40 best gift cards for Christmas 2022

Every holiday season, people spend hours debating on gifts they should choose for their loved one. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get it right every time. However, there is an easy solution; you can always give them Christmas gift cards, which will allow them to buy something of their own choosing.


Below listed are some of the best gift cards for Christmas:

1. com Gift Card in a Snowflake Tin (Happy Holidays Card Design)


Just because you are going with gift cards, doesn’t mean you have to compromise with style. This 50$ gift card comes nestled inside a tin specialty gift box.


2.Private Gondola Ride in Venice for Two – Tinggly Voucher/Gift Card in a Gift Box

 Private Gondola Ride in Venice for Two

This gift card will get a relaxed and stylish cruise to the Sardinian coast. You can explore the and swim in the refreshing water.


3.Amazon.com Gift Card in a Gift Tag

Amazon.com Gift Card

This 10$ amazon.com gift card comes with its own tag shaped carrier. There is no fee for this card and there is no expiration date either.


4. Grave/Pessac Morning Experience in Bordeaux – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box

Tinggly Voucher

It is one of the Tinggly gift box, that can get you access to hundreds of different experiences around the world.


5. Cruise off the Sorrento Coast for Two – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


Stunning and relaxing cruise along the Sorrento Coastline, your experience will start with tasty aperitifs upon boarding.


6. com Gift Card in a Santa Tin (Ho! Ho! Ho! Card Design)


What is Christmas without the legendry Santa HO!HO!HO!. This card is available in ten different denominations from $50 to $1000. It has a Christmas design with HO!HO!HO! printed over it.


7. Spectacular View from the Shard and Lunch for Two in London – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


This gift card will get you to the best observation deck of Europe’s tallest building, so you can see great, uninterrupted views of the capital. This will also get you an amazing meal at nearby Azzurro


8. com Gift Card in Gift Box Reveal (Classic Black Card Design)


This amazon.com gift card comes in twenty different denominations, starting from $15 to $1500. These unique Christmas gift cards comes affixed in a specialty pop-up card holders.


9. Starbucks Gift Card

Starbucks Gift Card

This Starbucks Gift Card is for coffee lovers. It is redeemable at most the Starbucks locations. This great card comes in five different variations, from traditional to holiday.


10. com Gift Card in a Greeting Card (Various Designs)


These are greeting cards that give the benefits of gift cards. They are available in multiple designs and denominations, most with an increment of $5, starting for $5 itself.


11. Moulin Rouge Show with Champagne in Paris – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


This gift card will get you into the spectacular and trilling performance of music and dance at the world famous Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris. The Champagne is included in the treat.


12. com eGift Cards

Amazon.com eGift Card

These are one of the best gift cards for Christmas, as they can be emailed to your friends. You can choose from the standard or animated card or you can customize the card with your own photo. Starting amount is $25, though you can buy a card for any amount


13. Premier Afternoon Tea Cruise for Two in London – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


A chance to enjoy an amazing and relaxing tea on Thames riverboat cruise, while you can see some the highlights of London from peaceful and quiet surroundings.


14. com Gift Card in a Ornament Tin (Merry Christmas Card Design)


A special Christmas gift card that comes with comes in ten different denominations starting from $25. Though, the best part is, they have a “Merry Christmas” written on top of it.


15. Thrilling Aston Martin V8 Vantage Experience in United Kingdom for two – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


It is ideal for people who love fast cars. As this card will let you drive the Aston Martin V-8 Vantage around a purpose built tracks. You will get instructor to help you through and to keep you safe.


16. com Gift Card in a Plaid Gift Box (Various Card Designs)


Gift cards again affixed in specialty box. This one is designed with a plaid design, very elegant and beautiful to look at. You can order them in different designs and plaids.


17. Unique 30 mins. Experience with 737 Flight Simulator in the UK for Two – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


Some people will call this the best gift cards for Christmas, as they will get the controls for 737-800 flight in a stimulator and will learn the basics of operating a jetliner.


18. com Gift Card in a Black Gift Box (Various Card Designs)


Great gift card set in a black designer box. The cards itself can be bought in different designs and denominations. One the simple and best gift cards for Christmas.


