25 Cool Gifts for Guitarists

Whenever you are trying to decide on the gifts for your loved ones, you have to consider their passion, interests or hobbies. You will have at least one person in your circle who loves to play guitar. When you select a gift for him or her you have to consider the gifts suited for a guitar lover.

gifts for guitarists

We know that they will appreciate guitar player gifts than any other gifts and this will give you a huge sense of satisfaction. To help you is deciding on the gifts for them, I am going to list down 25 cool gifts for guitar players.

Best Gifts for Guitarists

1. Travel guitar


For any passionate guitar player the most important thing in their life will be their guitar. You will not find any other gifts for guitar lovers that is most precious than a guitar. So let us start our list of gift ideas for guitar players with a travel guitar. I mentioned travel guitar because not everyone can afford the normal guitar. So buy one travel guitar which is easy to carry around. The travel guitar that I have mentioned is an acoustic guitar. This guitar is only 3/4th of the normal guitar size and most of the body parts are made of mahogany. This is the most important one in the cool gifts for guitar players.

2. Clock in the shape of guitar

Clock in the shape of guitar

Time is important for everyone and clock has been a common choice for gifts for centuries. A clock in the shape of guitar can be added to the list of gifts for guitarists. You will get these clocks from a stationary store or you can even order one online. The product in the link is a wall clock which is in the shape of a guitar and has a pendulum (tip of the pendulum is in the shape of musical note also. You can gift this clock to even a music studio owner to decorate their office wall.

3. Guitar Wall hanger


Next in my list of guitar player gifts is guitar wall hanger. After a long play you will need a place to rest and likewise your guitar too. Guitar wall hangers are gifts for guitarists who are members in bands and for recording studios too. The guitar hanger that I have mentioned here is a gravity activated wall hanger which has a locking system. When you place the head part of the guitar inside the hanger, due to gravity it activates the head lock and the guitar will be safe on the wall. When you lift the guitar the lock will be open and you can take the guitar out of the hanger.

4. Guitar picks


Guitar picks are used to strum guitars or you can use it to sound individual notes also. The standard shape of a guitar pick is acute isosceles triangle which has two edges rounded and one edge less rounded. I have added Guitar picks to gift ideas for guitar players because to play guitar picks are necessary. So why don’t you gift your loved one a packet of guitar picks with different colors and designs. The given link has three gauges (light, medium and heavy) and comes in assorted colors.

5. Guitar case


Next in my gift ideas for guitar players is the guitar case. Your friend needs a guitar case to keep the guitar safe from damage. Some manufacturers give case with the guitar but not all manufacturers do that. So you can buy one guitar case and gift it to your loved one. When you buy guitar case, you have to know the type of the guitar he or she has. You can get separate types of guitar cases for acoustic and electric guitars. When I searched online I could find guitar cases which come with guitar picks. You may select depending upon the individual’s need.

6. Ukulele


As per history Ukulele was originated in Hawaii as an adaptation to Portuguese machete in 19th This is a strumming instrument which has four strings. When compared to guitar Ukulele is a smaller version of guitar. Since there are only four gut strings, Ukulele will have lesser number of notes available compared to a guitar. I have added Ukulele in guitar player gifts since it can help a beginner (beginner in learning guitar). You can search online for a good one and Ukulele is also available in musical instruments store also.

7. Guitar Amplifier


Next in my list of gifts for guitar players is the guitar amplifier. Guitar amplifier is a device which is used to strengthen the weak signals which are coming from guitars (both acoustic and electric guitars). The sound will be played through the loudspeaker which is typically integrated with the amplifier. This can be a great gift to those who play in bands or in public. When you buy, try to get a guitar amplifier which has inbuilt loudspeakers. The product in the mentioned link has an 8” speaker and I am sure this will feature in cool gifts for guitar players.

8. Guitar Capo


Guitar is a stringed musical instrument and all stringed instruments control the pitch of sound with the length of the strings. When you shorten the length of the string the pitch will rise. Capo is a device which is used in the neck of the guitar (or any other stringed musical instruments) to change the pitch. This can be added to the list of gifts for guitar lover since they will need control over the pitch to play different songs. There are different varieties available in the market. Buy a guitar capo which is lightweight and easy to use. The one in the link is made of strong lightweight aluminium.

9. Pocket guitar practice tool


You will need practice to master any musical instrument and guitar is not different. So I have included a pocket practice tool in the list of my gifts for guitarists. A pocket guitar practice tool  helps the guitarist to practice different songs and notes, whenever he or she is free. The one that is in the mentioned link has a bag also to carry the tool. It weighs just 117 grams, so it is portable and compact. Let your loved one practice for the next concert with ease.

10. Beginner’s guide


The next in guitar player gifts is a beginner’s guide. If the guitar lover is just starting to learn the guitar, you can gift a beginner’s guide. By this he or she can understand the basic of guitar and notes. You will get books or CDs in the market and make sure that the guide contains all the fundamental information needed for a guitar player. The given link takes you to a 6 week guitar beginner’s guide (the pack contains a CD) with all backing tracks, chord chart, practice planner etc.

11. Guitar Pick holder


Just like the guitar pick  holder, you will need a place to keep the guitar picks safe. A guitarist cannot risk misplacing the pick. So, pick holder gets a place in my gift ideas for guitar players. You can find portable and desk pick holders. The portable pick holders will be like a keychain with a small pouch to hold the guitar pick. If you gift the keychain pick holder your friend can carry the key and the chances to forget the pick is very less. The desk pick holder can hold more than one guitar picks and this is ideal for guitar classes.

