight. But there are highlighters which are designed for only this purpose. You can highlight the text using this and you do not have to underline the portion. This can be used on any type of papers and won’t fade away easily. This is an ideal gift for students and also people who read books on technology or other educational books. You can buy the highlighters online or from a nearby stationary store.

19. Reading light

Reading light

The reading light acts the same way as the table lamp. This can be used even on bed so that there will not be any disturbance to your partner. This will fit into your bag and is very lightweight to carry around. You will get cordless reading light also so that it will become completely portable. Some models can be rotated according to the usage and can use it indoor or outdoor (if you are having the battery operated one). This is the best gift for a bedtime reader.

20. Kitchenware in the shape of books

Kitchenware in the shape of books

Well, this is something interesting that I found when I was trying to make this list. A set of kitchenware in the shape of an open book is an ideal gift for the book lover. You can buy a set of this kitchenware (plates. Bowls and tray) and gift it to your loved one. They will for sure appreciate your effort to decide on a perfect gift for them.

This sums my list of gifts for the book lovers around you. I am sure this is going to either help you decide on the perfect gift for them or bring in more ideas about it.

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