25 crazy ideas to celebrate your birthday this year

Birthdays are occasions to celebrate our life and our very existence. Often on our birthday, it is the same thing that we do to celebrate it year after year. It’s time to do away with those age old celebration practices and get creative in making this year’ birthday all the more memorable. Look at ways to spice up the event by using some never used before ways to celebrate your birthday this year. I am going to list the 25 crazy ideas to celebrate your birthday this year. This is prepared taking into consideration the average.



25 crazy ideas to celebrate your birthday-2


    1. Visit a spa

You get to celebrate your birthday only once in year. So, there are no qualms in a bit of indulgence. Birthday is the day to pamper yourself, spend time and money for you and only you. Visit a spa, and get yourselves massaged. Don’t be shy to go for a manicure or pedicure. Get a facial done as well. If there is a special package offered for birthdays, you may want to try it as well. Leave no opportunity wasted to pamper yourself. Rejuvenate yourself!




     2. Have a themed party

Invite your friends and loved ones to a themed party in the evening. You can choose the theme well in advance. Plan the costumes and other decorative items well in advance. Get one or two of your close friends in charge of the planning for this special event. Get a funky theme for the party and ensure that the ambiance of the location is also on par with the planned theme. I have decided to have Vampires as the theme for the birthday party and I would be dressed up as Count Dracula himself.


Themed party


     3. Gift yourself a pet

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” says a well-known proverb. Make your birthday special by awakening the part of the soul that loves an animal – simply get a pet for yourself. Getting a puppy for you would be a good beginning. I am sure you would love the cute little thing and it would love you more in return. The little pup would bond well with you and remain your loyal companion for a long time. This celebration would be unique in the sense that you are partaking in the well-being and love for another creature, even though it belongs to an entirely different genus and species.




     4. Visit an orphanage

Spending time on your birthday with unfortunate few will keep you rooted to the ground while giving you a feeling of satisfaction. A silent visit to the nearby orphanage and probably distribution of a few sweets or clothes or books would make your birthday a memorable one not just for you, but also to the few kids in the orphanage. This simple gesture of yours would be of paramount significance to them. Sometimes, it is good to give something back to the society from what we’ve achieved in life.




     5. Ring your childhood friend and offer a surprise visit

Go back down the memory lane to find that best childhood friend of yours. Find his address and phone number to get in touch with him. First ring him or her up and surprise them. When your long chat is over, it’s time to plan the next surprise – a personal visit to his or her residence and knock the door with a cake and a bottle of wine. I am sure this is going to be a special moment for both yourself and your friend.


Childhood friend visit


     6. Travel to your favorite destination

Everyone harbors a wish in their mind to travel to a destination that they’ve longed for quite some time. If you have not planned a trip anytime in the near future, this is the time to get there. Pack your bags, get your cards and set out for the journey that you’ve wanted to make for a long time. Add a new leaflet of experience in your life.


Favorite Desination


     7. Watch a horror movie with your partner

This is going to be the creepiest of all the 25 ideas to celebrate your birthday. Either get tickets for a horror flick for you and your partner or else arrange for a home video, of course with all the sound effects to make the experience real like. Keep this plan a secret until it is executed – I mean the start of the movie. This is going to surprise your partner, but he or she cannot say no, since it’s your birthday. This is going to be a unique experience.


watching horror movie


     8. Buy a new bike

As a birthday gift to yourself, buy yourselves a new bike. It can be either a mechanical one or a motored one. Get those wheels moving, put some effort and get that torque up. Riding a new bike is always an amazing experience that can never be replaced by driving cars. If your bike is a mechanical one (even with gears) this could well be your new found passion towards building a fitter future for yourselves. Moreover, you can be elated that you are not leaving a carbon foot print by this eco-friendly initiative. Introduce the bike to your friends as your new found love!




     9. Go trekking

A word of caution, try this idea only when you are sure about your fitness. Without an acceptable level of fitness and a little bit of pre training, this can be quite an uphill task. Prepare yourself for the birthday (the trek) by keeping yourself fit and on a strict diet that improves your endurance levels. On the day of your birthday set off to trek and test your physical as well as mental stamina. Do get yourselves a trekking kit beforehand.




     10. Cook for your parents

This could be one of the most adorable things to you on this birthday. Visit your parents’ home, give them some flowers, do some shopping and sum it up by demonstrating your cooking skills! Your folks would love that dish that you cook, no matter how it tastes. For them, this simple gesture of care and affection would mean a lot. As always, do your bit of homework on what you are going to cook and be ready for the task well in advance.




     11. Try something new

You would have harbored the thought of trying something new, but would have been inhibiting yourself for various reasons. Your birthday is the perfect date to shed those inhibitions and try those things (of course nothing illegal) and quench your soul. It could be dancing in the rain, singing as you walk in the streets, playing a trumpet in the train or anything that you’ve been holding back since a long time.


something new


     12. Go karting

Karting or kart racing is a sport that is largely believed to be the stepping stone to the motorsports. You may not be competing in Formula 1 against the likes of Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton, but still you can consider this sport as a stripped down version of the F1. Unleash your hidden need for speed on the wheels and become a racer on your birthday. Winning or losing does not matter, what matters is letting your mind free and hearing the music of the air as it whizzes past you. Of course, you need to have all the safety equipment like helmets, racing suit, balaclava, boots and gloves. Go – karting!


