20 best gift options for your best friend on her birthday

Finding the perfect gift can never be easy, especially when it is for someone you really care about like your best friend. We talk to our best friends almost every day, but when it comes to gifting them, the sheer volume of amazing options available on the internet and offline stores make us over analyse, and ultimately we are inevitably forced by the course of normal course of things to buy a gift card or a beautiful coffee mug.

So, instead of being just that friend this year, give your gift giving approach a strategy. Pull out some time before her birthday to consider for a thoughtful gift which she will always remember.

Best friends

Plan for an outing together:

Block her afternoon or evening calendar and take her out on an adventure. People often tend to prefer unique experiences than objects as far as gifts are concerned. Also it’s likely to be a lot more memorable, since you will be venturing together. You can even consider making a trip together like going for a hike or walk or an amusement part. Use this opportunity to let her explore a place that she never has been to before.


Cook her a meal:

Treat your friend by preparing one her favorite culinary dishes at home. A home cooked meal requires much time and care, and it shows your love and appreciation for your best friend. Also it allows a lot of spare time for gossiping and creating a great memory together. Baked gifts are also great thoughtful gifts. Bake one of her favorite sweet treats and wrap them creatively in a colorful baking tin or mason jar to show how well you know her tastes.


BFF scrapbook:

Contrary to popular beliefs, scrapbooking is not just for all the middle aged cat ladies. Anyone can take it up and create one hell of a creative scrapbook that will stay with your best friend for years to come. Head to the nearest craft store, pick up some scrapbook materials and you are good to go. You absolutely cannot go wrong with the pictures of both of you throughout the years. There definitely will be a lot of embarrassing ones to pick from.

In order to make things even more exciting, you can include funny texts screenshots that you have sent each other, concert or movie ticket stubs or anything that makes your friendship unique.

BFF scrapebook

Spa in a bottle:

With our lives becoming so busy, it’s really hard to find time for oneself and so must be the case with your best friend. You can put together the perfect “me gift” for her and it’s just so easy. Get a big jar and put in healthy beauty minis like facial scrubs, bubble bath, nail polishes and body lotions. You friend will love you even more for giving her an excuse and the means to pamper herself.


Decorative pillow:

Get your best friend a cute pillow and she will silently thank you every night before drifting off to sleep. You will need some fabric, craft markets and stencils before following any simple sewing tutorial online or from your mom. How creatively you can design the pillow is completely upon you. You can put in her name, some jokes or a cheesy song lyrics that she loves.



Give her the gift of music:

Research on titles and artists based on your best friend’s music taste and make her a mix tape. Consider making series of playlists which are based on different emotions and moods. If you love to play music, you can also record some videos of yourself playing to any of her favorite songs or singing one of them.

This priceless gift may require a lot of thoughtfulness and time, but it totally worth the smile that you can see on her face when you upload the playlist on youtube or burn it on a flash drive and gift it to her.

gift of music 1

Shop for personal gifts:

Put yourself in the shoes of your best friend and choose something that matches her lifestyle, something that she would actually buy for herself, rather than gifting a fancy gift that you find interesting. If she is a fitness freak, new workout clothes or a collection of some fresh juices would work wonders. If she loves watching movies, get her a night movie gift box with a collection of her favorite movies. Spending time to get something specific of her tastes rather than any generic gift shows how much she means to you.

personalised gift

All about you basket:

This is perhaps the best thing that you can and will love to do for your best friend. They are fun, cool and filled with love. You don’t need to be a lot extravagant while doing this. Just think of all her favorite things and hobbies. May be you can put together things like her favorite magazine, a cream or moisturizer she loves, a lipstick brand she can’t live without, some office stationary, her favorite music CD, a few bars of the candy she loves or whatever it is that she craves for.


Subscription to her favorite magazine:

Getting your best friend a subscription to her favorite magazine will ensure that she continues to receive your gift on every month for the next twelve to come. You know your best friend and her likes best. Go for a genre that she loves. You have numerous varieties to pick from such as vanity fair and cosmopolitan types, health and fitness, home design, architecture or crafts and DIYs.


An E reader:

If your best friend is someone who hardly keeps her nose out of books, but lately isn’t able to do so because of tine constraints and busy schedules, she is definitely going to love this e reader. All these platforms have a lot of books to choose from and their number just keeps on increasing. Your best friend will have her own collection of books handy all the time without worrying about space issues.


Online download card:

These make for one of the coolest birthday gifts. She can use them to download music or movie of her choice. Or browse through some of her favorite latest tunes that she has been waiting and wanting to listen for long. The cards give access to movies, books and streaming music and are available for both Android and Apple users.

download card

A 3D printing pen:

We can never get over how cool and fun it is to watch a 3D pen working its magic, think how amazing and wonderful it would be to own one of those. If you friend has a creative hand, she would never be able to put it away. She can make 3D drawings and mini sculptures whenever she wishes to.


Journals and pens:

For the creatively wandering people, journals make fitting gifts. Beautiful handmade journals with leather and jute bounding are available these days. We all loved maintaining dairies at some point in our lives. May be this gift will take her back to old times. She can also use it to jot down important dates and other events.

Journals and pens

A signed autograph:

You know better than anyone who you are best friend’s actor, singer or athlete is. How about you gift her a canvas or signed poster? This might quite difficult and a lot pricier to get your hands on, but your best friend is definitely worth it. It will be something that you best friend will cherish forever. You can also browse online for signed autobiographies of anyone she absolutely loves.

The king signed book autographed

Tea kit:

A nice hot cup of tea is one of the best ways of unwinding and distressing. If your best friend loves experimenting with different tea flavors, she would love this token of love from you. Tea kits come in different flavored bags and assortments and you can even pick from European or Oriental flavors. Also it’s a thoughtful gift for the long run as different types of tea come with different health benefits.

Tea Blending Kit

Concert tickets:

Concert tickets always are the best gift ideas on her birthday for best friend, since you will be giving your best friend an amazing night out as well as have a rowdy time together. Plus you need to study up a bit on your lyrics, since she seemingly knows by heart every word of the song that her favorite band has ever compiled.

Concert Performance Tickets best friend birthday gift

Disney Princess Beauty Products:

For all the makeup lovers out there, beauty products are a must have. These limited edition collectibles inspired by Disney princesses like Cinderella, Belle, Elsa and Ariel come in many varieties. From perfumes to lipsticks and eye shadow palettes, you will find everything to make your best friend feel like a princess on her special day.

Disney Princess Beauty Products

Funky stole:

Stoles are usually economical and at the same time a lot more useful. A simple stole can add edge and change the entire outlook of any outfit. By gifting a beautiful stole to your best friend, you will be doing her a great fashion favor. She will always continue to cherish this wonderful gift of yours.


Throw a party:

It may not have to be a grand one. Just a grown up affair with cocktails and a few of her favorite boozes, or you can even host a simple and special one complete with ice cream, cake, and your dearest friends. Sit back and enjoy some delicacies, drinks, chat throughout the entire night and be nostalgic.

throw a part

Send a personal letter:

Your best friend might be expecting your birthday wish through call or online chat, but she surely would never have imagined a letter getting delivered by post in this digital age. Not only would this be an unexpected gift, but will also bring down tears of joy and love through her eyes. Not only is this idea useful and effective if you are staying in different cities, but even otherwise also it has the same effect.

personal letter