50th birthday gift ideas to make the day special!

Birthday is a special occasion for everyone, no matter how old they are. When somebody is celebrating their 50th birthday, the event is all the more special. What kind of a birthday would it be if there are no gifts? We list a few 50th birthday gift ideas that will help you forget your worries on what to choose for the 50th birthday gift.

Photo Frame

Well the Photo Frame features first in my list of touching 50th birthday gift ideas. Pictures capture memory and there is no better way to display the captured memory than a stunning photo frame. You can get a well-crafted photo frame, pack it attractively (using gift wrappers and bow) and leave a loving note. You can get really good photo frames from your local stores or even online.

photo frame

50th birthday gift – Tiara

This one is strictly for ladies who are stepping past the half century mark – a tiara that is studded and looks shiny as well as elegant. It should make her look like a princess or more so a queen. This 50th birthday gift idea would make Her Highness have a royal touch to her birthday and win compliments and compliments throughout the day. Make sure that the Tiara that you get fits her well and this 50th birthday gift should be presented as soon as possible. In fact she should open the gift pack right at the beginning of the celebration.




Cap with a message

The next gift is unisexual in nature, but more suited to the 50 year old male. Yep, it is a cap with a message that has “Made in 1966” embroidered in white with a Velcro sewn to make it fit heads of different sizes. Your old man is going to love this simple yet special 50th birthday gift. This is a simple gift that can be worn right in front of you. Though it is not an expensive one, it does speak a hidden language that you do care for that person.


Cap with a message


T-shirt with a catchy message

Gifting a T-shirt with a catchy message would be one of the 50th birthday gift ideas which are the simplest. It could read “50 and fit” or “50 years younger”. You can either pick one of them ready made from a local store or if there is enough time you can get one designed and printed. If you are not sure take a look at this T-shirt, In fact, the product listed in this link is a unisex design and hence can be gifted to either a 50 year old male or a female.I am sure this simple gesture of yours will make them happy and they are going to remember you whenever they wear it!


T-shirt with a catchy message


A book

This is a good 50th birthday gift idea if the individual is an avid reader or even if he or she has a habit of reading occasionally. A book can be a companion at any age and at 50, it is well going to be a best companion. So, start hunting for a book that suits the interest and tastes of the 50 year old. If the person is someone with a very good sense of humor. Else, choose a good fiction based novel or any other book. Make sure that you gift wrap the book well and write a loving note on it too!


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