31 lovely Valentines Day gifts for her

Valentines Day is the time of celebration for lovers. Lovers exchange gifts and cards on that day. Are you thinking about buying the perfect gift for the lady in your life? Buying a gift for your girlfriend can be confusing sometimes.  You may not have an idea about the perfect gift for her. Here you can find some lovely valentines day gifts for her to gift on that special day.

Valentines Day

Keep in mind that costly gifts will not always make her happy or feel special.

1) Bouquet of flowers

Bouquet of flowers - Valentines Day gifts for her

A bouquet of red roses is the traditional gift for her on the Valentines Day. So I have included the bouquet of fresh cut flowers in the list of the Valentines Day gifts for her. You can buy it from the nearby flower shop (it will be fresh) or can order it online. They will deliver it at your doorstep.

2) Perfume

Perfume - Valentines Day gifts for her

A gentle fragrance is something that can make her smile and you can bring that smile on her face by gifting her a perfume bottle with sweet fragrance. The next item on the list of Valentines Day gifts for her is a perfume. The perfume in the link has a gentle fragrance that is suitable for women of all ages.

3) Hair clip/pin

Hair clip - Valentines Day gifts for her

Another gift idea that can make her happy is a set of hair clips. I found one hair clip that had red rose on it. You can find so many models online. Buy a pair of them and gift it to her wrapped in a gift wrapper with a greeting card. Be sure that she is going to love this cute gift from you.

4) Pair of socks

Pair of socks - Valentines Day gifts for her

Next gift in this list of Valentines Day gifts for her is a pair of socks . The socks in the link are made of woolen but you can select one that is made of cotton. These woolen socks have red color heart shapes printed all over it and I am sure your girlfriend is going to love it.

5) I love you – keychain

There is nothing romantic than expressing your love using those three words on the Valentines Day. I have included a keychain that has “I love you” written on it. The key chain in the link is an LED one and has the letters engraved in 3D. You can find any shape for the keychain however; heart is the shape for Valentines Day.

6) Necklace

Necklace - Valentines Day gifts for her

Next in the list of Valentines Day gifts for her is the necklace. The Necklace in the link is handmade and you can select the material (gold, gold plated, copper, brass, and yellow gold) you want while ordering it. The pendant that comes with the chain is in the shape of a shell that can be opened. You can even keep small photos inside the shell.

7) Personalized t-shirt

Personalized t-shirt1

T-shirts are trendy and comfortable to wear. You can say that t-shirts are not going to go out of fashion. Buy a pink colored plain t-shirt and get a message printed on it for her. You can print her name or a short message like “You are my sunshine”. Make sure you order the correct size for her.

8) Pair of ear rings

Pair of ear rings - Valentines Day gifts for her

Just like the dresses women like to wear jewelry that is matching to their costume. So, I have included ear rings to the list of Valentines Day gifts for her.  The ear rings in the link are made of lace and are pink in color. These ear rings will look like fairy wings and is perfect for the lady in your life.

9) Wrist band

Wrist band - Valentines Day gifts for her

The next gift on the list of Valentines Day gifts for her is the wrist band. Usually women are conscious about their body and they will need a wrist band when they go for a walk or jogging. Buy a set of those and gift her and let her know that you appreciate her efforts to stay fit. The wrist band in the link has different colors and you can select two or three colors so that she can wear it matching to her costume.

10) Dress

Dress - Valentines Day gifts for her

Girls like to buy new trendy dresses in the market and she will love to have a dress as the Valentines Day gift. Buy her a dress  probably in red color and gift her on the day. The dress in the link is red in color and is off 1950’s style. Following vintage fashion is the new style in the fashion world.

11) I love u pendant

I love u pendant

A pendant that can be worn on any chain is one of the perfect Valentines Day gifts for her. The pendant in the link is made of silver in the shape of heart. The pendant can be opened and you can place a small photo inside. Even without the photo the pendant looks elegant. The gift box that you get along with the product will save you from the hassle of packing it.

12) Coffee mug

Coffee mug - Valentines Day gifts for her

A coffee mug is a gift for all occasions, especially if you can have her picture imprinted on it with magical words of appreciation. Buy one white coffee mug from the store. If you intend to spare the effort, you can order a coffee mug online. When you order it you can send the message that has to be printed on the mug.

13) A pack of chocolates

A pack of chocolates

Nothing can excite her palate better than the taste of chocolate! A pack of choicest chocolate is the best path to a woman’s heart.. The chocolates in the link are homemade and have the shape of roses. The chocolate roses come in a heart shaped box making it one of the perfect Valentines Day gifts for her.

14) Pillow cover

pillow cover - Valentines Day gifts for her

If you want your girl to think of you every time she goes to sleep, it’s best to gift her a pillow cover with romantic quote. This simple valentines day gift idea is not a difficult one to get. If you are looking for a throw pillow cover, here is one. This pack has four throw pillow covers that has romantic quotes written on them.

