20 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

It is special to get an invitation for a bridal shower as the bride-to-be considers you to be her special friend as against a normal one. As you might be aware bridal shower is a gift-giving party that the bride-to-be conducts in anticipation of her wedding. She invites only her special friends to this party.

If you have received an invitation for her bridal shower from one of your friends, you should be highly careful about the selection of the best gift for the occasion. It is true that the occasion itself has a great connection with gifts and so you should be highly thoughtful about the selection of the best gift. Here are 20 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas to help you out in the decision-making process.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

1. Jewelry box:


Jewelry box


If your friend has a great attraction towards keeping things organized, this jewelry box from Kendal can be the most useful gift to have all her jewels handy at a single place. This jewel box has four layers, where the left side of the first layer has a single compartment and the right side has 12 equal small compartments, where she can keep all her earrings and finger rings organized.

The second layer has two large and two small compartments. Larger ones can be used for placing watches and chains, while smaller ones can be used for placing ankles. The third layer has four equal compartments for bangles and the fifth layer has a single huge compartment for necklaces. In addition, there are two removable earring holders that can hold up to 30 pairs of earrings.

There is a large mirror on the top lid. This can be the excellent and most useful gift for holding all her jewels at a single place.


2. LED Light-up selfie cell phone case:

LED Light-up selfie cell phone

If you know that your friend has recently bought iPhone 6S, in this moment of fast approaching of her special day, she will be focusing more on selfies. So, this is the right time to gift this light-up selfie case for iPhone 6S. This case will bring a flashlight to make sure that she will look awesome in all her selfies. This case is available in different colors.


3. Beach bag:

Beach bag

She might have informed you about her plans about visiting a beach spot for the honeymoon immediately the day after her wedding. So, the best gift you can consider in this case as you are looking for the best bridal shower gift ideas is a beach bag.

This bag from Lux accessories is made out of premium quality canvas exterior. It comes with a fully insulated lined interior and it is water resistant as well. The upper zipper closure and also the inner zipped compartments, make it the best choice for carrying valuables. It is machine washable and easy to clean as well.


4. Instant ice cream maker:

Instant ice cream maker

If you want your friend to attract her in-laws with the best foodies, you can choose this gift for her. Ice cream is something that can melt the heart of anybody regardless of his/her age. So, you can present her with this easy-to-use ice cream maker from Zoku. Not just fresh ice cream, your friend can make granitas, gelato and frozen yogurt with this maker.

Also, with this tool, she can make fresh ice creams almost instantly within 10 minutes. You can choose one of the six colors of this BPA and phthalate free ice cream maker.


5. Luggage Trolley:

Luggage Trolley

As your bride-to-be is planning for a honeymoon immediately after her wedding, you can consider presenting her a trolley case. This 5 cities cabin approved multi-use luggage trolley can be the best fit if she is planning for flight trips during her honeymoon.

However, remember that this can be the best choice if she has planned for a short trip and the trolley is retractable such that she can either carry the bag or can use the wheel functionality for easy movement. Also, the bag comes with the front facing pocket for easy storage of documents like a passport.

6. Portable slow cooker:

Portable slow cooker

In the initial days of marriage life, she will hardly get time to visit the kitchen to prepare the dishes as she would be spending most of her time with her spouse. So, a slow cooker can be the best gift for the occasion. When it comes with a recipe book, it would be a great gift, right? She can pamper her husband with the best dishes besides satisfying him by spending some valuable time with him.

As this is a portable cooker and eco-friendly as it can work without any plugs and fuss, this can be a perfect item for her honeymoon too. It can also fit her home and she can enjoy a stress-free holiday with this companion as it does not require any power source.


7. His & Her robes:

His & Her robes

When you visit the bridal shower ceremony of your friend and present a gift that will be suitable for both herself and her partner, she will feel happy right? That too in the early stages of the wedding, even though they might already have a collection of robes, this pure Egyptian cotton terry robe for him and her can be the excellent gift without any doubt.

Comes with the highest quality and durability assurance with the words, Mr. and Mrs. Monogramed and easy-to-care feature.


8. Stand mixer:

Stand mixer

This can be the perfect gift if your friend and her partner will be cooking together in the future. This particular product from Kitchen Aid comes in different colors, such that you can choose the one that fits the taste of your friend. It comes with 15 optional attachments to make the cooking even more fun-filled for the partners to enjoy.

They can get clear access to the bowl with the tilt-head design of the stand mixer. This can be the powerful mixer for any recipe or task for sure.

9. A pair of Champagne glass:

pair of Champagne glass

At the early stages of marriage life, most partners wish to have champagne together and so this pair of glass can be the excellent gift to enthrall your friend. It feels good in the hand and premium crystal clear view is something attractive. Comfortable size and weight will make the handling more enjoyable. This product from Bella Vino also comes with 100% money back guarantee.

