20 Elegant Gifts For Artists

We all know people who are creative and are capable of producing master pieces. We call them artists and they need tools or accessories to bring out their best. If you are searching for unique gifts for artists you have to do some research.

Here, I am trying to make it easy for you by listing out some gift ideas for painter.


Best Gifts For Artists

1. Artist Survival Kit

Artist Survival Kit

The first gift in the gifts for a painter is a survival kit for him. If you did not understand what is meant by a survival kit, let me explain it to you. It means the tools or accessories needed to make corrections if there are any errors in the painting. This kit also contains cleaning tools for the artist to use after the work. This kit includes hand soap, stain remover, an eraser, a sharpener and a brush cleaner packed in a brush basin. Now, the artist does not have to worry if he spilled little paint or his pencil needs sharpening.

2. Pencil Case


For an artist pencil is the important tool and most of the artists use pencils to draw pictures. It is necessary that he or she keep the pencils safe, neat and organized. A pencil case features in the list of great gifts for artists because of this reason. The pencil case in the link is a vintage style pencil case that is made of genuine leather. The pouch is made using traditional techniques and handcrafted. The pack comes in a cloth bag so that you can carry it easily.

3. Artist Apron

Artist Apron

It is expected for an artist to stain his or her dress while working with paint. I found an apron ) that can be considered while searching for gifts for a painter. The fabric is made from cotton and polyester (35% and 65%). The artist has to be careful while washing this because the other clothes are going to get stained if it is washed along with other dresses. This keeps the artists apron clean and stains free though.

4. Artist set

Artist set

Well, this is one of the cool gifts for artists, a complete set of essentials needed for an artist. I was searching for an artist set and stumbled upon this set which had everything that is needed for an artist or painter. The artist set in the link contains oil paint, watercolour paint, acrylic paint, oil pastels, watercolour pencils, brushes, palette knives, canvas boards etc. All this comes in a wooden case that can hold the canvas. I am sure the artist is going to love this gift. This gift can feature in the gifts for a painter also.

5. Metal Keychain


If you are searching for good gifts for artists, you can definitely consider this keychain that I found online. The keychain in the link is in the shape of a palette filled with colours and a brown brush. The metal used for this keychain is enameled to give the finishing look. You get a gift box with the metal keychain when you purchase it. I am sure the artist is going to use this for his car.

6. Artist Brush Pen set

Artist Brush Pen set

My next gift will feature in unique gifts for artists. I am referring to an artist brush and pen set . The set in the link has two types of pen tips. You can use these as a brush or a pen. You just have to take out the pen nib and turn it around to get the brush tip. The pack has 60 different colours and artist can use them for designing cards, drawing, fashion design, sketches etc. The ink in these pens is made of polypropylene and this ink will last for years without fading.

7. Artist Tan Leather Watch


Well, if you are looking for unique gifts for artists this leather watch will be a good choice. This watch is artist themed and will match for any occasion. The dial of the watch is decorated with mini replicas of palette, brush, and color paints. These types of watches can definitely be considered if you are trying to get some gift ideas for painter or an artist. The watch has a scratch-resistant glass and water resistant case. This beautiful watch comes in a gift box and you can gift it after wrapping it in a gift wrapper.

8. Artist’s tote bag


An artist has to carry all his tools if he is travelling and for that he will need an artist’s  tote bag . When I said fundamental bag, I meant about a bag where he or she can carry all their tools. The tote bag in the link can hold all the essentials for a painter. You can carry notepads, notebooks, sketchbook, and drawing books in the bigger compartment. In the front pouches you can carry the color pens, pencils, and other essentials for the work. There are two small pouches to the side of the tote bag to give you more convenience.

9. Lighting Drawing Board


The next one in the list of gifts for artsy people is a lighting drawing pad that is helpful for animation drawing. The drawing pad in the link is lightweight and portable. Previously, the lighting drawing boards used to be thick and heavy because their boxes were made from metal. However, in this drawing pad LEDs are used to light up the lighting drawing board and the artist can easily trace or draw pictures. You are provided with a USB cable to power the board. This is one of the cool gifts for artists who are experts in animation drawing or somebody who is a beginner.

