35 Unique Gifts for Music Lovers

Everyone has a friend or family member who takes care of the music when there is a party arranged.

Gifts for Music Lovers

Your loved one may be a talented musician too. Most of us like to listen to music when we are traveling or when we are free. Let us take a look into the best gift ideas for music lovers.

Best Gifts for Music Lovers

1. Vest with speaker


The first in my list of gifts for the music lover is a running vest which has a speaker on it. The running vest in the link gives you the freedom to listen to music without any hassles while running. The speakers that are present below the ears give you enough volume and you can hear the sounds from your surroundings.

2. Songs CD

Songs CD

Next in my list of gift ideas for music lovers is a songs CD. All music lovers will have one artist whose songs they will like to hear more. As a gift for your loved one you can buy the music CD of their choice. The music CD in the link contains an album of Eagles songs which was recorded in 1993. These songs are perfect the gifts for the music lovers who enjoy listening to country rock music. When you select a music CD or DVD make sure that songs are of his or her choice (the type of music which they like to listen).

3. Music sheet bangle


This is a gift for the music lover which can be added to the unique music gifts. The bangle is an ideal gift for girls and ladies who love to hear music all the time. The bangle or the stretch bracelet that is in the link is music themed and will look like it is made of musical notes. This gift will also feature in the list of gifts for a musician (ladies).

4. Music stand


Musicians performing in concerts and on stages will need music stand to keep their book with lyrics or notes. A foldable music stand () can be included in the list of gifts for a musician. The link contains a foldable music stand which can be used to hold music sheets or book. The pack also comes with a carry bag for the stand.

5. Musical measuring spoons


If you are looking for personalized music gifts, you can buy spoons or kitchenware in the shape of different musical instruments. When I was searching for a music gift, I found measuring spoons in the shape of strumming instruments. These are unique music gifts for anyone and these can be used to measure things for which you use tablespoon or teaspoon.

6. Portable Speaker


One of the best gifts for music lovers is a speaker which they can carry around while traveling. Buy a portable speaker so that your friend can enjoy music while in a party or get together. When you buy a portable speaker, select one that is splash proof so that the speaker can be used even nearby a pool or at the beach. The portable speaker in the link is Bluetooth enabled.

7. Musical instrument


The best gifts for a musician are the instruments in which he or she has proficiency if you want to give personalized music gifts. For example for a guitarist the best choice will be to gift him a guitar. If your friend is a pianist, you can gift him a good piano which he will be remembering for a lifetime.

8. Portable turnable


The next gift in my list of gift ideas for music lovers is a portable turnable. A portable turnable helps the music lover you know to enjoy the music even when they are on vacation. For those who have the records but do not have a record player, this portable turnable can be of great help. The record player in the link has a suitcase enclosure which makes it easy to carry.

9. Cabinet for CDs

Cabinet for CDs

The best gifts for music lovers are those items which help them to keep their records and CDs safe. They will be having lots or records or CDs of their favourite musician. Why don’t you gift the music lover in your circle a multi-media storage cabinet? The storage cabinet in the link is made from oak and has 9 removable drawers (stair step design).

10. Headphone earmuffs


Most of us use headphones to listen to music, however sometimes we may not be able to hear the music properly because of the surrounding noise. Headphone earmuffs are unique music gifts that you can present to any music lover. The earmuff that is in the link has snowflakes printed on it and is ideal for winter season. Headphone earmuffs will also protect you from the chilling breeze and keeps your ears warm in winter.

11. Musical notes loop scarf


Next in my list of gift ideas for music lovers is a loop scarf. People wear scarfs for fashion and to protect themselves from inhospitable weather conditions. We use woolen scarfs to escape from the cool breeze in winter. Buy one loop scarf which has musical notes printed on it. These loop scarfs can be added to unique music gifts for women.

12. A USB flash drive


In this era of technology we have many options to carry our songs, movies, and data. A USB flash drive will definitely feature in the list of personalized music gifts. The USB drive in the link is in the shape of a piano keyboard having a small chain with a musical note. The music lover in your circle can store and share their favorite songs and other files in this USB drive.

13. Finger thumb Piano


Perfect gifts for a musician are always musical instruments. So I have included the finger thumb piano to the list of unique music gifts. The small thumb piano in the link can be played by anyone if they know the basics of the instrument. This device is made of sounding bars arranged in a wooden box for the resonance. The sounding bars are of different lengths for different sounds.

14. Conductor and Baton cufflinks


We all know that for a man the cufflinks represent fashion and a way to express himself. A music lover will surely appreciate the “conductor and baton cufflinks” since that represent their hobby. These are best gifts for music lovers and are ideal for men who have panache for music.

15. Musical sculpture

Musical sculpture

Next in my list of gifts for the music lover is a sculpture that represents musical instruments or musicians playing instruments. You can even consider these sculptures as personalized music gifts if you will select the sculpture according to the person’s choice. For example for a person who likes saxophone you can gift a saxophone player sculpture.

16. Noise cancelling headphones


If you are searching for gift ideas for music lovers, headphones can be a good choice. Buy one noise cancelling headphone which is light weight. The headphone in the link is compatible with every device which has a 3.5 mm plug. The pack comes with a remote control to answer calls. Now, your loved one can enjoy music without any distraction from the surroundings.

