20 best gift ideas for your dad on his birthday

Gifting your dad while growing up was relatively easier. All you needed to do was bring him a mug or make him a card and he would be a lot happier with it. However, with passing years, dads become the hardest person to shop for and it really takes some effort to get along with a wonderful gift idea for his upcoming birthday.

Yes, we all love our dads but adding a little material along with love this year will only take you a step closer. Take a look at these unique gift ideas that your dad is guaranteed to love on his special day.

Surprise party with school friends

Surprise party with school friends:

You father must have talked about his school days and the amazing fun he had had with his friends back then. And to think of, there can be no material gift as special as meeting his old school best friends on his birthday. You need to make some special efforts in order to make this task successful. Contact his old friends and intimate them about the surprise birthday party that you are planning to organize. This one of a kind birthday gift is sure to bring a wide grin on your dad’s face.

Store the memory_family

Store the memories:

The 21st century modern technologies have provided us with an array of options to store memories in the form of video films and photographs. So why not make use of these modern amenities to craft a beautiful present for your father? Scan through your family albums, pick out some nice pictures and then prepare a wonderful collage from those selected photographers. In order to make this gift more unique, get some childhood pictures of your father, either from his close friends or from your grandparents. Browse through some of the nicest frames, fix these pictures and let out your creative imaginations.


Gadgets, movie CDs, books:

If your father is inclined towards electronic conveniences, then why not gift him with his favorite latest gadget this year? Since these kinds of gifts can be a bit high on budget, you need to do all the savings well in advance. Gifting movie CDs is also a great idea. There are few movies including Parenthood, Father of the Bride, Father’s Day etc. that dads will love to watch. Other than movies, if your dad has a taste in reading, books can make great gifts. Get the latest bestseller for him or a collection of books from his favorite author that will keep him immersed in a virtual world throughout the day.

Experience gifts

Get him an experience gift:

If you have the means to buy an expensive gift for your dad, go for an experience gift. This involves purchasing of an experience that isn’t ordinary activity. Think of skydiving from a plane, racing car on a racetrack, taking one of the fighter pilot flights, going for balloon rides or doing a bungee jumping. Other hands on experience gifts include ice climbing, outdoor/ wilderness first aid classes, cooking classes etc. Since you know your dad best, you should know what kind of experience will be awesome and breathtaking for him. While it may be costly, it will be a lifetime experience gift that he will never forget.


A gift that keeps on arriving:

If you want surprises to keep on arriving at your dad’s door, month clubs can rescue you with monthly shipments of all kinds of goodies like books, wine, cookies, chocolate, gourmet delicacies, barbecue sauces and other delights. Since it isn’t something that he likely to get for himself, this is the best way to indulge him. Another great monthly gift can be an arrangement for him to dine in in his favorite restaurant with a plus one.

Personalized business cards

Personalized business cards:

Get your dad some really high quality personalized business cards and it sure would match up to any other great gift that you must have thought of. Your dad doesn’t need to be an executive for having one of those business cards. Even if he is retired, there can be something about how he spends his days lately. The business cards serve variety of purposes and are especially helpful when you meet new people. Also you can go for personalized business card holders that will look just lovely on his work desk.

Personalized Glass Tankard

Personalized Glass Tankard:

Surprise your dad with the most wonderful gift to celebrate the occasion at hand with his very own personalized tankard. Put in some text to emphasize his special day and raise a toast to him. Your dad will definitely love this gift since it just about perfect to use on all major occasions and at the same time, it reflects your love for him.

The works spa treatment

The works spa treatment:

It’s almost a rare thing that dads take a day off for themselves to relax and be pampered, even on their birthdays. Save their day by treating them to the amazing works at a spa. Let him enjoy the day with a refreshing massage, pedicure, manicure and facial. Also you could enhance the experience by including some more follow up massage visits every month. Do not worry whether he is too masculine for a day at spa, he sure will be grateful to you from his heart.