10. Set of Colour pencils


Just like the colour pens, an artist needs colour pencils also to create a masterpiece. You can get these colour pencils  online and also in stores. The set of pencils in the link includes 48 assorted colours. These colour pencils are definitely one of the great gifts for artists because this can be used by professional artists (kids and adults) or colour book lovers. As a compliment, this pack comes with a colouring E-book that can be printed at home. You can always consider these sets as good gifts for artists because they are eco-friendly.

11. Sketchbook


In the list of gifts for artsy people I have included a sketchbook that can be carried around easily by the artist. A sketchbook is always needed by designers, artists and even kids who want to become an artist. They can use this sketchbook to experiment with their skill and be creative. The sketchbook journal in the link has 200 white blank pages and comes with a pencil / pen loop. The journal has an expandable pocket and a bookmark. This particular pack comes in a gift box with a pen and is one of the gift ideas for painter.

12. Printed socks

Printed socks

A painter or artist would love anything that is related to their profession (can be a hobby too). So, what about a pair of socks with famous artists’ masterpiece or a beautiful painting as unique gifts for artists? The pair of socks in the link is for women and you can get socks for men also if you search online. The socks in the link are cool gifts for artists and are useful for their daily life.

13. Wooden Palette


The next gift in the list of great gifts for artists is a wooden palette that is used by all the artists. You would have seen painters and artists use this accessory to give color to their drawing. The wooden palette in the link is in the oval shape and is made of varnished wood. Buy one from the nearby store or from an online store and wrap it in a gift paper. Be ready to see the excitement of you artist friend.

14. Canvas super pack


Just like a pen or wooden palette canvas is also necessary for an artist to draw or paint. Why don’t you buy a super pack of canvas  papers? If you are in search of good gifts for artists this is an option. The pack in the link contains 7 canvases and is suitable for students and adults alike. The measurements are 11 x 14 inches. These canvases are suitable for oil-acrylic-alkyd painting also, so is ideal for professional artists. The super packs are also available in different sizes.

15. Acrylic Colour Paints

Acrylic Color Paints

Once the artist is done with the drawing, he will need colours to complete the picture. Hence, my next gift in the list of great gifts for artists is a pack of acrylic colour paints. Acrylic paints are good gifts for artists because you can transform them to watercolour or oil paint or something very unique. Acrylic paints are water soluble but will be water-resistant once it is dried. The artist or the painter can change the consistency by adding water and depending upon that it will resemble oil painting or water colouring.

16. Painter Caps


Next gift in the list of cool gifts for artists is a cap. The cap in the link is available for adults and youths. The painter cap for adults has a Velcro closure and for the youths, they have provided the snap closure. This cool cap is available in white color and has an encouraging message printed in front (Keep calm and paint on). These caps are made from 100% cotton (preshrunk).

17. Table lamp

Table Lamp

An artist needs proper light in order to draw the details. To help him accomplish the task you can gift a table lamp to him. The lamp in the link is sturdy and is durable. The clamp is made of metal and is easy to adjust. Using this metal clamp you can attach the light to any surface and this makes the lamp portable. The flexible arm of the table lamp can be extended up to 36 inches. The artist can take this lamp anywhere he wants to place it and complete his work. This gift will definitely feature in gifts for artsy people.

18. Aluminium Easel


If you are searching for gift ideas for painter, an easel is a perfect choice. An easel  is a stand or frame that is used by artists to hold the work while he is working on it. The Easel in the link is made of aluminium easel and is foldable. The height range is from 21 inches to 66 inches. You can place this on a table as well as on the floor while working. Since the easel is foldable the artist can carry this around easily and a carry bag is also provided.

19. Paint Brush Set

Paint Brush Set

Another gift among the gifts for a painter is a paint brush set. A painter needs to color or paint in details to create a perfect picture. The brush set in the link has 15 paint brushes of different size. The set comes with liners, round tips, flat tips and other types of bristles. These brushes can be used in a variety of mediums and can be used to create special textures.

20. Artist cufflinks


Cufflinks are unique gifts for artists that can be used for any occasion. The cufflinks in the link are in the shape of a palette and painting brush. The pack also includes a gift box, so you get the gift ready to give. Not only that, microfiber cloth is also included with the pack. You can buy cufflinks in different shapes for an artist.

Above given is the list of gift ideas for painter or artist. Choose according to the artists’ taste and surprise him with your gift. You can also check some best gift ideas about architects.