15) Mobile case

Mobile case - Valentines Day gifts for her

A mobile phone is something that is going to be in use often. So, a mobile case with a romantic imprint would prove to be an unexpected Valentines Day gift for her. For this first, you need to know the phone she uses. Once, you figure that out getting the right mobile case is no big deal. For iPhone 6S phones you can find mobile cases similar to this


16) Pen set

pen set - Valentines Day gifts for her

A pen is mightier than a sword was an old age adage that is relevant even today. Make her mightier by gifting her a pen set. You can get customized pen sets online or you visit a nearby stationary stall and choose the perfect pen for her. Make sure that you leave a romantic note and gift wrap it well!

17) Hand bag

Hand bag - Valentines Day gifts for her

A hand bag is always a woman’s close companion. So, to be her close companion, you should think of gifting her an attractive hand bag. The hand bag in the link has flowers printed on it and is a canvas hobo bag that can be useful for daily use. You can even buy a plain hand bag and get it printed with her name.

18) A picture frame

picture frame

I found this picture frame online and couldn’t help but include it in the list of the Valentines Day gifts for her. This photo frame is customer made with satin (printing is done in a vintage style) and wood. Find one similar to this from a local store if you can and wow her with your romance.

19) Take her for shopping – A gift card

Take her for shopping - A gift card

Nothing thrills a woman more than going for shopping. If you wish to give her the liberty to choose her gift herself, a gift card would be a very good option. This gift card is for online shopping only. Else, take her out to a mall and let her unleash her shopping spree!

20) Sculpture

sculpture - Valentines Day gifts for her

If she is more of a person who attaches a lot of aesthetic value to things, you need to choose a gift that will sweep her away by its sheer creative nature. This one is one such item that can mesmerize her.The sculpture in the link has a book that has ‘Love’ written by folding the pages.

21) A romantic novel

A romantic novel

If she is somebody who loves reading it is time to grab a good romantic novel and gift pack it as a Valentines Day gift to her. Any avid reader would appreciate this thoughtful gesture from you. So, visit a nearby book store and look for a romantic novel. If you decide to pick one online try this

22) 3D Crystal Music Box

Crystal Music Box

A crystal music box – valentines day gift could not have been any more romantic than this. Coming with a Bluetooth connectivity and color changing mode, this music box runs on a lithium-ion battery. Connect this portable music box via its USB port for a magical experience with your better half.

23) A bottle of red wine

A bottle of red wine

A bottle of red wine is an exquisite gift for her, no matter what the occasion is. If you are planning to have a small celebration nothing is as attractive as the color red and when it comes in a bottle of wine, you can be rest assured that you already have a lovely Valentines Day gift for her.

24) A diamond ring

A diamond ring

When it comes to speaking the language of love, there is nothing more relevant than a diamond ring. A diamond ring professes your love for her and is a testament of the warmth between you two. The ring in this link has a ruby in the shape of heart on it and is made of sterling silver.


25) Shrug

Shrug - Valentines Day gifts for her

Any modern woman would love a shrug that would blend well with her attire. A shrug can be used as a jacket to any type of dress. So, grab a good shrug and surprise her. The shrug in the link is a full sleeve cardigan that is cropped in a way so that it falls just above the waist.

26) Make up kit

Make up kit - Valentines Day gifts for her

Just like grooming kit is for men, women love makeup kits. Buy a make-up kit that has everything for a makeup. The items included in the makeup kit are manicure accessories, brushes, lip-gloss, lipsticks, pedicure accessories, and applicators.

27) Clutch bag

Clutch bag - Valentines Day gifts for her

Next gift in the list of Valentines Day gifts for her is a clutch bag. Girls like clutches with shiny beads and golden in color. The link will take you to a page from where you can select the clutches you need in the color and design you want. You can even select one from the nearby gift store.

28) Bracelet

Bracelet - Valentines Day gifts for her

Women like to wear different pieces of jewelry when they go for functions or parties. So why don’t you help her add an elegant bracelet to her jewelry collection. I have included bracelet to the list of Valentines Day gifts for her. The bracelet in the link is made of sterling silver and has blue sapphire interspersed. You can buy different models depending on the available budget.

29) Flip-flop slippers

Flip-flop slippers

Women love to have slippers that they can wear for all season and parties. Buy a pair of slippers  from either online or from the store. The flip-flop slippers in the link are blue in color and are made of cotton yarn. This can be used indoors and outdoors. The top part of the slippers is handmade with woolen yarn.

30) Jewelry box

Jewelry box - Valentines Day gifts for her

If your girlfriend already has enough jewelry why don’t you buy her a jewelry box to keep it arranged?Buy a jewelry box from online or from the stationary store. The box in the link has enough drawers to keep necklace, ear rings, and mirror.

31) Hollabears Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho Teddy Bear

Hollabears Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho Teddy Bear

The only bear with a swag greeting is what Hollabears Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho Teddy Bear promises to be. Made of polyester fleece material, this soft toy is the ideal gift for the ‘not so girly girl’. Now surprising your woman on Valentine ’s Day just got better!