5 DIY Friendship Day Cards

If you wish that you should enthrall your friend on the forthcoming Friendship Day with the card that you made on your own, here are 5 ideas. It is good that you want to show your friend how much he/she means to you on this friendship day. Of course, you can select a suitable gift that he/she will like a lot to show your affection and friendship. But, how about making a friendship day cards on your own to enthrall your friend? Yes, rather than making huge investments on shopping for friendship day cards or gifts, you can invest your time in making those beautiful greeting cards for your friends. Here are top ideas that will help you:

5 DIY Friendship Day Cards

1. How about a whale wishing your friend a happy friendship day?

Yes, to prepare this greeting card you will need a white or any other color cardboard paper for the base and another cardboard paper of smaller size than the one that you took previously. Also, you need a blue color balloon, a googly eye, a tissue and a few bits like pen, ruler, gum and scissors. Just make two rectangle pieces of cardboards one smaller than the other and you can use pen, scale, and scissors for initially drawing an outline and for cutting the cardboard. Just paste the smaller rectangle on the bigger rectangle. Now, your base is ready. Also, the bigger cardboard should have been cut in the way that it can be folded like a greeting card. Now, convert your blue balloon in a whale by inflating it slightly and by drawing the mouth with a black pen and then finally by attaching the googly eye over the mouth drawn. Once the balloon is ready just draw water like marks on the smaller cardboard that was attached to the center of the bigger cardboard. Then, attach the blue whale and on the top of the whale write ‘happy friendship day on the smaller card. That’s it your card is ready.

whale wishing your friend a happy friendship day

2. Minion card:

Now you know how to make the base for the greeting card. Yes, it is by folding the cardboard in the required size. Just take cardboard to make the face for the minion. You should have specs like structure that can be made with the cardboard. Then, a smiling mouthpiece that you can cut from the cardboard and finally paste them onto the base of your greeting card. Now, your minion will share your friendship day wishes to your friend. At the center of the specs, just paste two googly eyes with moving pupil to make your card more adorable.

Cardborad minion

 3. Candle card:

To show your friend that you are here to always light his/her path, you can prepare the candle card with the same base like earlier and then you can paste small size candles in an attractive design on the card. Your card will be ready.

Candle card

4. Lovely Christmas card:

To make this, you will need some ice cream sticks that you can color in green and you can paste the sticks as if they look like a Christmas tree. Then, decorate the tree with the help of colorful cotton balls and finally write your wishes to your friend.

Lovely Christmas card

5. Butterfly card:

Just draw the shape of a butterfly in a cardboard that is folded like a greeting card and then cut together in the shape of a butterfly. Now, you have the card in the shape of a butterfly, you can decorate it in different colors and can make it an attractive butterfly to share your wishes to your friend.

Minion card

Similarly, you can make an Olaf and many other designs on the basis of your creativity to share your wishes with your friend.

Sravan Kumar

Sravan Kumar

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