19. Worldwide Experience Gifts – Ultimate Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card Instant E-mail Delivery


One of the unique Christmas gift cards, as it can be used for hundreds of different experiences like bungee jumping, diving with the sharks or yoga. It comes in a beautiful personalized Tinggly box.


20. com Gift Card in a Gold Reveal (Classic Black Card Design)


The card is hidden inside a reveal flap. As most amazon.com gift cards, it can be scanned and redeemed using a mobile phone or tablet. The simple black, but elegant design gives it a unique hue.


21. Nordstrom Gift Cards – In a Gift Box


These great Christmas gift cards can be redeemed in stores or even by phone. The best part they can even be used online on the store website.


22. Starbucks Gift Cards, Multipack of 3


A variation of the regular Starbucks gift cards, though this one is for mega enjoyment, as you get not one but three gift cards.


23. Airbnb Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery


One of the e-gift cards, which can be delivered through email. This gift card allows you to book unique places to stay with different hosts anywhere in the world.


24. com Gift Card in a Holiday Pop-Up Box (Classic White Card Design)


Pop-up Christmas gift cards box that only comes in six denominations, starting for $50 to $250. When you open the box the card pops up.


25. Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card


This is a sports bar gift card for holidays. You can buy everything from appetizers to wings at Buffalo wild wings with this card.


26. com Gift Card in a Santa Smile Tin (Classic White Card Design)


The special Santa smile gift card, that is only available in five denominations, starting from $25 and ending at $100. It has been beautifully designed, with Christmas in mind.


27. Regal Entertainment Gift Cards – In a Gift Box


These gifts cards will get you the best concessions and admissions for movies. The best part is, that they can be used at any of the Regal cinemas or Edwards theaters around the world.


28. Olive Garden Gift Card


This gift card will get you access to some of the finest award winning wine lists and a great range of delicious Italian dishes. These Darden Restaurant gift cards are redeemable at any Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse and a few other institutions.


29. Panera Bread Gift Card


Panera Bread gift cards gives you the gift of good taste. Though, it can only be use at Panera Bread bakery cafes.


30. com Gift Cards, Pack of 3 (Various Designs)


Regular amazon.com gift cards that come in a pack of three, so you can either gift one to each of your friends or you can give the whole set to one friend.


31. Visit Bath and Discover the Mysterious Stonehenge in The UK – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


It allows the holder a tour of Stonehenge, the great mystery from the ancient world, then an afternoon in the historical city of Bath.


32. com Gift Cards – As a Bookmark –


An amazing gift card, that comes in the shape of a bookmark. The gift card is intended for book purchase, though it can be used to buy anything else on the site as well.


33. Outback Steakhouse Gift Card


Outback Steakhouse offers you the fresh flavor every day. This gift card can be redeemed at Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefire Grill, Fleming’s Prime steakhouse & Wine Bar and a number of other places, this holiday season.


34. Chili’s Gift Cards, Multipack of 3


You can get a great taste of life at Brinker. It can also be redeemed at Head to Chili’s Grill & Bar and a few other restaurants. It also comes in a pack of three.


35. Gondola Serenade in Venice for Two – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


The ancient city of Venice has been calling visitors and tourist for centuries. It is your turn now, to tour the city in a gondola.


36. Saman? Adventure with El Limon Waterfall in Dominican Republic – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


Another gift card that will get you to visit a exotic location. You can take a swim beneath a stunning waterfall and find original souvenirs, enjoy horseback riding in the forest and meet locals


37. Delicious Nassau Food Experience in Bahamas – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


Great food experience in the Bahamas, it will let you enjoy great cuisines, in six different food tastings. You can also explore the historic Nassau


38. Unique Bag Painting Workshop in Paris for Two – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


If you are interested in doing something out of the box, these Christmas gift cards, will let you meet the world famous handbag designer Kasia Dietz and see her studio


39. El Yunque Rainforest Experience in Puerto Rico – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


Holidays in Puerto Rico can be quite exciting, and these gift cards will get you exactly that. Invigorating hikes through a beautiful rainforest.


40. Half Day Introduction To Bird Of Prey In United Kingdom for Two – Tinggly Voucher / Gift Card in a Gift Box


This will be a great gift for people who are interested in birds. Because you can learn about birds of prey around the world, and they will also let you practice handling the birds, under the watchful eyes of instructors.