31 Cool Gifts For Gamers

Some people have real interest towards games and if you are planning to gift something for a gaming enthusiast, here are some ideas.

Gifts for gamers

Cool Gifts for Gamers

Gaming is the ultimate fun aspect for some people. If one of your friends or family members is highly attracted towards games regardless of whether they are real or virtual games, here are some ideas to choose the cool gifts for gamers, such that you can feel highly satisfied with making the best choice of gift:

1. Super Mario coaster set


If one of your friends has a great attraction towards computer and mobile games, he/she might have tried out Super Mario game for sure. As you are looking for the aptest gifts for gamers, you can choose this coaster set with the images of super Mario printed on it. This is a set of four coasters with a super absorbent capability to absorb any spill liquid. Your friend will surely love having the hot cup of coffee placed in coaster set.

2. Unisex gamer t-shirt


You know that your friend always wants to show himself/herself as an ardent gamer. So, why not consider presenting him/her with a t-shirt that showcases to everyone that the individual is a gamer? The term ‘gamer’ is printed on this unisex gamer t-shirt. This is 100% cotton Belcoro Yarn Fruit of the Loom T-shirt that is available in different sizes to choose from.

3. LCD Handheld gaming console


Even though your friend with attraction towards games might have tried out different games, presenting him/her with a new portable handheld gaming console with LCD display can be one among the cool gifts for gamers, right? Yes, this gaming console from E-Mods gaming comes with 152 games built-in. Besides 152 8bit games, the unit also has 10 12bit games. As the unit comes with an AV cable, your friend can also connect the console to the television to enjoy the games on a big screen. This can be the excellent gift not just for kids interested in gaming, but also for adults as well.

4. Personalized super Mario wall clock


When it comes to gifts for anyone, wall clocks are traditional gifts. But, as you are looking for special gifts for gamers, you can choose this super Mario wall clock with the option to personalize. Yes, when you place an order for this clock, you can provide the name of your friend and get his/her name printed before presenting it. It measures 10” diameter and it is made out of plastic frame with a plastic face cover.

5. Tetris heat changing mug

Tetris heat changing mug

Tetris is a game that most online gamers would have tried out. It is a game that won the hearts of many people. Similar to Tetris, most people love to begin their day with a hot cup of coffee. So, your search for the best gift for your gaming friend will end with this Tetris heat changing mug.

6. Travel chess set

travel-chess-setIf you have booked train tickets for your family for this summer to visit a vacation spot and if your kids have a great attraction towards gaming, you can present them with this travel chess set. This gift can be customized with the name and initials of your son & daughter or even any one of them. You can get their names, initials, monogram initials or any other text for that matter.

7. Gaming headphones


For gamers, who have great interest towards interactive games, nothing other than a gaming headphone, can be the suitable gift. Also, when you opt for this unit with complete noise isolation, he/she will be taken to a new world. The black and white color combination and a sturdy look make this headphone to be a great gift for any gaming enthusiast. External audio control, high magnetic range, versatile compatibility are features to take a note of in this gaming headphone.

8. Dice box

Dice box

You know that your son with great interest towards gaming already has many games and dices for different games. Now, if you are interested that your son should have the right place to keep his dice safely, you can choose this wooden dice box as one among the cool gifts for gamers to enthrall about.

9. Steam controller


If you know a PC gamer, who has a great attraction towards steam, you can opt for this controller for him. It is specially designed to work with steam and it encompasses some luxurious features like dual-stage triggers, HD haptic feedback, dual trackpads, fully-customizable control schemes, etc. But, before opting for this gift, it is better to ensure whether the gamer already has one for him.

10. Pokemon Hat

Pokemon Hat

With the release of PokemonGo, Pokemon is now the most favorite character in the world for any PC gamer. So, you can present this Pokemon hat that is made out of 68% acrylic, 20% polyester, and 12% wool. The adjustable snapback hat makes it a one–size fit for all.

11. Ninja phone case


When it comes to computer games, some games and their characters are simply irremovable from the hearts of gamers. This is what Ninja is all about. When it comes to cool gifts for gamers, this Ninja figure monogrammed case for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5/5S can be the best choice.

12. Pillow case with quote for gamer

Pillow case with funny quote for gamer

Gamers are generally attracted towards some quotes that encourage them to continue their gaming. This pillow case has some special quotes for gamers. You can make your choice of quote and pillow case. These are custom printed pillow cases and they are high-quality soft customized pillow case with double-sided printing. The materials used in this case are cotton and polyester.

13. Pom Pom sling shot


If you want your child to be good at archery game or similar aiming games, you can now present him this pom pom slingshot with his name printed on it. This is an eco-friendly gift as it is made out of wood and the name will also be wood-burned to make it a personalized gift for your son. It comes with 25 large size pom-poms sling shot in multiple colors and also a couple of extra rubber bands.

14. Virtual reality headset


For any gamer, who actually wish to consider himself as the part of the gaming arena, a virtual reality headset can be the excellent gift for sure. When you present such a headset with a gaming desktop, can you imagine the great smile you can bring in the face of your lovable gamer? Yes, the system comes as a bundle inclusive of a desktop and a VR headset. The system also comes with a keyboard and a mouse. This set can surely bring an excellent gaming experience to anyone.

