51 best holiday food gifts

With holidaying occasions pouring in, there’s a lot of gift giving and sharing with food items. The joy of gifting delectable, mouthwatering and scrumptious edibles to friends, families and loved ones is beyond all other worldly items. Get the best Gift Items for Festive occasions Designed and wrapped in fun and festive art works, these are some last minute holiday gift ideas that are just perfect for all seasons.

best holiday food gifts

1. Dry Fruit Gift Box

Dry Fruit Gift Box

A beautiful gift box packed with the best quality American almonds, Goan cashews, Afgani pistachios and selected raisins, these dry fruits have been nitrogen flushed and vacuum packed to retain freshness and deliver happiness at your acquaintance’s doorstep.


2. Flavored Candy Gift Pack

Flavored Candy Gift Pack

Available in mint and other fruit flavors, these crystal clear candies are colorful and the love of children. There are two packets and four flavors inside a cardboard brand package that offer great taste and quality at a premium price.


3. Ghasitaram Gift Pack

Ghasitaram Gifts

The most ideal gift for festivals, this Ghasitaram gifts comes with a variety of sweets that preserves and signifies the importance of our tradition. The combination of namkeen, snacks and sweets in one pack at a great price makes it all the more desirable.

4.David’s Cookies 24 Fresh Baked Cookies Gourmet Gift Basket

David's Cookies

This food packet has been specially designed to be gifted on various festivals and occasions. Gift your dear and loved ones with something special this season for a healthier start and lifestyle.


5. Food Snack Bag Pouch Clip Sealer

Food Snack Bag Pouch Clip Sealer

Amongst the best food gift items, this 18 piece set of food bag clips is great for storing leftovers in a completely sealed, safe and easy to use pack. The seal bag clips can also be used for clipping various kinds of milk powder bags, plastic bags and paper bags as well. A must use for all households, these packets are great and come surprisingly useful on most occasions.


6. Snapin Pizza Mix

Snapin Pizza Mix

The Snappin Pizza Mix works amazingly well with pizza sauces and seasonings and has been designed to give your tastier pizzas with something extra. It matches well with parsley and chilly flakes and the product is of the best holiday food gifts for pizza lovers.

7. Roasted Dry Fruit Gift Pack

Happiness Roasted Dry Fruits Gift Box

These freshest and ready to eat dry fruits include roasted pistachios, and almonds and cashews in an elegant gift pack. These can be consumed straight from the pack in their natural state or they can also be used as ingredients in other recipes for added taste and flavors.


8. Real Juice Family Flavor

Real Juice Family Flavor

This unique combination of a 1 liter and 200 ml packs within a premium easy to carry dispenser is an awesome product at reasonable price that forms the best holiday food gifts for families and friends.


9.Ghasitaram Gifts Rakhi & Mawa Peda

Ghasitaram Mawa Peda BoxA gorgeous box stuffed with delectable Mawa kesar and Mawa white pedas, the mithai pack also comes with roli, chandan and chawal pouches. The mawa peda box has been packed specifically using Italian technology that warranties for an extended shelf life.

10.Creative Snacks Almond Cluster Cranberries & Cashews 4 OZ

Creative Snacks Almond Cluster

Creative snacks almond cluster cranberries and cashews Pack presents the best holiday food gifts designed for all occasions. It comes with the finest hand sorted raisins, cranberries, cashew and almonds that will certainly make you want to have more because of their rich and vibrant colors. It’s the best food item on your list to satisfy your appetite without having to compromise on the health benefits.

11. Doyen Luxury KokoDate – Middle East Dates

Doyen Luxury KokoDate – Middle East Dates

An assortment of the finest imported Middle East Dates, these luxurious holiday edible gifts come with gourmet fillings and make an amazingly healthy snack that naturally boosts energy. Gift your friends and families with this uniquely wonderful way of savoring the best quality dates this holiday season.


