35 Rocking Drummer Gifts

Quite a few of us have a drummer among our near and dear ones. For them, drumming is a passion and they live in a world of music and other instruments to go with it.


When it comes to finding a suitable gift for drummers, it is always a tricky task. You can surprise the drummer you know, with unusual presents if you put a little thought into it. To help you better in deciding unique gifts for drummers, I have listed 35 gift ideas for drummers below.

Have a read and then decide. The choice is yours!

Best Drummer Gifts

1. Wooden drumsticks


The first item in the list of drummer gift ideas is the wooden drumsticks. Drumsticks are the must have accessory for a drummer to play the percussion instrument. The seller of the pair of wooden drumsticks in the link has given us the option to engrave a personalized message (with the option to choose font) on the drumsticks. You can even print a photo on the drumsticks. You can inform about the message or photo while placing the order and I am sure your loved one will appreciate your creative acumen.

2. T-shirt


The t-shirt in the link is made from 100% cotton material. You just have to make sure that you select the correct size before ordering it for the drummer in your circle. Else, raid a local store and find one similar to this.

3. Tie clip


If you are planning to gift something that makes a fashion statement these tie clips are near perfect choices. I found one tie clip online which has a small drum set on the clip. These tie clips will feature in the list of unique gifts for drummers. What more, the pack also comes with a tie bag. The drummer can wear these clips whenever he goes for a concert or stage show.

4. Drum butter hand cream


It becomes very difficult to play drums for hours and a bottle of drum butter hand cream will prove to be a great gift. The hand cream in the link is made from Shea butter, bee’s wax, coconut oil and avocado oil to provide the much-needed nutrients to keep the hands and palms hydrated.  This will definitely feature in the list of drummer gifts, more of a necessity.

5. Drum necklace

Drum necklace

Next in the list of potential presents for drummers is a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a drum. Using a snare drum, the drummer can produce different types of sounds with the help of different snares.

6. Drummer’s Bible


For anyone who is just starting to learn the art of drumming, this guide will be of great help. So, the next in the list of gift ideas for drummers is a drummer’s guide or Drummer’s bible which I stumbled upon while searching for a beginner’s guide. The pack in the link contains a book and 2 CDs demonstrating the ways to play different drums and styles of drumming.

7. Desktop drum set


The next item in the list of presents for drummers is a small desktop drum set (). It is small enough to be kept on a desk and you can play whenever you have free time. The pack contains two 4.5 inch tom-toms, one 6 inch tom-tom, two plastic drumsticks, and one small cymbal which can be assembled easily on a plastic stand. Its simple design makes it easy to use. You can even gift this to kids.

8. Coffee mug

Coffee mug

Drummers love anything that represents their favourite instrument. I have added this coffee mug to the list of drummer gifts. The mug in the link is made of ceramic. I am sure he is going to use that mug to have coffee and he will remember you when he takes that first sip in the morning!

9. Drumstick holder


This is an accessory that is needed by any professional drummer. You can gift this drumsticks holder to any drummer. While I was writing down the list of gift ideas for drummers, I stumbled upon this product (drumsticks holder) which is made of neoprene and can hold up to 8 pairs of sticks. This utility gift will make the drummer in your circle realize that you take his hobby or profession seriously.

10. 3D model of drum

3D model of drum

Well, you can include this in the list of unique gifts for drummers. The 3D model of a drum set contains unassembled parts and you are provided with the instructions. This is an ideal gift for beginners of the age group 14 and more. This pack comes with a 4 inch square metal sheet from which you can pop out the replicas of percussion instruments in a drum set using a wire cutter.

11. Drum set ornament

Drum set ornament

Ornaments are elements used to decorate inside the house during festive season. A drummer will always want to decorate his personal room or even the living room with the replicas of drums. So I have added the drum set ornaments to my list of drummer gifts. You can gift these elegant drum ornaments to the drummer you know.

12. Hip-hop cap

Hip-hop cap

Next, the snapback hat feature in the list of drummer gift ideas. This hat is suitable for those who do stage programs or concerts. This hat is also suitable for any outdoor activities.

13. Drummer ear muffs


For anyone, the best gift will be something that lets them continue their hobby or passion without affecting their health. Here I am referring to the drummer ear muffs which can be used to protect their ears from loud noise while playing drums. Hence, the ear muffs feature in my list of presents for drummers more as a safety accessory.

14. Drum tuner

Drum tuner

Drummers will love the idea of someone gifting them accessories needed for their drum. A drum tuner can always be considered while creating the list gift ideas for drummers. Drum tuners are used to fine tune each tension rod on a drum so that the sound is perfect. Buy one which has the option to fine tune all types of drums; whether it is a tom-tom or snare drum in a drum set.

15. Drummer Timekeeper


This is a device which is used to measure your drumming accuracy and also the speed. This is a gadget which is very helpful for beginners because the device helps him count the number of strokes he can play in a minute. The drummer timekeeper improves your timing and should definitely feature in the list of drummer gifts.

16. Timber drum


A drummer will definitely try to experiment different percussion musical instruments and the timber drum is one of them. You can gift a timber drum since it is one of the unique gifts for drummers and is really fun to play. Timber drum produces a soft sound when compared to the regular drums and you do not need any expertise to play this drum.

17. Drumsticks pen


Next in the drummer gift ideas is drumsticks pen. You can even gift drumsticks pencil. I found a set online and the pack contained drumsticks pen and pencil. This is a perfect gift for kids and even adults who wants to play and write at the same time. The other end of the drumsticks pen or pencil can double up as a pair drumsticks. Quite a useful instrument, isn’t it?