Button10. Side-by-side photo frame:

Side-by-side photo frame

Photo frames are always welcome presentations. Particularly, for a girl, who is preparing herself for the wedding, it is something more attractive. This particular side-by-side photo frame from Laurence Frames comes with a bead border design to give an even more attractive look. The traditional pewter design will compliment any interiors and this piece is constructed out of heavyweight metal.

Your friend can place her wedding invitation on one side and a memorable photo of her wedding on the other side after the wedding to make it the best gift from her friend.

11. Set of linen napkins:

Set of linen napkins

This can be yet another useful gift for your friend. The newly wed will have a lot of parties ahead and so this will be useful. This set is an eco-product made out of 100% linen fabric. It is hand tailored and it is easy to care as well. This pack comes with a set of 6 napkins with machine washing capability. So, you can feel confident about opting for this useful gift for your friend.


12. Appetizer Plates:

Appetizer Plates

The newly-weds not just visit parties, but they will also have to be hosts.  Yes, some guests, who cannot visit the wedding, would have plans to visit the couples at their new home. In these instances, they will have to serve some dishes to the guests. This is where the appetizer plates will come handy. This set comes with 4” white ceramic plates and this can be the perfect size for serving bread, desserts, and appetizers.

13. Garden in a can:

Garden in a can

You can present your friend, who is interested in gardening with these four cans of organic plants. If she has a great interest towards gardening, but are planning to move to an apartment without any outdoor space, you can present her this set of cans.

It does not contain any messy drainage and easy and fun to grow. It has nutritional soil, organic fertilizer and biochar for moisture control. It is the most suitable gift for windowsill gardening and for those living in small space.


14. Kettle with silicon coaster:

Kettle with silicon coaster

The kettle will help with keeping water, tea, coffee or any other beverage hot for a longer time.  This particular kettle from Planetico comes with silicon coaster. It is suitable for coffee, tea and comes with an ergonomically designed drip pot with narrow sprout and gooseneck. It is a made out of brushed stainless steel to prevent rust and for ensuring faster water boiling. It is safe and comfortable to use that comes with a traditional and fashionable design.


15. Floating speaker:

Floating speaker

If your friend has a great towards music, you can very well opt for this gift to her. This will be a great gift for the newly wed as they can enjoy the melodious music playing in the background when they are together. This unit from ICE brand comes with floating speaker orb spinning above a magnetic base.

To make sure that the users can enjoy sound with 3D effect, the unit comes with a special sound guide. Bluetooth floating speaker floats in the air with 10mm ground clearance. It comes with built-in NFC function and so users can easily connect any smartphone or tablet with NFC functionality.

16. Non-stick cookware:

Non-stick cookware

Without any doubt, your friend preparing herself for the wedding will be in need for cookware. This cookware set under the brand Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Porcelain Enamel Nonstick Cookware set comes with 12 pieces and it comes in agave blue and you can also choose from other four colors like brown, orange, cranberry and lavender. It is oven-safe at 400oF and it will enhance mealtime hospitality and warmth due to its attractive color and design. It is crafted with durable aluminum.


17. Here comes the bride set:

bride set

As she is preparing herself for the wedding, she will be looking for a lot of ways to pamper herself to look at her best at her wedding. This is where Philosophy’s here comes the bride set will come handy. This set has the best skin care products and fragrances. It will ensure that your friend will get a radiant-looking and beautiful skin and she will surely feel amazing and beautifully feminine on her wedding with this great gift from one of her close friends.

18. Consider a cookbook:


If your friend has no experience in cooking, but now she is preparing herself to be a great cook, this cookbook for newlywed will come handy for her. Not just for the days immediately after the wedding, where both of them will be cooking together, but even before the great day, during her free time, she can learn some dishes to enthrall her husband immediately after the wedding.

19.Travel book:

Travel book

If your friend and her partner are yet to decide on the places to explore or countries to visit for the honeymoon, this travel guide from one of the world’s leading travel guide publisher called Lonely Planet can really come handy. This book introduces 500 best places to see from around the world and this can be the excellent choice if your friend has a great interest towards traveling and exploring different countries of the world.


20. Coffee grinder:

Coffee grinder

Each one of us loves to have a fresh cup of coffee every morning. When the coffee is prepared out of the freshly grounded powder from the seeds, the taste will be even more enjoyable. This particular grinder from Paksh Novelty comes with excellent features. The burr grinding technique used by this grinder will ensure uniform grinding and optimum flavor.

It comes with a coffee scoop and a cleaning brush for easy handling. This coffee bean grinder provides 18-position grind selector. Once the grinding cycle is completed, it will automatically shut off.



Gifts for any occasion can be special and it is easier to plan for the best bride shower gift. All you have to remember in the process of selection of the gift is that your friend should find it useful and even if she does not use immediately, the gift should be useful for her during the period immediately after her wedding.

In short, you should consider the present and future plans of your bride-to-be when deciding on any suitable gift