Best sports gift


In all likelihood, sports is probably the simplest thing that you can choose for your dad. All dads have their preferred teams and favorite players whom they love watching. Purchase him a jersey of his favorite team with the number and name of his favorite player. Also you can try getting front row tickets for his favorite sport and it sure will make him feel happy and elated on his birthday.

Father,son and grandfather fishing

Spend quality time with him:

One of the greatest gifts of all and something that each of us has the power to bestow is time. Spend time with your dad on his special day doing things you know he will appreciate, like going fishing, sailing or cycling, going for a walk, hike or climb together, visiting a museum or art gallery or watching a movie. Choose whatever his area of interest is and make sure that both of you have a lot of time to talk and chill together.

Donate a charity in your dad’s name

Donate a charity in your dad’s name:

When your father has everything, what can be a better way of honoring him than by helping people in need. There can be many ways of donating, but donate for a cause, like to an orphanage for kids who have lost their parents or an campaign that is into improving the lives of families and babies everywhere. Such a gift will bring in a sense of satisfaction in your as well as your dad.

Cleaning gutter

Do something for him that he has long been asking you to do:

Sweep the yard, clean out the gutter or pool, put away your junk or bring him some information that he has been looking for. Whatever it may be that you have been pulling off for so long, surprise him on his birthday.


Think of a corny gift:

More than once in a while, gifts that are bit saccharin sweet but funny can go well, especially in addition with a decent gift. You can think of mugs, badges, t-shirts, or any other trinkets that sport great messages about dads. Your dad is sure to love it and both of you will definitely have a laugh together with the fun gift.

A professional photo session

A professional photo session:

It does not have to be staged or stuffy and you don’t need to wear matching sweaters, just be yourself and let the photographer show what a super cool family you are. A photo session with your entire family really captures everyone’s spirit, which is best thing about it. And when your dad gets his hand on the final product, he wouldn’t mind having waited for all that time.

DIY Office Terrarium

DIY Office Terrarium:

If your dad is more of an outdoor person, but is always chained to his work desk, get him a little bit of nature bottled up. A terrarium can be made out of basically anything. Find an open or closed glass container, put some rocks at the bottom, an activated charcoal layer to keep things fresh, a potting soil layer and finally plant some plants and moss in there. This fine piece of earth on your father’s desk will relieve his day’s stresses and lighten his mood.

A bucket of booze

A bucket of booze:

Do not mistake this as a lazy, thoughtless gift. A nice day off with your dad’s favorite beverages, chilled and ready to be enjoyed is almost quite a spiritual experience. Make sure that you have taken care of his usual chores for the day. In fact, draw out a few lawn chairs and let your dad relax and enjoy with some of his childhood friends. Take special note of your dad’s favorite beers and you can start collecting for the big day ahead to give him the priceless gift of relaxation. Who knows, he might even want to enjoy one of those with you.


Personalized noble painting:

Get your father immortalized in the form of a wonderful personalized portrait painting. This sort of work can be contracted from various places, be it any local artist or a friend at school who was always great at painting portraits. Your dad’s fireplace will look a hell hot classier when this handsome painting would be hung above it.

Memory Jar- Weeks of memories

Memory Jar- Weeks of memories:

Although this one requires a lot of preplanning, it surely will let the smile linger on your dad’s face for longer. Get a jar and keep the thing handy with you. All throughout the year, whenever you have a good laugh, a fun outing or any special memory, capture some clicks and stick it on your jar. Present this jar to him on his birthday so than he can start pulling out slips and remembering all the good times.

Get a ride

Take a drive with him:

Turn this adventure into a toned version of a kind of scavenger hunt. Drive around your dad to places that you share special memories at. Let him guess your next spot and indulge in the easy conversation that surface with fond memories. Such a thought and one on one time with your dad will surely make this experience a treasure gift.

Write letter to dad

A letter of appreciation and thanks:

This surely isn’t something that will cost your wallet, in fact it is priceless and all dads will love it. Jot down precise things that have happened in your life in recent years in which you have felt supported and your father has made you feel special. Tell him that you are proud and incredibly happy to have him as your dad. Such a gift is sure to make his day.