25 cool Christmas gifts for your boyfriend

You may think that it is easy to select gifts for men. But when you are trying to impress your boyfriend, it calls for some research. Simple theory is – find something that blends well with his passions and interests. Here we have made your work easier by suggesting some of the cool Christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

cool Christmas gifts for boyfriend

1. A wooden docking station:

A wooden docking station


Keeping their things organized is a huge challenge for some men. The first gift on this list is a docking station that can be used to keep his accessories at a place. The wooden docking station has the option to keep the smartphone and the holders for cup, key, watch, pen, purse, and sunglasses. You can even personalize this with his name. Buy a docking station similar to the one in the link and he will be impressed.

2. A Bluetooth beanie cap:

A Bluetooth beanie cap


This is the era of technology and the wired headsets have given way to the Bluetooth headsets. This beanie cap comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth headset. The cap also comes with a USB cable for charging. Your boyfriend can listen to music while he is traveling even in the winter season.

3. A promise ring for your boyfriend:

A promise ring for your boyfriend


We all know that rings represent promise and commitment. So why don’t you gift him a ring band that is made of tungsten carbide. I am sure that he will be delighted to see your love and commitment towards your relationship. This was just an example you can buy rings with gems on it.

4. Personalized Pocket Watch:

Personalized Pocket Watch


This is one of the cool Christmas gifts for boyfriend who is interested in history and antique artifacts. A pocket watch that is personalized to his name will give him the feel of holding an artifact. The classic pocket watch in the link comes with a chain with push button. While ordering the product, give the name to be engraved on the pocket watch.

5. Remote control basketball light:

Remote control basketball light


This gift is for someone who loves basketball or is a fan of basketball games. The light is controlled using a remote  and you can change the color using the remote. There are 10 color variants for this light. The light is powered using a USB port so you can use any USB cable for the power supply. Not only that, this is basketball light has a 3D effect and is made of acrylic material.

6. A unique wooden watch for him:

A unique wooden watch for him


Men love to have accessories that are unique and modern. Watch speaks volumes about the man’s status. The wooden watch will feature on that list. A watch that is made from the sandalwood and genuine leather is definitely special and your man deserves the best. There are many models that are completely made from wood. You can order that if you like.

7. A key chain for him:

A key chain for him


Next one is a small gift for your boyfriend if he loves pets. You can select the pet’s (here I am talking about dogs) breed and the initial of his name. These should be selected before placing the order so that they can send the correct one. If he has a different pet like cat or hamster you can get the key chain according to that. This can be definitely added to the list of the cool Christmas gifts for boyfriend.

8. A coffee mug:

A coffee mug


Well, we love to sip a cup of coffee while doing the work or reading a book. If the coffee mug is gifted by your loved one the coffee will be tastier. The coffee mug that is mentioned here has a compliment from you to your boyfriend. It has “Best boyfriend ever” printed on it. The product comes with the box so you do not have to worry about packing.

9. Vintage style aviator sunglasses:

Vintage style aviator sunglasses


Sunglasses never go out of fashion and are very useful in the current climate conditions. Sunglasses can be worn to protect your eyes from UV rays and also from dust. These can be used even in the windy season. The product in the link is of vintage style and is just for presentation. Select the perfect aviator sunglasses for your man and gift it with a greeting card.

10. A LED nightlight:

Night light


Next one is a unique Christmas gift for your boyfriend – a LED nightlight. This can be used to give a dim light at night so that he will get a sound sleep. This can also be used to create a romantic ambience when you two are spending time together. He can even use this for a house party with his friends. The peculiarity of this light is that it is remote controlled and gives out different colors.

11. Skin care box for men:

Skin care box


One of the cool Christmas gifts for boyfriend is a box of skin care products that can be carried while traveling. Men have a penchant for grooming kits and this can be the ideal gift for him. The package comes with an aftershave balm, shaving cream, lip balm, body wash, and hand salve. The products are 100% natural and also come with a box. Buy any of these skin care boxes and gift it your boyfriend.

12. A scroll necklace for him:

A scroll necklace for him


Necklaces with quoted pendants are the best way to remind him of your love. This necklace is made of stainless steel and has a scroll shaped pendant with it. The scroll has a beautiful message engraved on it. You can get any necklace like this for him and gift it to him for this Christmas. The product mentioned here also comes with a gift box.

