25 awesome 21st birthday gift ideas 

A 21st birthday is always special and hence here are some of the awesome 21st birthday gift ideas for both men and women!




Birthday Gift Ideas for women:

1. Bath Bombs




Are you looking for some awesome 21st birthday gift ideas? Well, this set of bath bombs is just amazing! Made of choicest essential oils, this helps in de-stressing, congestion relief, detox, sinus, energize. There are no dyes and free from gluten and GMO, this is a perfectly organic way to enjoy a bath.

Coming in a set of flavours as peppermint, lavender, vanilla, and grapefruit, while being covered up with shea butter and cocoa butter, this is just the gift that a young lady would prefer. The 21st birthday would indeed be special.

2. Sapphire pendant necklace


birthday gift ideas


Coming in an elegant box, this sapphire pendant presents 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone. Made of eco-friendly zinc alloy that has rhodium plating, this has Swarovski crystals attached to it. Also comes a filigree patterns behind the ring with ‘I love you to the moon and back’ carved on it. A perfect one for a 21st birthday! Bring the romance back!



3. Silver watch and jewellery set




For a classy woman, nothing can be better than a silver jewellery set. Coming in a glossy glitter box, this has a watch, earring, necklace and ring, all having high quality polish finishing. Made from European clear crystals, these are hypoallergenic in nature. Most importantly, these can be both worn on a regular basis, as well as for special occasions.  A perfect gift for a young lady!



4. Burt’s Bees Gift set




This gift set has 6 creams to hydrate every part of the body from top to toe. Coming in a gift box, this set has a cuticle cream, lip balm, foot cream, hand repair cream and hand salve. As one of the most awesome 21st birthday gift ideas this is truly a great option for girls to maintain their beauty as they step into their new life. Nothing makes a toiletry set better than Burt’s Bees!


5. Leather clutch




What’s a woman without her clutch? This purse wallet with a cat motif is simple yet extremely fashionable. For a young lady who has just entered the 21st year, this clutch could very well serve to ensure that her knick knacks are kept in place, every time she steps out. Made of pure leather, this is a classic gift and serves as an awesome 21st birthday gift ideas.


6. Tribal earrings




Is that girlfriend of yours into a boho-chic look? For that, these customised earrings, made of natural green and agate blue beads is just the perfect way to ensure that your dear friend gets all the more happiness, this 21st birthday! Having hook ear wires, these are specifically made of nickel free jewellery alloy having a brass colour.

Coming in a gift box, this can be an awesome 21st birthday gift ideas. Be it a trendy outfit, or a formal occasion, this can be attached in any case, and you are bound to get an ideal look.


7. Elephant bracelet




Made of sterling silver beads and elephant motif, this elephant bracelet makes for an ideal 21st birthday gift. Get the lady out with this!


8. Large Lavender Spa Gift Basket


Large Lavender Spa Gift Basket


Get ready to be showered with kisses as you spoil your woman with this special aromatic Large Lavender Spa Gift Basket. This 5 piece bath spa therapy set is bound to get the mood lightened and also relieve stress. From showering gel to bath salts, this product is bound to leave the body with an intoxicating feel.



9. Envelope purse




What’s a lady without a gorgeous envelope purse? This monogrammed purses made of leather can be customised as per one’s choices and a sweet message or quote can be engraved on to it.

Being pre-embroidered, this allows presence of certain threads and other designs according to wishes of the customer. Hence, for this 21st birthday, you can gift your dear friend a completely customised gift.

10. Canvas back pack




A 21st birthday is the time when a student is just rumbling between college and university. How about a sexy backpack? As one of the best 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone, this canvas pack, has 3 front slip pockets and a singular internal pocket with Velcro strap. With a top magnetic snap and a zipper, this back pack is wide enough to include a host of things and can include papers and laptop on a regular basis. Definitely, a gift that makes every 21 year old oh so happy!




11. Eyeglass case




Have to carry that eyeglass case or glares at all times? Gift your friend a cute little case that would help her carry her specs at all times and that too in a standard and classy way. For this 21st birthday, this is one of the awesome 21st birthday gift ideas. To add a twist to it, you can customise it as per your liking and make sure that this birthday you have something special for her!


12. Pimple Extractors




Oh the pimples! Don’t they just keep coming back? Well, for a 21 year old, this dermatologically approved manicure set with slant tweezers is just the perfect gift for birthday! Having a set of premium tools, this comes in a black case and is made from stainless surgical steel.

Also, this set comes with a return policy as well. So, make sure that this birthday, you gift your dear friend this set, and get a free chance to use it every time you visit her!


13. Crochet hat




Ah! The lady comes here! Well, a crochet hat is quite good for men as well! Touted as one of the best 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone this orange hat with revolving rims, is just the perfect guard against the sun.

