21 adorable Christmas gifts for infants

Christmas 2019 is almost here!

Have you thought of a gift for the sweet darlings of your house? Are you running late? Well, not to worry! Here we have a range of adorable Christmas gifts for infants!

You can pick up any of the items from this list and you are bound to get that which is the best!

christmas gifts for infants

Getting a gift for the little one of the family is quite a difficult job! However, the glee on the face is truly worth that effort. Time for you to check out now!

Here we have a range of gifts both for the fashion’s kid as well as for the playful and naughty one. You can now take your pick!

The fashionista kid:

If that little one in your family is one of the most stylish sweet things, then nothing can beat the joy of cute little dresses, or suits, shoes and head gears. With Christmas parties all through the week, the joy to wear new clothes is truly unique in every sense. Here is a list of wearable items that would just make adorable Christmas gifts for infants.

1. Anti-slip low cut bow socks:



Has that little darling just started taking small steps? Well, why not gift him or her a little goodies that would make this step enjoyable? This anti-skid socks is one of the best Christmas gifts for infants, and you can be rest assured that this combination of cotton, nylon and lycra will get the best fashionista out of your little one!

2. Baby knee pads



Is that little one extremely naughty? Are you constantly scared that he should not fall and get hurt? Made of cotton, these are just the perfect Christmas gifts for the baby, to ensure that while he keeps crawling, there is something that constantly protects his knees. Coming in a variety of colours, this is just the ideal one for celebrating Christmas with style!

3. Long Romper plus pants and hat



Are you totally confused as to what would be the perfect infant gifts for Christmas for that new addition to your family? Well, if you are blessed with a fashion king or queen, then nothing can beat the charm of a 3 piece suit in deer print! Made of cotton blend material, this is just the perfect one and can be used on a regular basis or as party wear. So, now you know what gift would be perfect for that additional member!

4. Bodysuit with headgear



In case you are wondering about taking something that would perfectly cover up that new family member as she enjoys her Christmas, then here is that set of bodysuit with headgear, just one of the most adorable Christmas gifts for infants. Most importantly, if that niece of yours is a true fashion queen of her age, this would just be that ideal dress that she can laze in during Christmas.

5. Lace Headband



Which little one doesn’t like donning a headgear that is so amazingly stylish? Made of knitting woolen yarn, this unisex headgear is just perfect for infants within age range of 3 months to 3 years. As one of the best infant gifts for Christmas, this headband is available in a variety of colors. Get them now!

6. Hat and scarf combination



Is that little niece of yours just too stylish to handle? Wondering what could be that perfect gift that would ensure that she is spared from the cold in style? Well, this hat and scarf combo is the one to look out for! As one of the most adorable Christmas gifts for infants, this is an ideal one made of knitted wool and ensures that your sweetie will simply stay away from the catching the frosty cold!

7. Tulle Flower Dress



Do you have Christmas and a wedding coming up back to back? Looking for a one-stop solution for your princess? Well, this tulle flower dress is just that perfect option! Made of cotton lace blending and adorned with bow and flower lace embroidery design, this is just the perfect one to ensure that your princess has that perfectly stylish Christmas this year!

8. Santa Claus suit



What’s Christmas without a Santa suit? This Christmas if you are searching for Christmas gifts for infants, then this is the ideal one to look out for! This long sleeve, cotton blended gear comes in a multicolored variant and is a perfect one for that little one to make his or her Christmas all the more special. This comes for infants within range of new born babies to 2 years of age.

9. Canvas sneaker



Does that little one constantly run about everywhere it steps to? In that case what could be a better Christmas gifts for infants than this canvas sneaker? Available in a variety of colours as shades of pink, red, blue and green this is perfect for babies aged between 3-18 months. Allow that little one to run about this Christmas.