12. Coconut Delight Gift Box

Coconut Delight Gift Box

This beautiful box includes an assorted mix of coconut mithai in kesar and orange flavors. Designed specifically for Bhaidooj occasion, this gift pack also comes with roli, chandan and chawal that will serve your purpose well.


13. Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Gift Pack

Fairytale Brownies

Fairy tale brownies presents a whole rich dry fruits collection gift box dipped in luscious milk chocolate that will make your loved ones feel really special. Be it an anniversary, birthday or any other occasion, this favorite gift box will help you form new and special bonds.

14. Edible Arrangements Fresh Chocolate Covered Strawberries Gift Box

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Gift Box12 Semisweet Chocolate Covered Strawberries
This signature box of chocolate covered strawberries is the perfect gift for birthdays, get well, sympathy, congratulations, and more!
Featuring a dozen fresh, ripe strawberries carefully hand-dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate, this decadent treat is sure to make their day even sweeter.


15. Picnic Basket for a couple


UNIQUE INSULATED COMPARTMENT: Picnic basket comes with an insulated compartment. You can use it to create a hot or cold area inside your basket. You don’t want your perishable foods to enter the temperature Danger Zone while you travel. If you like to bring mayonnaise or meat-based dishes on your trips then an insulated picnic basket could be ideal for you.

16. Happy & Healthy Organic Fruit & Snax Gift Box

Happy & Healthy Organic Fruit & Snax Gift Box

The happy health pack 6 pieces of farm fresh fruit, Organic Jewels pure dark chocolate, Small Batch Organics cherry granola bark, Emmy’s organic lemon ginger coconut cookies, Sun-dried organic Turkish apricots, Decorative gift box


17. Printed Candies for Valentines gifts

Printed Candies for Valentines gifts

Designed around the Valentine’s theme, this elegant wooden box has 9 printed candies that come with sweet messages. Present your beloved with this sweet gesture of love and take your relationship goals a notch higher.


18. Sweet moments Sweets and Toffees Gift Pack

Sweet moments Sweets and Toffees Gift Pack

Ravalgaon presents a great pack of toffees and sweets made from milk solids, liquid glucose, edible vegetable fats and colors that is a great Sweet moments Sweets and Toffees Gift Pack item on various occasions. The packs of 3 are designed beautifully to be presented to all your relatives and friends on festive occasions.

19. Panned white Almond Box

Panned white Almond Box

Made of roasted almonds and rich cocoa solids, the Panned White almond Box contains a pack of relishing chocolate bars. Gift your friends with this box this holiday season and they will be more than delighted to accept it.

20. Special Gift Basket, Plush I LOVE YOU Teddy Bear

Teddy Chocolate Basket

Presenting the finest quality ingredients and cocoa beans, Andy Anand brings this amazing new product where you can personalize any text and photo on the chocolates. Also you can include a love card or a similar image for your loved ones and they will be simply overwhelmed with this thoughtful gift.


21. Unibic Festive Cookies

Unibic Festive Cookies

This beautiful tin containing rich gourmet Unibic Festive Cookies including triple choco chip cookies, honey and raising cookies, butter cookies, and dates and almond cookies is one of the best holiday food gifts that you can gift your loved ones. They are delicious, great quality, good in deal and definitely worth the price.

22. Kurkure Festive Giftbox

Kurkure Festive Giftbox

If you are bored of gifting the same customary sweets every festive season, grab this chatpata treats from Kurkure. There’s a range of various festive offerings including 5 exciting flavors that will make your festivals all the more fun and cheerful.


23. Natural Dry Fruits Festive Gift Box

Natural Dry Fruits Festive Gift Box

Stored in an elegant air tight gift container are natural cashews and tastier almonds that have been premium handpicked and constitute the best holiday gifts on various occasions, especially Diwali. For the love of healthier food, this is the perfect piece of gift item that you can lay your hands on.

24. Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Gift Box

cadbary celebration

The Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Gift Box is an all-inclusive healthy gift pack that you can present to your loved ones. Rick in minerals, vitamins and fiber, this gift box has the best quality healthy snacks that will show your love and concern for them.

25. Doyen Luxury Dip Dates

Doyen Luxury Dip Dates

Presenting a gourmet collection of Arabic style dates, this luxurious food gift item has premium quality dates coated with crunch cashew, pistachio and Californian almond. Perfect for a healthy and quick snacks bite, these dates are great at providing delicious taste and energy boosting nutrition.


26. Halwai Fruit and Nut Halwa

 Halwai Fruit and Nut Halwa

Beautifully packed in a well-designed box, the traditional nut and fruit halwa is an ideal gift item for all your loved ones. Made from pure ghee, the quality of these sweets is premium without any compromise on quality.


27. Dry fruits festive gift box

Dry fruits festive gift box

A ready to eat and fresh dry fruit collection from VS Dry fruits festive gift box Mart, this hygienically packed dry fruits box contains premium quality almonds and natural cashews. It also comes with a beautiful complimentary candle inside, so go ahead and grab your gift pack for your dearest ones.

28. Premium Seedless dates

Premium Seedless dates

The premium seedless dates pack has more than enough quantity sourced and sorted from all the best farms in Middle East. With caramel like taste, these are one of the most delectable food items that you can buy for gifting in this festive season.

29. Special Dry Fruits Gift Basket

 Special Dry Fruits Gift Basket

This special dry fruits basket from VSD is one of the best basket gift packs for Diwali. A starter for happy and delicious moments, this gorgeously decorated basket contains roasted almonds, roasted cashews, pudina cashews, roasted pistachios, black current almonds and dehydrated dried fruits.


30. Carnival Almonds

Carnival Almonds

Carnival brings along the freshness of  Carnival almonds along with the deliciousness and nutrition factor that makes it an amazing food gift item on any festive occasion. The sophisticated packing ensures that people fall in love with this gift item not only because of its contents but from the moment they lay their hands on it.

31. Gift Chocolates

Chocolate Gift Box For

Truly ideal for gifting on birthday occasions, this box of gift chocolates contains 3 packs of chocolicious almonds, raisins and cashews that satisfies the genuine love for chocolates. These are the perfect snacks to keep at hand and pop in whenever you get hunger pangs and cravings.


32. Delight Assorted Cookies

Delight Assorted Cookies

Agarwal’s Delight brings along a perfect gifting box for your loved ones that has an assortment of 4 finest and choicest cookies including butter vanila, dry fruits, butter ajwain and chocolate flavors.


33. Halwa Diwali Sweets

Halwa Diwali Sweets

Packed inside a gorgeously shaped box, this box of succulent spongy halwa studded with the finest dry fruits are the ideal gift items for your loved ones. Chandu Karachi sweets are known to add a halwa diwali sweet touch on all auspicious occasions and this product is just perfect for such festivities.

34. Festive Gift Hamper

Festive Gift Hamper

Froopops presents an assortment of sweets in a festive gift hamper including scrumptious mango, jamun and chikoo flavors. Made from real fruit pulp, these sweets are just delicious and the hamper also contains items like cute teddy, rings, diyas, bands and key chains.


35. Oats and Atta cookies

Oats and Atta cookies

Packed with health benefits, these healthy variants from Agarwals Delight come with cookies rich in oats, honey and whole wheat. Manufactured from pure butter, these cookies are pure delights and an attractive option for gifting on special occasions.


36. Christmas Tree sugar cookies

Christmas Decorated Cookies gift

Made from the best quality ingredients lie vanilla extracts and cream butter, these Christmas Tree sugar cookies have been deliciously baked with royal icing which ensure that they taste as amazingly well as they look. It’s the perfect item to gift your loved ones on this Christmas season.