15. Mario question block lamp

Mario question block lamp

If your son or daughter is a great fan of the popular Mario game, you can decorate his/her room with attractive Mario themed night lamp question mark block lamp. This bright light has a question mark on all four sides and also the bottom is kept open, thereby making it a perfect light. To ensure easy installation, this lamp comes with two hooks and also an extra-long cord in such a way that the entire unit can be hung safely.

16. Arcade light switch plate


If one of your family members is a true arcade game lover, you can install this great looking arcade light switch plate. It is not a fake switch and it can really work when connected with the light, fan and other supplies in any room. Also, it is easy to install and so you can install it as a great surprise, when he/she returns to home after work and when getting near the switch box to switch on the light, he/she will be highly surprised to see this arcade switch in the place of the conventional switch. It can be a perfect addition for any game room as well.

17. Math game


If your little kid shows great interest towards games and if you wish to teach him some mathematics in a playful manner, you can present this board game for your school going child, who can play this math game either alone or with his friends. Also, the players will improve their mathematical skills when they continue playing this game. So, this is both a fun and an educational gift for your game-loving child.

18. Capture the games


If your son already has a gaming console that you presented to him some years ago and he always wanted to capture and record the achievements that he makes in his games, you can present him with this Elgato Game Capture HD60. This gadget offers the facility to record unlimited games played through Playstation or Xbox. There are many other attractive features, thereby making this unit, the best choice for those looking for the best gifts for gamers.

19. Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Gaming at any hour just got better! With no spilling of drinks due to the drink holder stand, this desk is the ultimate fantasy of every gamer. There is a wide space for using the keyboard efficiently and can fit screen up to 27 inches in the display. Atlantic Gaming Desk is the best gift for every gaming fanatic!

20. Retro machine


If you are concerned that you are not in a position to take your kids to a gaming zone, you can make your game a gaming zone with this retro machine. This portable machine can fit your space and it comes with 200 built-in games. The volume control and 2.5” color display besides the lightweight and portability will give a nostalgic feel with modern games for your entire family.

21. Super Mario Ice cream fridge magnet


It is true that your kids would have already placed some of their characters in fridge magnets. But, for their quest towards gaming, this set of two super Mario ice cream fridge magnets can be one among the cool gifts for gamers. Each of these heavy magnets is made out of metal and hard plastic covered in Mylar.

22. Super Mario chess board game


If your kids are bored with the regular chess game and if you want to present them with something new and also if you want that is should be quenching their gaming thirst, you can opt for this Super Mario chess board. This geeky themed chess game features the entire gang from the iconic game series facing off in the ultimate fight between the good and the evil.

23. Game controller for Samsung Galaxy Note

game-controller-for-samsung-galaxy-noteIf you know that one of your friends with a great attraction towards gaming already has a Samsung Galaxy Note and spends most of his time in playing games through his device, you can present him this gaming console. As the console comes with a telescopic stand, your friend can place his Samsung Galaxy securely and can enjoy unlimited gaming. Not just for this model, but this controller can suit other tablets and iPod.

24. Key caps for arrow keys


Any computer gamer will be using the arrow keys to a great extent when playing games. So, you can present this set of key caps for arrow keys to take the gaming experience of your friend to another level. Every time, he gets into the gaming, he will remember and will thank you for such a gift.

25. Level Up pipe mug


For any gamer, a coffee mug that reminds of the favorite games can be an excellent gift for sure. This level-up pipe mug looks similar to that of 8-bit pipe coming out of the brick-like ground. The ceramic mug can hold 15oz. of both hot and cold beverage. This is microw

ave and dishwasher safe with an approximate dimension of 5” x 3.6” x 4.25”.

26. 104 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

104 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

A light weighted keyboard with sensational features such as led display on the key spacing, compatibility to all operating software. Dim the lights and let the video game consume you with lights from the keyboard guiding your way. Wide frame and durability of the keyboard add up to the gamer’s comfort zone.

27. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


This is stated to be the best game for the owners of PS4. So, this can be one of the best gifts for gamers that wrap up the beloved adventure/action series. The most attractive visuals and the gripping story line will make this action-packed game, the best gift for your friend.

28. 1-TB Hard drive


If your teen son is an avid Xbox One gamer, the 500 GB storage that comes along with Xbox One will not be enough for him. But, the good thing about the gaming console is that it works well with external hard drives. This is why you can present your son with this 1TB Wireless Hard Drive that can be wirelessly casted.

29. High back reclining chair

High back reclining chair

With the summer fast approaching, if you are concerned that your gaming kids will be spending most of their time in front of the computer, you can present them with ergonomically designed executive chair. Amidst gaming, they can relax themselves, such that their eyes and back will not be strained too much.

30. Amazon Basics Portable power bank


One thing that fears most mobile gamers is the battery withstanding ability of their phone. The ever-expanding contingent of smartphone gamers and also for individuals owning PS Vitas and Nintendo 3DSes, this power bank can be a useful gift. If the gamer is on the go and does not have any access to a power socket or car charger, this unit can be highly helpful gift for any gamer, who wish to enjoy favorite mobile games on the go.

31. Gaming eyeglasses

gaming-eyeglassesGamers often complain about sore eyes. If you are planning to select from the cool gifts for gamers, you can opt for this computer or gaming glasses. It will bring relaxation to the eyes by protecting them from the strains caused by long-term viewing of computer screen. It will prevent dry eye problem, will address irritation and will also sharpen the vision.


You can choose from any of the above-mentioned rocking gifts for gamers, to bring in a big smile in the face of your friend. He/she will feel more into gaming with any of the gifts listed above.

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