20 things you do every Christmas

Christmas is all about spreading love among near and dear ones. The evening of the festival is considered special as it has all the elements to bring people close to each other. Although the primary reason is commemorating the birth of Jesus, parties and feasts are integral parts of the festival too. The day has much religious significance to Christians, but the Christmas spirit usually cheers up millions of people disregarding their cast and creed. That is why Christmas is celebrated as a public holiday almost around every corner of the globe and observed by millions of people through various activities, thus making it one of the most popular religious holiday around the world. Merry Christmas!!!!


Christmas is celebrated in India with the same significance and with the same excellence, as luminaries lit up streets around various popular landmarks of India. People gather up in this landmarks to celebrate the Christmas Eve. Another special attraction of Christmas is the lore surrounding the mysterious yet extremely jolly figure of Santa Claus who brings happiness and joy to children by bringing them gifts of their choice on his favorite ride, the sleigh pulled by Rudolph the reindeer and his buddies. Christmas truly is an interesting holiday, and to make it more fun filled for you, here are 20 things that you should do to make this Christmas the best ever!

1. Attend the morning mass at the church:

Start off your day by attending your local church’s Morning Prayer. The Christmas day morning mass ought to be special as it marks the birth of Jesus Christ. The prayer is usually accompanied by distribution of cakes, sweetmeats and dry fruits. No matter which religion you belong to, Churches allow everyone, thus displaying acts of diversity. If you are unable to do the same for any personal issue, buy the Holy City Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue  and rest the Lord in a sacred corned of your house.

jesus statue

2. Decorate your house with wreaths and candles:

The more you decorate yourself and your surroundings, the better is the true essence of Christmas displayed. Turn your living place into an abode and decorate the interiors with wreaths and candles so that the feeling of Christmas is justified. Check out the Blackberry Rose Shaped Sparkle Floating Candle and the PrettyurParty Red and Gold Hanging Wreath.

Blackberry overseas


3. Set up a Christmas tree at your place:

A Christmas party is incomplete unless there is a Christmas tree to celebrate around. Christmas trees offer children a reason of joy as well as are considered as the traditional place for keeping the Christmas presents. Set up a Christmas tree that’s as big as your heart and celebrate Christmas in its true form. We recommend the PrettyurParty Christmas 6 feet Tree  for this Christmas.


4. Try out your hand in cooking:

Cakes and Christmas, are two closely related words. So, instead of buying fruit cakes from local shop this Christmas, be your own baker. Get all the ingredients ready for cooking and try out your luck by making muffins at first. You can purchase the ALDA Muffins Bakeware  for this very purpose. As soon as you excel in the job, it’s time to try out your hand in something big and hence, you may consider buying the Pillsbury Fridge Cheesecake Mix  for baking a cake in situ.

alda muffinButton

5. Sip some hot chocolate in a special X-mas mug:

You cannot miss out the very taste of hot chocolate if winter has arrived as not only does it feel soothing but also gives enough comfort when the chilly blows cause much trouble to you. Make the hot chocolate session more intriguing by buying a specially designed Merry Christmas Mug. It may be considered as an excellent Christmas gift suggestion if you want to gift the same to someone special.

Merry christmas cup


6. Spread happiness among siblings:

As we said, Christmas is all about spreading joy among everyone. When it comes to our siblings, we give special attention to assure that everything we do for them brings about a huge smile on their sweet faces. You can make this smile even sweeter by gifting them Chocholik’s Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows that are surely the best Christmas gifts in accordance with the season.


7. Groom yourself for the Eve:

Before you go out for a feast or arrange one at your own place, it’s important to groove yourself for the eve so that everyone’s attention is towards you. It’s no hard job to groom and you can accomplish the same by mending your hair properly for the celebration. If you have to get ready to impress your girl, try out the Schwarzkopf Power gel hair styler and if you are a girl with similar aim, try out the Philips Kerashine Air Styler.