10. Head clips



If you think that these clips can simply be used by little girls to tie up their little ponytails, well, this is a great option for little boys who can use it as a bow in their shirt. What is a Christmas if those little ones don’t get a chance to dress up as per their wish? Well, this is just the perfect Christmas gifts for infants who love their style and enjoy each and every phase of dressing up! Get your set now!

The playful kid:

If you are related to that little kid, who loves playing about all day long, then it is the time that this Christmas gift him or her something that would just bring out that playful side of him in a greater manner! Searching out infant gifts for Christmas can be quite a challenging job, hence, here is a range of gifts that would help brighten up the Christmas for your little prince and princess!

11. Projector Pattern



Is that little child of yours of the artsy type? In that case, this projector with its 3 colour built in LED lights is just the perfect option for that little toddler of yours. Just light up this in your little one’s bedroom this Christmas and make him or her feel the sky within the room! The stars and the moon would surely bring in a whole new experience for your little one.

12. Safety helmet



Does that little one constantly move from one place to another? Are you in fear regarding the little one getting hurt? Well, not to worry! This Christmas get your child something that it would simply enjoy and you would remain free of tension. This toddler safety helmet provides protection while your baby is busy crawling, and it’s 17.5-22.5″ circumference is specifically designed to suit every head! As one of the best infant gifts for Christmas, this helmet is washable and with its outer layer being made of cotton, it is free from any smell!

13. Learning blocks



Are you planning to put your little one in pre-school post the Christmas celebrations? In that case, nothing can be better than gifting your little one a set of learning blocks! Made of food grade plastic, this is a perfect one for ensuring that your little angel is aware of the colours and shapes that would be the base for his or her elementary school. Truly an ideal infant gifts for Christmas!

14. Developmental Bowling games set

Bowling games set


This set of 7 toys coming in zipped bags is just perfect for helping your little one learn out the brain tricks as they enjoy this game. Made from polyester and cotton, the pins and balls rankle on shaking and they are extremely soft in nature. Most importantly, this is a perfect way to ensure that little ones develop their sensory and motor skills before they make their debut at pre-school! So, if you are looking for Christmas gifts for infants, this is just the one to check out!

15. Panda Teddy Bear

Panda Teddy Bear


Have you ever seen a kid who does not love teddy bears? In that case, this Christmas gift your little sweetheart a panda faced teddy bear. This limited edition gift bundle is made of comfortable materials that would surely keep your child safe and secure from any external damage. A perfect Christmas gifts for infants!

16. Musical Board



This is one of the most adorable Christmas gifts for infants. To learn music via this unique mode, this is a great mode of enjoyment for them!

17. Penguin Musical toy

Dancing Penguin Toy


Coming in the shape of a penguin musical toy, this musical board is just one of the best Christmas gifts for infants that you can check out this Christmas! Make your child learn those little notes of music in a stylish manner.

18. Voice changer



Does that toddler of yours shout his lungs out? Why not gift him something that would make him enjoy listening to his voice? As one of the best infant gifts for Christmas, this voice changer coming in multiple lights has 10 voice modifier positions. So, clearly, your little one can hear different voices every time he tries using this.

19. Handmade Kitten toy



If you are acquainted with an infant who is extremely quiet and likes gifts that are soft and cuddly types, then this handmade kitten toy is just the perfect match! As an adorable Christmas gifts for infants, this is just a perfect catch to ensure that your little one does not roam about aimlessly this Christmas!

20. Bath Buddies



Does your child create a huge commotion while taking a bath? Why not gift him a buddy while bathing? As one of the best infant gifts for Christmas, this set of dolphin and turtle bath balloons are a great option to make sure that taking a bath becomes an enjoyable process for your child.

21. Walkie-Talkie



If you are planning to get a Christmas gifts for infants, that which would bring out the wacky side of him or her, then this walkie-talkie is a great option. Having a flashlight and LCD backlight, this gadget is a sure winner this Christmas!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your bags to get some of the most adorable Christmas gifts for infants!