31 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans

Do you know anyone who is not a Harry Potter fan around you? Well, that would be very rare. Most people of the 90s have grown up wishing they could get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. Based on a funny and adventurous story many parents equally enjoyed the harry potter books and movies.

Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans

Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans

Growing up with Harry, Hermione, Ron and all the others range from Dobby to Dumbledore was an experience of a lifetime. Whether it is the books or the movies, even today kids love to watch and read harry potter. If you know any of your sibling as a harry potter fan and want to give him or her a gift, there are so many options available to you.

No matter the occasion it is always a good idea to harry potter gifts for friends and family. There are so many different options to choose from that you will end up wanting each gift yourself too!


Have you been searching for the perfect t-shirt to gift your potter-head friend this holiday? Select the best option from the ones stated below:

1. Hogwarts t-shirt

Hogwarts t-shirt

Is your friend a fan of Harry Potter? Why not get her this exclusive hockey t-shirt which displays all the house sigils and will be extremely trendy for her to adorn? It will even be on a minimum budget. Buy her the gift today!

2. Funny quote t-shirt

Funny quote t-shirt

Harry Potter fans would love to get their hands on a funny quote t-shirt. Do you know someone who would like such a gift this Christmas? Make their day and definitely purchase this item for them.

3. Dobby t-shirt

Dobby t-shirt

Need some brilliant gift ideas for harry potter fans this Christmas? Why not get them a dobby t-shirt? It is stylish and comfortable, and it will fill their hearts with joy and nostalgia. Stop thinking just buy this amazing present today!

4. Don’t let The Muggles get You Down Unisex T-Shirts

Don't let The Muggles get You Down Unisex T-Shirts

Does your friend hate being a muggle? Make her smile this Christmas with a “Don’t let The Muggles get You Down” t-shirt? They are available in several colours and will complement any body type. Hurry and get these amazing items!

5. Mischief managed t-shirt

Mischief managed t-shirt

Have you been looking for the perfect present for a harry potter fan? Do you remember Fred and George and the marauder’s map? Mischief managed will be the perfect item for anyone who has ever seen or read harry potter.

6. Customized T-shirt

Customized T-shirt

Do you want ideas for gifts for harry potter fans? Don’t worry here is something which can be a great gift for your boyfriend or brother. Make the buy and watch them light up at its sight. Let us fill the Christmas with harry potter vibes.

7. Hogwarts alumni t-shirt

Hogwarts alumni t-shirt

Do you know someone who always wanted to go to Hogwarts? Well, then why not get a gift for them so that they can be Hogwarts alumni? These t-shirts are oh-so-stylish and oh-so-comfortable. Don’t miss out buy one today!


Are you hoping to surprise your brother or sister with the perfect merchandise from harry potter this birthday? Pick the best one from the options given below:

8. Hedwig mug


Searching for the perfect collection of Christmas gifts for harry potter fans? Why waste time just gets them this perfect Hedwig mug! It will bring back a childhood full of memories and be the perfect gift this festive season.

9. Harry Potter coasters


Looking for a gift for a friend who never got over harry potter? Get them these coasters which have the sigils of all four houses. If you’re lucky, maybe you could get to use one when you go over for dinner.

10. Harry Potter Gel pens


Looking for harry potter gifts in a small budget? Get your son these cool harry potter gel pens. Not only will it encourage him to study but will be an amazing gift in a small price. So waste no time, get it now!

11. Harry potter acceptance letter


Do you know someone who cried when they did not get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts? Well, now you can make their dream come true with this unique gift this Christmas. Make it a jolly season for your loved one.

12. Magic notebook and wand pen


Make work fun for your father and get him this wonderful magic notebook and wand pen. Wondering if this item will be in budget? They are really affordable and perfect Christmas gifts for harry potter fans.

13. Feather writing quill


Want to do something romantic for your spouse? Get the harry potter fan a feather writing quill this festive season. They are beautiful and can make anyone’s day. Waste no more time thinking just buy it.

14. Snitch watch

snitch-watchWhy are you worried about gifts this season? Does your friend have a huge crush on harry potter? Just get them the snitch watch and watch them jump about in joy. These gifts are really stylish and very pocket-friendly.


Does your girlfriend love harry potter? Do you want to get your friend something cool for Christmas? Make occasions extra special with potter jewellery:

15. Deathly hallow and snitch bracelet


Are you stressed about Christmas gifts this year? Looking for brilliant gift ideas for harry potter fans? Get this beautiful and sleek bracelet with lovely charms and pendants. It will make any fan happy!