17. Musician Dangle earrings


Earrings are unique music gifts which you can gift to your female friend who is a music lover. I searched online and found earrings in the shape of musical notes. These earrings are made of silver (.925 sterling silver). I am sure your friend is going to have a great addition to their wardrobe. You will get earrings in the shape of musical instruments also, which can be ideal gifts for a musician.

18. Digital Piano Keyboard starter kit


I have added this starter kit to the list of gifts for a musician since this will help the beginners to learn piano. The starter kit comes with keyboard, stand, stool, headphones and a teaching app (30 songs).  You can gift this to anyone who wants to become a musician and just started to learn piano. This is an example for a gift to a budding musician.

19. A Music Pendant


Next item in my list of gifts for the music lover is a pendant. Buy one pendant which has something related to music. If you can get the pendant with the chain it will look nice. I found one pendant with an image of a violin and musical notes engraved on it. These pendants can be given as personalized music gifts to violinists.

20. Music Themed bottle opener


There are no parties or get together without music. Just like that in a party, drinks will be served and the host will need quality bottle openers. So why not you gift a set of music themed bottle openers for the music lover you know. I am sure they are going to be very happy with this gesture. Music themed bottle openers will feature in best gifts for music lovers.

21. Picture Frame


Next in the list of personalized music gifts is a picture frame. A picture lets you capture a memorable moment from your life. Get a music themed picture frame for your loved one and frame a photo of their family or stage show. The photo frame in the link is made from thick paper and has music notes printed on it. You can fit a 4 x 6 inch photo in the frame. If your loved one is a musician you can frame a photo of their stage performance.

22. Custom pillow case


This is another gift that can be added to the list of personalized music gifts. Buy one custom pillow case and get it printed or painted with something related to music. The size of the pillow case in the link is 50 cm and you can send the picture to the seller so that they can print it on the case.

23. Wireless shower speaker


A music lover will enjoy listening to music even while taking a shower. You can gift a shower speaker which can be connected to their device wirelessly. A wireless shower speaker usually works with Bluetooth. The speaker in the link comes with a rechargeable battery which gives 6 hours of playtime. This speaker also has the facility to answer and hang up the calls.

24. Wall Plaque

Wall Plaque

Next in my list of gift ideas for music lovers is a wall plaque with quotes or music-themed pictures engraved on it. While searching for wall plaque for my living room I stumbled upon one which had the quote a music quote engraved on it. These plaques are handmade and can be added to your list of gifts for the music lover.

25. Door Hanger


We usually use door hangers for hanging the keys in the living room. You can also use these to hang your dresses in your bed room. Door hangers can feature in the list of best gifts for music lovers and will bring some style to their living room and bed room. The door hanger in the link has three music note hooks with ball end.

26. Music player


In the list of gift ideas for music lovers, I have added music player as the next gift. For a person who loves to listen to music all the time, a portable music player will be a perfect gift. Nowadays these music players come with SD card slot and the facility to play videos. The portable music player in the link has 16 GB storage capacity and you are provided with the option to use a SD card.

27. Wood Piano Music Wall Clock

Wood Piano Music Wall Clock

Vinyl records were the analog sound storage medium for a long time until the digital media took over the market. Still these are manufactured in small scale for the DJs. Here I am speaking about a clock which is piano music wall clock.

28. Jigsaw Puzzle


Next in the list of gifts for the music lover is a 550 piece jigsaw puzzle. The pieces in the set have icons of punk and post-punk music with great artists like Bob Marley. This will increase the music knowledge of your loved one. You can even gift this to your kids if they are fans of punk rock music. You have options to choose puzzles based on other genres of music.

29. Music notes paper clip

Music notes paper clip

Paper clips are office accessories and are part of any office desk. These are unique gifts for a musician. The musician in your circle will never expect a gift like this from you. I searched online and found a box of musical notes paper clips. People will easily understand that the papers are from the office of a musician seeing these pretty paper clips.

30. Sticky Notes Booklet


I was searching for a sticky notes booklet and stumbled upon this booklet which contained 200 sticky notes in the shape of different musical notes. So I added these to my list of unique music gifts. These sticky notes will help the music lover in your circle to take notes for projects. The sticky notes booklet is compact, so you can carry it around easily.

31. Music Pencils


I have added pencil set in the list of gift ideas for music lovers. I got this idea from my neighbor who is giving music classes. The music pencil set contained pencils which had the eraser in the shape of notes or musical instruments. You can order these from online stores or can buy from a nearby stationery store.

32. Guide for the beginners


When someone is starting to learn any musical instrument it is always good to have a beginners guide. Find out the suitable guide for your friend and gift it to him or her. For example, if your loved one is learning to play flute you can gift a guide with notes for flutists.

33. Coaster set


Coasters are used to keep hot coffee mugs or other drinks to protect the table. You can gift a set of coasters which are in the shape of music CDs or records. When I was searching to make this list of gifts for the music lover I found coaster sets which had pictures of musical instruments printed on it.

34. Jewelry Box


This is an ideal gift for the lady musician in your circle. Jewelry boxes are best gifts for music lovers and musicians. The jewelry box in the link is in the shape of a piano and you will get boxes in different shapes. You can choose according to the music lover’s preference.

35. Electronics Synth Kit


The last one in my list of gifts for a musician is a synthesizer kit. This kit allows the musician to create customized and modular synth with the help of the guide included with the pack. This is an addition to the best gifts for music lovers who are aspiring sonic pioneers.

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