So, if your friend is going in for a sun bath at a beach, or for a long day out, this hat can be a great companion to shade her from the harsh rays of the sun. Being in the 21st year, style quotient is a must! This crochet hat is a perfect combination of style and substance.


14. Hair clip




An artsy hair clip is the one to gift this 21st birthday! Made from copper wire, it is styled in a variety of ways that could match up to the hairstyles of one and all. So, if your dear daughter is a style freak and you are searching for awesome 21st birthday gift ideas then this gift is just the one to check out!


15. Floral scarf




A floral printed scarf with base colour of blue and green made from a combination of silk and cotton, is the one gift that will be greatly appreciated by the 21 year old. Having the capacity to be used with any and every wear, this is beautifully designed and detailed to ensure style quotient is maintained.


Birthday Gift Ideas for men:

16. Wooden sunglasses




Is that male friend of yours just too hot to handle? Gift him this pair of wooden sunglasses to add an extra quotient to his hotness! Handmade from rosewood and stainless steel, this is one of the best 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone.

Protecting one from the harsh rays of the sun, this is just the birthday present that will be cherished for a long time. So get a pair for your male friend and you too can try it out at times!


17. Premium leather wallet




For a boy who has just stepped into his 21st year, what can be better than gifting a premium leather wallet coming in a velvet drawstring pouch, this has 2 bill slots, 6 credit card slots, and 2 internal side pockets. Embedded into Napa leather, this is a perfect protective shield for your hard earned cash. So, make sure that this birthday gift your special one an ideal shield to guard his cash!



18. CUCOL Wooden watch




The face of this extremely hardy watch is made of real wood and covered with glass. However, the strap is made of authentic brown cow leather, and is hypoallergenic in nature. Coming with an analog quartz dial, this is just the perfect 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone. Make sure that next time he looks at his watch, he counts his time well!



19. Stainless steel bracelet




For boys this steel bracelet coming in gold plait over stainless steel is one of the most awesome 21st birthday gift ideas. With a brand name of Coolsteelandbeyond, this is one gift that ensures that you have a great gift for a boy entering the 21st year. So, show off yourself in style as you attend any party or gathering!


20. Knitted Neckerchief




Are you looking for a stylish gift that would match up to the looks of your son who is entering the 21st year? This eco-friendly neckerchief is extremely fashionable and has a stylish hollow out design. As one of the best 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone, this can be worn both by men and women and look gorgeous on either. As a style statement in warm weather and a protection in cold times, this comes in a variety of colours as red and yellow, making it just a perfect wrap for every occasion. So, make sure that you gift the late teenager this scarf to get that ideal look!



21. Men’s gift box




If you are wondering as to what is so special about a gift box, then this is different! There are assorted items as peanuts, corn nuts, cashews and popcorns. Coming in s sturdy gift box, this has a humorous picture and birthday message embossed on it.

Also, what is most important is that, this can be gifted of to any girl having a quirky side as well. Clearly, one of the best 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone.


22. Engraved wooden watch




As they say, gifting a watch can never go wrong! Being lightweight and water resistant in nature, this is extremely comfortable to wear. With a dial size of 2 inches, this is specifically suitable for every occasion.

Being eco-friendly in nature and made of pure sandal wooden watch, its folding clasp comes with a safety vault attached to it. With its specific Japanese Miyota quartz movement, it suits both formals and casual wear. Hence, this can be amazing 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone.


23. Men’s Tee




However many shirts that they may have, a man always needs an extra men’s tee that would be just the perfect one to flaunt himself. This 21st birthday, gift your boy a specifically engraved tee that is made of pure cotton.

Coming in 7 colours, this tee has a specific quote attached to it and it can be of different sizes depending on various sizes. Having an easy washing process, special care should be taken to hang it inside out to protect the colour. This 21st make sure you get a sweet and necessary gift!


24. Opener survival tools




How about a pocket survival card with a set of important tools? This is truly one of the best 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone. In case of camping or any such other activities, having this set of tools is a great way to ensure that there is a saving grace in any problem.

Having close to 11 tools in a singular card, along with a beer bottle opener, this is just the perfect one that would help your friend to survive even in worst times. So, what are you waiting for? Get this gift now itself!



25. Quadcopter Drone

Which boy doesn’t enjoy drone? A guy celebrating his 21st birthday also does! As one of the best 21st birthday gift ideas for everyone this 4 channel designed drone making a 360 degree flip is just the gadget that would drive every guy crazy.




Having super powerful motors, this drone is just the ideal way to spent time, and ensures that the birthday gets all the more special.

With its elastic plastic frame, it protects propellers from crashing and with its LED lights and bonus batteries it can be seen even in dark. So, gift it up this 21st!


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