16. Golden snitch necklace


Want to give a harry potter themed gift which will be versatile and trendy? Get your girlfriend this lovely golden snitch necklace and watch her show it off to the world. They are great for girls to wear.

17. Always ring

Always ring

Want to make a romantic statement to her this Christmas? Need to find gift ideas for harry potter fans? Stop worrying this always ring which made millions of fans cry for days will be the perfect gesture of love.

18. Earring set

Earring set

Why give one gift when you get a set of 6? These are some amazing symbols of harry potter that is enough to make any fan weak in the knees. If you want to strike a personal cord this season then definitely get them.

19. Charm necklace set

Charm necklace set

It is always wise to take an assorted collection of gifts than one single item. Allow your girlfriend to show off one charm necklace set at a time and get her this beautiful collection of charms this Christmas. It will be the ideal gift for harry potter fans.

20. Time turner necklace

Time turner necklace

Need exclusive Christmas gifts for harry potter fans? Well, nothing can beat this time turner necklace. Not only will it be rare to possess but it will be a piece of jewellery which even guys wanted as kids. There is nothing better to get a fan!

Watches for Harry potter fans

Need to get something amazing for your boyfriend or brother? Want to find the best harry potter watch for your father? Do not worry you will fall in love with these designs:

21. Deathly hallows watch

Deathly hallows watch

Oh my god! This will be the reaction of the harry potter fan who opens this gift. These are special editions of harry potter pocket watches. Designed for those fans which will never stop wishing they were part of Hogwarts.

22. Platform 9 ¾ Wall Clock

Platform 9 ¾ Wall Clock

Know anyone who searched the railway tracks for platform 9 ¾? Then get this suitable watch for them and share a laugh. The design is stylish and will be ideal for any setting whether it is a work.

23. Harry Potter Pocket watch

Harry Potter Pocket watch

Can you think of someone who would die for a marauders map pocket watch? Then get that friend or loved one this exclusive watch and watch their face light up with joy and excitement. Get this brilliant gift for cheap prices today!


Do you need to make this festive season extra special for your friend? Want to give a loved one something they will fall in love with? Get the most exclusive collections of harry potter gifts given below:

24. Harry Potter Cushion

Harry Potter Cushion

Want to gift a friend this beautiful Harry Potter Cushion? Not only will it be incredibly Sauvé but it will light up any room. This can be the best gift for all those potter fans out there in the world. Worried about the price of the item? It is really cheap so get it now!

25. Hogwarts Keychain

Hogwarts Keychain

Did you want the best gifts for harry potter fans this Christmas? Then getting a Hogwarts watch is the way to go. They are designed to be suitable for all ages and people of all genders. Help your loved one have a Merry Christmas with it.

26. Harry Potter Flip flops

Harry Potter Flip flops

Looking for brilliant gift ideas for harry potter fans? Buy these amazing slippers which Gryffindor students wore to bed. They are extremely nostalgic and comfortable. Make a loved one happy this Christmas and this gift for them.

27. Harry Potter Hogwarts 9 3/4 Design Canvas Handbag

Harry Potter Hogwarts 9 3 4 Design Canvas Handbag

Need to find something small, delicate and yet of significance to a harry potter fan? Get this lovely canvas bag filled with symbols of the Hogwarts and the world of witchcraft and wizardry. If quality on a budget is your aim, this is the perfect gift!

28. Hogwarts house sigils phone case set

hogwarts-house-sigils-phone-case-setDo you want to gift something to a friend that will remind her of harry potter? Want her or him to carry it around wherever they go? Why not choose these house sigils engraved phone cover? They are not just stylish but will come in handy on a daily basis.

29. Button set


For all those potter pans out there who is looking for button sets, this can be a right gift. Not only is it exclusive but also very personal. Every fan will appreciate the value of such a gift and keep it close to them.

30. Wand set

Wand set

Does your son or daughter love harry potter? Has he or she wanted a wand this Christmas? Why not make his or her dream come true? These lovely harry potter gifts will be a great way to show them how much they mean to you. Plus it is a set of three so you can play with them too and make some memories.

31. Harry potter glasses


Does your child love the harry potter movies and books? Do they keep asking for gifts relating to harry potter? Do you have a friend who is a huge fan of harry? Then why not get them these glasses and allow them to have some fun this Christmas.

There are so many different collections of gifts available for grabs. Browse through all the options and choose the one that fits your budget. However keep in mind that it should be the one which a potter fan will most appreciate.

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