12. Guitar cufflinks

Guitar cufflinks

Cufflinks are buttons which are used on the cuffs of shirts replacing the standard button. A cufflink acts like a two way button to hold the cuff to the wrist. You can add cufflinks in the shape of guitar in the cool gifts for guitar players. If the person to whom you are going to gift is a professional guitar player, these cufflinks will be useful for him. He can wear these for stage shows and concerts. The cufflinks in the link is made of copper and the pack comes with a cufflink case.

13. Guitar Strings


Guitar is a stringed musical instrument which depends upon the strumming of strings for producing songs. Before I suggest you to add guitar strings to your potential gifts for guitar players, let me give you an idea about guitar strings. You need to know the type of guitar your loved one (or friend) has. Classical guitar strings are made of nylon, acoustic or electric guitar strings are made of steel or metal. The classical guitar strings in the link provided nylon guitar strings. The acoustic guitar strings are made of copper.

14. Fingertip guards


The next in the list of gifts for guitar lover is the finger guards. This is a very useful gadget for a guitarist who plays for a band. Fingertip guard is a finger saver for those who play guitar for hours since your fingers will start to pain after sometime. You can buy fingertip guards from online store or from nearby musical instruments store. The guards in the link are made of silicone rubber and are durable. I am sure the guitar player is going to appreciate your efforts.

15. Guitar Keychain

Guitar Keychain

Presenting a keychain in the shape of a guitar can be added to your list of gifts for guitar lover. This is a gift which you can present to any guitarist or beginner in guitar play. Get a keychain  from the stationary store or from online. The keychain in the link is an exact replica of an acoustic guitar. The replica is plated with 24 karat gold. You can even get a keychain in the shape of guitar pick or musical notes. Buy one and wrap it in a gift wrapper for your loved one.

16. Guitar maintenance kit


If you do not keep a musical instrument well maintained, its life span will significantly reduce. For those who play guitar quite often or even daily, a guitar maintenance kit is a must. I would say Guitar maintenance kits are ideal gifts for guitarists. Get online or go to a musical instruments store and buy a good guitar maintenance kit for your loved one. The maintenance kit mentioned in the link has string winder, string cutter, and bridge pin puller. The pack also contains a 60 ml bottle of string cleaner with microfiber cloth.

17. Guitar stirrers or coffee spoons

Guitar stirrers or coffee spoons

This is something you can consider while deciding on cool gifts for guitar players. Even though this is not directly connected with guitar, the shape of guitar will make a guitarist very happy. When I was searching for a small coffee spoon I stumbled upon this spoon which had its handle in guitar shape. You can even buy a set of swizzle sticks in the shape of guitar. The idea is gift something that is related to guitar or something that reminds them about their favorite hobby.

18. Note decals


Deciding guitar player gifts is not an easy task. You have to consider so many aspects of both the guitar and the guitarists. You should know what type of guitar they have and how much proficiency they have in playing guitar. Note decals are something that helps the beginners in learning the notes easily. You can stick the decals to the fret board and master the art of strumming. Make sure that you buy the fret board decals that matches the type of guitar that your friend plays.

19. Guitar stand


If you are searching for gift ideas for guitar players, guitar stand can be a choice. Guitar stand is used to keep guitars if you do not have a wall hanger. You can get portable stands and also bigger guitar stands  which we can see in musical studios. The portable stand in the link fits for acoustic and classical guitars. This is foldable, so you can carry this wherever you are going. The guitar stand in the second link is combo pack of stand and guitar capo cum bridge pin puller tool.

20. Guitar music note coffee mug


Coffee is everyone’s favorite drink and for a guitarist a coffee mug reminding him of his guitar can be the perfect gift for him. The mug in the link has musical notes printed on the Porcelain and has a handle in the shape of a guitar. I am sure this is going to be a gift worth presenting to a guitarist!

21. Guitar Christmas Hangings

Guitar Christmas Hangings

We decorate our house for any festivals; be it is Christmas or New Year. You can gift a set of toy guitars which can be used to decorate your living room to the guitar lover you know. This can be added to the list of cool gifts for guitar players. With these gas balloons in the shape of different musical instruments they can decorate their room (if they have one or work in a recording studio).

22. A pair of socks


My next gift is a pair of attractive socks that has pictures of guitars all over it. An ardent guitarist would love to flaunt his or her alignment with the musical instrument. Some may tattoo it; others wear a T-shirt with an image of a guitar. Let’s go a bit further and gift them a pair of socks. Socks can surely be featured as gifts for guitarists.

23. T-shirt


This is the next in my list of gifts for guitar lover – A T-shirt with an image of a guitar or a famous guitarist like Jimmi Hendrix. I am sure any die hard guitarist would appreciate this thoughtful gift. Rock music lovers can be gifted a T-shirt. Just be careful about the material of the T-shirt when you select one. You can see them performing on the stage with the t-shirt that you gifted them.

24. Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner

The next one in my guitar player gifts list is Guitar tuner. Guitar tuning is commonly referred to the process of adjusting the string pitches to produce desired tunes depending up on the notes. These notes can be from other musical instruments also. You can search online for a guitar tuner or go to a nearby musical instruments store to get it. The guitar tuner in the link is compatible with most of the stringed musical instruments (violin, bass, Ukulele etc.). You can use this device in studio or for stage performances.

25. Guitar Strap


Just like guitar stand and wall hanger guitar strap is also used to hold the guitar. But guitar strap is used when the guitarist is playing the guitar. Guitar strap is a mechanism to hold the guitar via shoulders and makes it easy for the player. Guitars usually come with strap buttons or pins to attach a guitar strap .

Above are the gift ideas for guitar players that I found to be quite relevant. You can choose the best one that suits the guitarist among your near and dear ones.

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