24 Walking Dead Gifts For Zombie Lovers

Zombie lovers are one of a kind. They have a flair for things that others would dread for. Zombie lovers have a penchant to wear or possess articles that show off their leaning towards the undead. So, if you are in a fix on finding gifts for zombie lovers, this list of gift ideas for zombie lovers should be a great help. Take a look at these zombie gifts and decide on which one of these would be on your list of gifts for zombie lovers.

gifts for zombie lovers

Best Gifts For Zombie Lovers

1. Zombie Coloring Book 1 (Volume 1)


This gift would rank among the foremost of the walking dead gifts for young kids. This would be a good coloring exercise for both young boys and girls. This book consists of almost 40 cartoon style disembodied zombies. This is a good beginning to get their creative minds engaged. A word of caution though – this book contains gruesome graphics – of blood, violence and weapons.

2. Zombie -Dragging Drew


The Zombie – Dragging drew consists of a handmade decorative planter. This is a perfect novelty gift that is suitable for any season. It would make a perfect accessory to complete your haunted house. This plant would achieve full growth in about 2 weeks. This pack consisting of seed packets for 3 plantings is one of the unique gift ideas for zombie lovers. You get to choose from Dragging Drew, Chia Pet Zombie, Lifeless Lisa, Restless Arm, or Creepy Holden.

3. Think Geek TGEA01 Zombie Plush Slippers


Our next item in the list of zombie gift ideas is a pair of zombie slippers. This is an oversized pair of slippers that resemble zombie heads. Walking with these slippers on will give a feeling of walking with the zombie heads on your feet. This could be quite a thrilling experience for a zombie lover and a scary one for others around him. These zombie gifts for him come in a standard size that fits all.

4. Zombie Mug

Zombie Mug

The next item in our gifts for zombie lovers is a beautiful zombie mug. Quite a few wonderful gift ideas for zombie lovers have come from theme of many sci-fi movies. The zombie mug that I am referring too can be classified in that category. This Zombie mug is made of high quality ceramic and has a zombie message printed on two sides. Built to be both dishwasher and microwave safe, this zombie mug can be a good choice.

5. Zombie Target (Set of 20)


Among the gifts for zombie lovers, this set consisting of 20 zombie targets can be a good accessory to a shooting toy setup. They are quite smaller in size, measuring just about an inch and hence can really test your shooting prowess. Get the adrenaline pumping by getting him indulged in a toy shooting activity. This is one of the zombie gifts for him that is simple, yet interesting.

6. Zombie Figurine Pen Holder

Zombie Figurine Pen Holder

A figurine of a zombie laying down that acts as a pen holder is the next one in the list of gifts for zombie lovers, especially if they wish to carry their secret desire to their desk. Made of cold cast resin this work of art would be appreciated by both zombie lovers and others alike. This wonderful figurine and pen holder does not come with a pencil. So, if you wish to include a pen too in the gift pack, get one before packing!

7. Zombie Car Sticker

Zombie Car Sticker

If there are quite a few zombie lovers in the family, then you don’t have to think of individual gift ideas for zombie lovers. You can gift them a set of zombie car stickers. That way, all in the family will profess their inclination to the world of undead wherever they go, literally.

8. Zombie Socks


In line with the trend of wearing your attitude, the next in zombie gifts consists of socks that are printed with colorful zombie faces and graphical gore scenes. The set consists of 9 pairs of socks. The material is 98% polyester and 2% spandex, while the design is quite modern. Your friend can wear his zombie attitude on his feet with these socks.

9. Zombie Tote Bag

Zombie Tote Bag

Continuing with the trend of wearing your attitude, the next one in the list of gift ideas for zombie lovers are a set of zombie tote bag. You can carry this mini tote bag to shop for small items while displaying your passion for zombies to the onlookers.

10. Walking Dead Trivia Game


Breaking the sequence, the next gift in the list of gifts for zombie lovers is a fun game called Walking Dead Trivia game. This game is based on the famous AMC TV show and consists of over 400 questions. Best suited for 2 – 6 players, if you do not answer the question correctly, you become a walker!

11. Zombie Bookmark


Many of us have a bookworm among us in our circle. If that person happens to be a zombie lover too, then zombie bookmarks would serve as ideal zombie gifts for him. Handmade and crafted to perfection, these crazy bookmarks can be a humorous addition to the zombie gift list.

12. Graveyard Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

Graveyard Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

This decorative graveyard zombie wine bottle holder statue is bound to catch a lot of attention or even cause a few screams during parties. Measuring 12″ x 6″ x 7 3/4″  and weighing about 3 pounds, this work of art would also feature in my list of unique gift ideas for zombie lovers.