18. Electronic drum kit set


This is a kind of toy which you can gift to those kids who are starting to learn drumming. The set is like a floor mat and produces the sounds of all parts (different types of drums) in a drum set. I have added this to the list of presents for drummers or rather beginners so that they can practice drumming at home.

19. Drum multi-tool


Any musical instrument needs maintenance and fine tuning. Drums are no different. So I have added a drum multi-tool to my list of unique gifts for drummers. This drum multi-tool includes wrench, drum key, and screwdrivers. This tool helps the drummer to fine tune his tension rods on the drums and he would love this useful gift.

20. Drum clip


These accessories are used to produce different sounds by attaching the clips to the drum ring. You can clip these to the top or bottom of the drum. In short, these control the resonance of the drum. When I was compiling the list of gift ideas for drummers, I found these drum clips. This can be a great gift to the drummer you know.

21. Sampling pad


Next in the drummer gift ideas is a sampling pad which the drummer can use to add other sounds while playing. A sampling pad is similar to a synthesizer but unlike synthesizer sampling pad lets you play recorded sounds. For a professional drummer this will be of great help to produce different tunes.

22. Cymbal spring


The cymbal springs can be considered while thinking about gift ideas for drummers. A cymbal spring is used to give free movement for the cymbals and to reduce the impact. These will protect the edge and central hole of the cymbal from getting damaged. But before buying one, get an idea about the size of your friend’s cymbal because you have to use different springs for different size.

23. Bass drum head


Another accessory that can be added to the list of drummer gifts is the bass drum head. You can buy bass drum heads of different sizes online or a local musical instrument shop. It will be easier if you can take the drummer with you while you shop. This adjustable damping system allows you to adjust the focus and attack.

24. Drum enhancer


Enhancers are used by drummers to lower the resonant frequency of the bass drum. This can be added to the list of unique gifts for drummers. These drum enhancers allows the drummer to produce deep sound and many drummers consider this as the most important accessory.

25. Torque Drum key


Next in the list of presents for drummers is a torque drum key. This accessory is used to adjust the tension of the rods. Before fine tuning you can set the tension to a particular value. Then you can set the tension of all rods to the same value using the torque drum key.

26. Drum set charm

Drum set charm

While searching for drummer gift ideas I found this drum set charm online that can be used as a pendant. The drum set charm is made of sterling silver and would add to the gleam of the setup, when worn by a drummer.

27. Drum mufflers


Any drummer will love the drum accessories that help him produce a variety of sounds and tunes. Drum tuning is a process of adjusting the pitch or the frequency of a drum and there are different ways to do that. Drum mufflers () are ring-shaped pads that can be attached without any adhesives. The drum mufflers can be considered while listing out the drummer gifts.

28. Soundoff drum mutes


Next in the list of unique gifts for drummers is the drum mute. The drum mutes in the pack –  – are ideal presents for drummers who have just started to learn drumming. The drum mutes help them to practice at home without producing much noise to startle the neighbours. The pack contains mutes that will fit for 12, 13, 14 and 16 inch drums.

29. Drummer’s Gloves


Drummers who perform for a long time may get blisters on their palm. A drummer’s gloves will keep them away from these blisters and also will provide the grip to hold the sticks firmly. The gloves can be definitely added to your drummer gift ideas if you are planning to present your drummer friend.

30. Bass drum beaters

Bass drum beaters

Next, in my list of gift ideas for drummers, is a set of colourful bass drum beaters. You get to choose from a pack of colourful drum beaters that is balanced for speed and power control. The shaft is made of steel and is black in colour to blend well with the colourful head.

31. Cymbal sizzler


Now we move to the Cymbal Sizzler, the next gift in my list of unique gifts for drummers. I found one that can be used as an alternative to the practice of drilling holes in the cymbal permanently. This is quite easy to install as well as remove. The smaller metal beads give out a “sizzling” jazz note. The cymbal rattle is generated with a cymbal felt and it sits conveniently on the cymbal post.

32. Drum throne


While there is a lot of thought put in getting the best equipment, we seldom ignore the comfort part. So, the Drum thrones are undoubtedly a good choice as drummer gifts. Find a seat that has at least 3 inches of padding and has the required height adjustments. The throne in the link is adjustable and has extra thick padding to provide comfort.

33. Symphonic gong percussion


While I was compiling this list of gift ideas for drummers I found an accessory which will help the drummer to produce different tones. The symphonic gong percussion is a good add-on to a drummer’s repertoire. This one generates a sturdy and powerful note that is further softened and enhanced by harmonic overtones. The outcome is a full, round and warm response. The one depicted in the link is a 24-inch diameter one.

34. Practice pad set


Our next item in the list of presents for drummers is a portable pad set with stand (). This portable 5 piece pad set is an essential requirement for any budding drummer or even someone who is used to traveling with his drum sets. It is easy to assemble and the build quality inspires confidence. This set consists of a stand, one bass drum pad, two drum pads (10-inch) for snare and floor tom, two drum pads (8-inch) for tom and cymbal, and all mounting hardware.

35. Drum set bag


Once the practice or the performance is over, it is time to take good care of your instruments. This should begin with proper packing and storage. A drum set bag would serve the purpose well and is the last one in my drummer gift ideas. The drum set bag shown in the link is made of durable nylon material with a 10 mm padded interior. They also include comfortable carrying straps.

This concludes the list of drummer gifts and now the choice is yours. Get ready to surprise the drummer you love!