13. A simple t-shirt:

T shirt


One of the simplest Christmas gifts for your boyfriend is a t-shirt with a lovely message on it. The message printed on this simple t-shirt says – “This is what an awesome boyfriend looks like”. Just select the right size and color before ordering. You can find many models with different messages printed on it.

14. Waterproof gear bag:

Waterproof gear bag


This is for those who go for outing regularly – a gear bag. The gear bag in the link is waterproof and can be used to keep his camera, phone, and documents safe while going for boating or fishing. This also has a sling strap that is adjustable and removable. You just have to select the correct size before placing the order.

15. Personalized six ounce flask:

Personalized six ounce flask


This six ounce flask is a unique gift for your boyfriend. You can give the personalized message while placing the order. This can also be a gift from bride to groom. The flask is made of stainless steel and the cover is made of leather. So find a flask like this because this can definitely feature in the list of unique and cool Christmas gifts for boyfriend.

16. A hooded sweater for the winter:

A hooded sweater for the winter


Christmas comes in winter season and you will need woolen sweaters and jackets to be safe from the freezing winter. The hooded sweater in the link is made of wool which will give enough warmth for your man. There are different sizes available so select the perfect fit for your boyfriend while ordering this.

17. A canvas shoulder bag:

A canvas shoulder bag


A shoulder bag can help him carry his accessories, documents, and devices while going to office. So gift him a canvas shoulder bag that is big enough to carry his laptop too. The shoulder strap can be used as a sling strap and is easy to wear. Buy one bag like this and he will be remembering the whole day.

18. Bluetooth speaker:

Bluetooth Speaker


Men like electronic products and a Bluetooth speaker is the best choice as the Christmas gift for him. The speaker in the link is waterproof and can be attached to the glass using the nano-suction technology. He can carry it around and can be submerged in water (3 feet) for half an hour. This not only acts as a Bluetooth speaker but also as a microphone that enables him to answer calls.

19. A leather passport cover:

A leather passport cover


A passport cover is necessary to keep your passport safe from wear and tear. So the next gift in the list of cool Christmas gifts for boyfriend is a passport cover that is made from leather. You can even personalize the cover with his name or initials. There are passport covers that are just like a closed book to give more protection. Select the best for your boyfriend on this Christmas.

20. Angels love art:

Angels love art


Next one in the list is a drawing that represents the love of a woman and man. This simple but beautiful painting can be personalized with your names. You just have to mention that while ordering the painting. You may have to add the frame separately if you want. If you do not want to do that, order for a painting that comes with the frame.

21. A virtual reality headset:

A virtual reality headset


This is the era of virtual reality, a new technology that enables you to travel to places where you cannot go in real. A VR headset can take you through the horizons of outer space and gives you the most amazing views of planets and stars. Your boyfriend will definitely love this Christmas gift.

22. Leather gloves:

Leather gloves


Leather Gloves are a necessity in the winter season because it is going to be freezing outside in December. Gifting a pair of leather gloves is the best choice as a Christmas gift for your boyfriend. The woolen inner lining will make it comfortable for him and the outer leather layer will protect him from the cold.

23. A digital photo frame:

A digital photo frame


Long gone are the days of wooden and metal photo frames in which you could keep only one photo at a time. With the digital photo fram, you can relive the sweet moments with your boyfriend. You can store more than one photo and the photos appear like a slide show if you want. You can keep the photos saved in an SD card that can be inserted into the slot behind the photo frame. This will definitely feature in the list of cool Christmas gifts for boyfriend.

24. LED Clock Fan:

LED Clock Fan


The next gift is a very cool gift for your boyfriend; a fan clock. This clock displays the time while performing the function of a fan. He can carry it to his office and keep connected to his laptop using the USB cable. The fan displays the correct time when it starts to rotate. Your boyfriend can enjoy a gentle breeze and can see the time too.

25. Earth therapy bracelet:

Earth therapy bracelet


Even though these bracelets will look like it is made of beads they are actually made of healing lava stones. These lava stones are known for providing inner peace. These earth therapy bracelets are helpful in providing peace and harmony of mind. This fits for everyone because it is made of stretchable elastic.