13. Zombie Ice Cream Thick Mouse Pad

Zombie Ice Cream Thick Mouse Pad

For those nerds or not so nerds who have a liking for zombies a mouse pad with a zombie theme would be a wonderful gift idea. So this item finds itself in the list of zombie gifts. I am sure this would bring a smile to that person!

14. Zombie Crazy Lip Tint

Zombie Crazy Lip Tint

The next one in my list of zombie gifts is a cosmetic item. It is a gift set that consists of gloss lip tint and a watery lip tint.  These items can be great gift ideas for zombie lovers who wish to bring that expression to their face!

15. Zombie Love: The Do’s, Don’ts: A zombie dating book


This one is for those zombie lovers who would love to read about zombie romance particularly. This work by Jeff Busch is a reminder that love exists even in the undead realm, albeit in a scary and humorous way. This unique book would prove to be one of the most thought zombie gifts for that romantic reader among your loved ones. Your friend is going to appreciate the effort that you have put into deciding a gift for him.

16. Zombie Toy

Zombie Toy

This one is going to be both funny as well as scary. The next one among our list of gift ideas for zombie lovers is a Love Zombie soft toy. Made of 100% polyester, this cute monster character can get you into splits with its sweet, crooked smile. This small, yet adorable toy is washable on the outer surface and built to last. If you have a young zombie lover, this cute gift can be a loving bed companion!

17. Smokin’ Dead Zombie Ashtray


If your zombie lover is a smoker, this ash tray would prove to be one of the useful zombie gifts for him. This would adorn his desk or table top quite well. It has a zombie face with the mouth wide open. The mouth though scary, would become to resting place for ashes as well as cigarette buds. You can also remove the top of the head to use this as an ash tray. This terror-stricken Smokin’ Dead Zombie ashtray definitely finds its place among the scary zombie gifts for him. It could also be a stark reminder to the smoker on the ill-effects of smoking.

18. Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy


For those who will to put up a fight against the zombie, the Nerf Zombie strike blade toy would be a perfect gift. This blade helps the users silently strike against zombies making you the ultimate anti-zombie warrior. Teens would love this blade. This product could well be among your best zombie gift ideas for him. He is going to have a thrilling time with these gifts for zombie lovers. This blade is quite rough to overcome the constant swishes. Just make sure that you do not come in his way while he is wielding this thing!

19. Halloween Wound Scar Tattoo

Halloween Wound Scar Tattoo

The next gift item in my list of the walking dead gifts is a wound scar tattoo. Made of non-toxic material, this tattoo is waterproof and totally safe to use. The quality of the tattoo and the outcome is quite commendable. The scars look very true and natural. These awesome zombie gifts can be attached to arms, waist, neck, chest or at the back. These temporary tattoos can be used to scare and astonish your friends.

20. Zombies Case For iPhone

Zombies Case For iPhone

If the zombie lovers you wish to gift have iPhones, these could be well-planned the walking dead gifts. I am referring to the Zombies Case for iPhone xs max. This unique case covers the back of the iPhone while giving easy access to all its ports. It fits snugly to the iPhone without changing its overall shape. The special pattern on this case make it all the more eye-catching and of course, adrenaline stimulating.

21. Zombie Head Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set:


If you wish to take the zombie effect right to the dining table, there can be no better zombie gift items than this Zombie head glass salt and pepper shaker set (seasoning not included). This gift item can adorn the dining table or the kitchen cupboard to bring out that chill feeling among guests. Handcrafted to perfection, this Zombie head glass salt and pepper shaker set with display stand holder figurine is made from cold cast resin.

22. Zombie Mirror Decal Funny Sticker


You would be used to the text “Object in the mirror are nearer than they appear” depicted on rear view mirrors. Now, for a zombie lover, we have something different. This zombie gift has the text “Objects in Mirror are zombies” as stickers that can be stuck on the rear view finder mirrors. You should list this as one of the gifts for the zombie lovers you know who love stickers!

23. Zombie T-shirt

Zombie T-shirt

T-shirts are always one of the easy choices while selecting a gift. Here, I have included a zombie t-shirt as one of the zombie gifts for him. The t-shirt in the link as a zombie face painted in front. Water-based ink is used to paint and dye the t-shirt. If you are not a zombie lover you are going to be scared by seeing this t-shirt. The makers have succeeded in creating a photorealistic image with the inks and dyes.

24. Hand Toilet Topper


The last gift item in zombie gifts is a toilet topper with a hand reaching out from the swirling blood colored water. Place this toilet topper on your toilet lid and this will definitely keep your guests away from your toilet. If you are searching for gift ideas for zombie lovers you can consider this as one of the gifts.

This sums up my list of gifts for zombie lovers. While some may be utility items, other may be best suited for special occasions. Either way, find the one that you think suits the best for the zombie lover you know!