8. Help your girl get ready:

Girls love to have boyfriends who are extremely sincere on their part and take care of every minute detailing of their beloved. You can too be the boy of her dreams by helping her get ready for the evening. Gift her the Silverswan Women’s Cotton Cocktail Dress  and tell her that she’ll look extremely beautiful when she would adorn it on herself. She would love such a heartwarming Christmas gift idea and would share lots of love in return.

women's dress


9. Listen to Christmas carols:

What can be a better herald of Christmas than Christmas carols itself. So download a few of the popular Christmas carols or buy an audio disk full of Christmas carols and listen to them. I bet your Christmas spirit will be set high after you listen a few of the sweet and popular carols. And while you are at it, you should join in and make your family members join in too – it surely will be a merry thing to do on Christmas! We recommend the Top 50 Christmas Classics  to make the evening special.

christmas classic

10. Watch a movie with your beloved:

Turn this year’s Christmas into the most happening celebration of your life by inviting your beloved at your residence and watching a classic movie together. She would love the idea of being together on Christmas Eve and you two can get to share some quality time with each other. How about It’s a Wonderful Life ?

its a wonderful life

11. Be the Santa yourself:

Wear yourself a Santa costume and be the Santa of your family. Buy gifts and chocolates for your loved ones and enjoy the evening like never before. The young ones of your family would love to have their dream man come to existence and the elders would love your jolliness. Buy the Landisun Santa Claus Suit Outfit  and do anything that makes others happy.

christmas dress


12. Pamper your girlfriend by every means:

It’s winter and you won’t get a better chance to pamper your girlfriend. Buy her a teddy bear and watch her turn mad with happiness. She will hug and cuddle with the toy like a kid. Consider the Rushi Pink Teddy Bear  as one of the best Christmas gifts for her this year.

rushi enterprise

13. Plan a get together for your family and friends:

Christmas will be a great day to get back together with your friends and family, and spend some lovely time with them. So get those invitations ready and plan a great get together. And be sure to prepare some special meals and drinks for Christmas that include muffins, hot chocolate, fruits etc. Keep some dried fruits like Wilbur Prunes  ready as snacks for everyone.



14. Don’t forget to put on some enchanting perfumes:

Spread the scent of joy by donning yourself an enchanting perfume like the Milange Woody Musky Unisex Perfume that’s sure to grab anyone’s attention with ease. In this you can easily imply that it’s Christmas time.


15. Attend a party with someone special:

Christmas is the time when parties are organized commonly and don’t miss the same if you get an entry pass for two. Take your beloved to the party and enjoy to the fullest. Don’t forget to wear some fashionable shoes on the eve. You may choose the Albert & James Men’s Formal Shoes or the Carlton London Women’s Pumps  based on your gender.

formal shoes

16. Spend quality time with family indoor:

You can choose to spend some quality time indoor by playing a board game with your family. For active participation of most family members, try out the Hasbro Monopoly Electronic Banking Board Game and spread happiness among everyone.



17. It’s time for video games:

If you are looking to spend some personal time for yourself on Christmas, indulge into a complete gaming experience by playing the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on your PC. Christmas Eve would surely be more happening than you imagined.


18. Read a book on Christmas:

You can share some quality time with your beloved by enjoying a book reading session with him/her at your residence and making each other understand the true purpose of Christmas and the actual definition of love. We recommend The Notebook  to make your evening even more special.


19. Play a Christmas song for your family:

If you love to play musical instruments, perform a Christmas carol in front of your family and enchant them with your music. They would surely love the way you have been practicing and expertizing your instrument all these years. Select the instrument you love to play form a wide range of varied Musical instruments.


20. Go out in the cold and enjoy:

Christmas cannot be enjoyed fully unless you go out in the cold and celebrate with everyone, whether known or stranger. However, you have to take care of yourself so that you don’t catch cold and fall sick before New Year. In order to ensure the same, buy the Winter Warmer Earmuffs that promises to prevent you from the chilling weather of the season.

warmer pad