37. Christmas Candies


Packed with 10 different kinds of traditional British sweets, it’s a perfect gift item to just enjoy with yourself or present it to someone within the family. The box made of solid wood has a nice woodland Christmas scene that makes for the perfect gift for the occasion.


38. Movie Gift Basket

Movie Gift Basket

This is the ultimate family gift you can present anyone who is quite serious about their movie experiences. This small movie box contains all that a movie marathoner would need to remain happily stuck in front of the screen. It’s a gift that does never fail for movie lovers.


39. Holiday Herbal Tea

Holiday Herbal Tea

Add on this warm blend of fruit and mulling spices to your wine, cider or any other favorite liquor and enjoy the cold winter festive nights. Also serving as a great air freshener, this holiday herbal tea maintains the festive spirit and an amazing holiday spice aroma.

40. Chocolate Bar Gift

Chocolate Bar Gift

Made from the finest cocoa beans, these smooth dark and milk chocolates with their quirky designs are the perfect gift items to honor your loved ones on the numerous festive occasions. Also these are great luxury bars for savoring romantic moments.


41. Apple Pie Pops

Apple Pie Pops

These mini delicious apple pie pops in heart shapes are an elegant combination of taste and looks. They make for great party gifts and simply work the magic on any festivity.

42.The Lindt Christmas Chocolate Treat Box

The Lindt Christmas Chocolate Treat Box

The little Belgian chocolate bears come with all festive accessories painted that make cute gorgeous colorful gifts. Available in white and milk chocolate flavors, these are special stockings for small boys and girls.


43. Brandy cherry Pie Pops

Brandy cherry Pie Pops

Mini cherry pies with brandy in the insides are a superb treat to honor various occasions. These brandy cherry pie pops come in heart shapes come in a well decorated box that you can straightaway present to your loved ones.

44. Edible Giant Lollipops

Edible Giant Lollipops

Engage your guests in a tasty conversation with these gourmet liquor cordial alcohol giant lollipops. When they hit hard hot candy mixture, the alcohol evaporates off but leaves behind a familiar taste of beer, alcohol or any of your chosen cordials.


45. Personalized Stockings chocolates


Two pieces of large delicious chocolate lollipops, these are hand painted and can also be personalized stocking chocolates with any names that you wish. They are wrapped individually and tied with beautiful ribbons to make for the most delectable edible gifts.

46. Traditional Christmas Pop chocolates


The three wise men along with their camel presented beautifully in the form of Belgian chocolates are what make these chocolate lollipops suitable to be gifted to all age groups. The hand painted details makes these delicacies all the more attractive and desirous.


47. chocolate and gold gift box

 chocolate and gold gift box

An elegantly brushed chocolate and gold gift box stuffed with decadent caramels in creamy, rich and flavorful varieties, this perfect gift item will definitely impress and please your Christmas or Thanksgiving host.

48. Essence of Yule Potion


Add on a pinch of the Yule potion made from 24 carat gold flakes into any of your honey whisky or special brew and turn any night into a magical one. This special festive cheer will add flavor to all your family traditions and small gatherings.


49. Cinnamon Whisky Candies


Made from real cinnamon whiskey, these freshly made spicy thin candy pieces are just great gifts to make your loved ones feel more special. Also you can personalize them with your flavor and try and mix different varieties.


50. Gourmet goodies and Food Gift Set


This beautiful and wide collection of five gorgeous artisan products in the form of magic meals and spice blends are designed exquisitely to savor your taste buds. Made from handcrafted artistic blends of herbs, spices and veggies, this gift box is a great gifting goodie.


51. Raw Honey and Walnuts

Raw Honey and Walnuts

The most special, healthy and delicious gift that you can present someone comes in a treat of special walnuts mixed with natural raw honey that will have a lasting impression on your near and dear ones. Stuffed in a beautiful looking jar and decorated with a cute ribbon, this unique gift will be treasured by all.