Go Karting


     13. Go hitch-hiking

It’s your birthday and it’s time to hitch hike. Go to the road and put your thumb out, asking for a free ride. It could be in a two-wheeler, or a car, or even a commercial vehicle. Hitchhiking is a great way of getting to know the world. Just set your journey to wherever the destiny is. Do check the local government laws about hitchhiking. There are about 6 states in the US where hitchhiking is not legal. Though hitchhiking as a practice is on the waned these days, there exists certain websites like www.hitchwiki.org that promote hitchhiking.


Hitch Hiking


     14. Donate to an old-age home

One cruel fact each birthday brings to the fore is that you are getting older and some day you are going to be really old. Spare a thought for those gentle souls that reside in the old age homes. They too would have celebrated their birthdays like you of course in much more interesting manner when they were young. Age might have weakened their bodies, but their souls are still young and vibrant. It’d be good to pay a visit to an old age home, make a donation and participate in a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate with them. They would love the fact that you decided to spend time with them on your special day.


Donation to old age home


     15. Arrange a balloon shooting competition

This one is for all the fun seekers. Get a lot of small balloons, some two hundred of them. Erect a thick cardboard and cover it with a white cloth or paper on one side. Put in wires that would serve to hold the balloons firm in a matrix form (rows and columns), as place holders. Inflate the balloons and install them on the cardboard. You can follow a pattern in installing the balloons like having balloons of the same color in a row. Buy an air gun and also a pack of ammunition (solid steel balls, preferable zinc coated). Get your buddies take their shot – You’ve just inaugurated a balloon shooting competition!


Baloon Shooting Competition


     16. Plant a tree

This is one of the noblestgestures you can do to this planet on your birthday. Over a period of time, man has learnt to exploit the gifts of nature beyond the levels at which it could be renewed. The earth has lost a lot of species of animals and plant due to their extinction due to various factors, some being man made too. Further there are many species that are considered to be endangered. Make this birthday special for nature by planting a few saplings either in your backyard or any other place that you are allowed to. Get a few of your friends or relatives also involved. You could well be starting a green revolution of your own!


Plant atree


     17. Get a tattoo done

This one is for those wild ones. Get yourselves inked! Make sure you have an idea of how your tattoo should look and communicate it clearly to the guy with the needle. Choose a unique design and make sure that the tattoo is reflection of your personality. If you would do away with the simple pain of the prick of the needle, you are going to be inked and it is going to remain for a life-time. Be sure that you visit a tattoo center of a good track record of using hygienic equipment.




     18. Propose to a crush

This is something that I don’t have to tell about more. If you are harboring a secret crush on somebody, this is the right moment to express yourself. Grab a bouquet or just a rose and knock the door. You know what to do next and do it well. Who knows, this would just be the perfect moment that you have been waiting for quite a long time. If it goes against what you wish, you can be happy that you tried and got to know what existed in your ‘crush’s’ mind.


Propose to your crush


     19. Distribute sweets to everybody in the bus stand

There is no better way to celebrate than to share your happiness and every good taste is for sharing. You can make this a reality by distributing sweets or savories to others, who are perfectly strangers to you. You can start by distributing them to everyone at the bus stand. You are going to make a lot of people smile and wish you a happy birthday!


Distribute sweets to everybody in the bus stand


     20. Try Bungee jumping

This one is not for the mild-hearted. It’s more for the adventurous folks who like a bit of risk to get their adrenaline pumping. Find a location that offers bungee jumping and set your destiny there, after assessing the track record and the safety measures they employ. Bungee jumping is not something that is accident free. So, do not attempt if you are not sure or if your physical condition doesn’t allow. For sure, it is going to get you all excited if done rightly and with all the precautions in place.


bungee jumping


      21. Take part in a drama

Make this birthday memorable by taking part in a drama or a play, probably a classical one. Unleash your acting skills and live the character in the best way you can. You will find that you are doing nothing different, but in a structured manner following a script. We are all actors in our lives and it would be a great experience to act on the stage where the audience knows that we are acting. So, get set to play that part and win applause that you never expected. Get somebody to record the entire play and then you can store in your collection of classics.


Take part in a drama


     22. Have an ice-cream only party

Parties and celebration of some kind is a norm in every birthday. Try something different this time. Instead of the regular chores, plan an ice cream party where only ice cream would be served. Your guests would have no option but to have ice cream and only ice cream. You can serve ice creams of different flavors and sundaes of different varieties. The guests would love it and ask for more until they have their tummy full of ice cream!


ice-cream only party


     23. Get a new hair style

Bored with having the same look year after year? Then, this is the day when you can opt for a change – a change in your outlook. Visit a local saloon or a beauty parlor and get a new hair-style done. Make sure that you choose one that suits you well and have no inhibitions in getting it done once you decide on the look that you would love to have. Once done, be proud to flaunt your new look. Don’t forget to click a few snaps and save them for you to remember what you did on your birthday.


new hair style


    24. Wear a T-shirt with a message – Hug me! It’s my birthday

Birthday calls for hugs and kisses. Stroll on the street or a supermarket wearing a T-shirt that reads something related to your birthday. It can display something like this “Hug me! It’s my birthday!” Flaunt the message in your T-shirt as you walk and even read it aloud a few times, if possible. This should get attention and a few hugs too if you are lucky.


T-shirt with a message – Hug me! It’s my birthday


     25. Switch off your mobile phone for the entire day

This should be the most difficult thing to do. With smartphones having a major impact on our lives, giving them up for a day is indeed a big ask. Using your birthday as the day to overcome your weaknesses and test your mental endurance levels is a good idea. Do make sure that you inform everybody that you would not be available online or over the phone on your birthday. That would spare them some of the worries!


Switch off your mobile phone