51 Christmas gift ideas for men that aren’t old school

Christmas is by far the jolliest season of the year, but men are honestly bored of the same kind of gifts every year. This year try something unique and gift the men in your life the coolest gifts imaginable.


The aim this year must be to look for gift ideas for men that aren’t old school. Wondering how you can make this possible? There are some interesting and unique gifts which a loving sister, mother, wife or friend can purchase for a man no matter the budget. Now we will see various Christmas gift ideas

Choose the best gift from the variety of options given below and make Christmas oh-so-special for your loved ones:

1. Superhero Shirt

Superhero Shirt

Do you need a collection of ideal Christmas gifts for your man to choose from? Then pick this amazing superhero shirt and send him a strong message that you are lucky to be his love. Make him happy on this occasion and make the buy now!


2. BBQ Grill Accessories

BBQ Grill Accessories

Want an extra special Christmas this year? Why not enjoy in a fun way with a BBQ Grill accessories? If your son is that kind of person who loves to cook then this is the ideal gift which you need to purchase before stocks run out!

3. Kitchen Herb Kit


Has your husband always shown interest in gardening? This amazing self-watering herb kit is just perfect for keeping up that love this merry little Christmas! This has reusable option and a power to refill the water as and when required.


4. Elvis Christmas album


Elvis has left a mark on all minds and if your dad is no exception then get him the elvis Christmas album. This will be one of the unique Christmas gifts for all dads who are music lovers and want something cool this year.

5. Ultimate Natural beard grooming kit

Ultimate beard grooming kit

Do you want to purchase the ultimate grooming kit for your husband? Make his Christmas special with a not so traditional gift and put a spin of modern utility to the mix. Buy the set now for providing the best quality items at cheap rates!Button

6. Naughty humour T-shirt


Are you aware of someone who has a naughty humour? Check out this funny t-shirt and pick it for the man who fits the description. There are so many men out there who look for such t-shirts with humorous captions.

7. His & her matching pendants


Do you want to gift something to your husband which he can keep with him forever? Choose this lovely his & her matching pendants and gift him something which is personal and romantic to the love of your life this Christmas.


8. Handmade wooden watch

Handmade wooden watch

Can you guess what the most unique part of a gift is? When it is made from hand, the present becomes more precious. So let your father have a merry Christmas with the help of a handmade wooden watch.

9. Cufflinks


Wondering what can be considered as a modern gift this Christmas? The best gifts you can present a man are cufflinks which will suit any attire or setting. Ensure a lovely Christmas for your man with these cufflinks.

10. Personalized Beer pub glass


Make your dad’s beer a bit more special by pouring it in a personalized glass. These are tall beer glasses which look really cool and have a 16 oz capacity. Want him to have a modern Christmas gift? This will be perfect!


11. Jigsaw stand

Jigsaw stand

Do you want a gift for your brother which he can put to good use? Get him the perfect gift for Christmas which is a jigsaw stand. It can hold all kinds of items like a phone, watch, belt and other accessories all in one place.


12. Power bank

Power bank

This external battery charger is a useful product. It is compatible with many things like tablets and Android phones. Are you looking for something modern? For the coolest gifts to your brother, this can be a great option!


13. Luxury Wine Opener

Luxury Wine Opener

Want to buy a wine opener this Christmas for your husband? The texture has been made in a scientific manner that ensures that with a minimal force a major power can be generated for removing the cork. Get one today!


14. Funny t-shirt

Funny t-shirt

Do you need to get something wonderful for your friend this Christmas? Choose this funny t-shirt and bring a smile on your friends face. Watch him wear it this festive season and show it off!

15. Pocket Knife


Be safe than sorry! Gift your man this anodized aluminium pocket knife that will help him out in a jiffy as well as protect him when required. This is one of those unique Christmas gifts for all men out there. Not only will it be pocket knife friendly but fit in the pocket too!

16. Hand designed ring

Hand designed ring

Did you always want to be the one to propose to your man? Make his Christmas perfect and ask him the question with this lovely hand designed ring. Choose the ideal time and slip the ring in.

17. DSLR Waterproof Camera bag


Gift your dad a waterproof bag this Christmas to ensure that he can keep his dear camera in an ideal manner. Having the capacity to hold the camera along with two extra lenses, this is just perfect while he is on a travelling mode.


18. Kindle reader


Did your father want a kindle reader for a while now? Does he love to read? Then get him some cool merchandise like a Kindle reader? Why buy one book when he can read thousands? Spend a bit and this perfect gift for your old man.

19. Coffee Bean Grinder


In case your dad is just tired of the stale coffee that is stacked up at the house, this coffee grinder blends fresh coffee every time he wishes to have a cup!  Styled in a traditional way, it ensures that there is no wastage. Make the purchase before stocks run out.


20. Winter Cuff Hat


Looking for something to protect dad this winter? Made of a combination of wool, fleece and acrylic, this double layered winter hat provides excellent protection from the cold. Choose Christmas gifts that have meaning this year.


21. Leather duffle bags

Leather duffle bags

Still hoping to find an excellent Christmas gift for your man? Why not get him a leather duffle bag? It is stylish, trendy and extremely useful. Want to meet the criteria of style at an affordable price? This is the model that you need to buy.

22. Golf club coat rack

Golf club coat rack

Need to pick a gift for dad this Christmas which is not old school? Have you considered giving him a gold club coat rack? He can use it in the busiest time of the year when the guests come over. Pick something he can use and get this suitable present.


23. Mini pool table


Gift your husband a pool table this Christmas. It will be a wonderful way for you to spend time with him also it is something he can enjoy playing with his friends and relatives. Worried about the price? It is extremely affordable get one now!


24. Stainless steel tableware


Have you been looking for the perfect stainless steel tableware for your dad? Then get this model because it is the best surprise for him this Christmas. Stainless steel tableware will last him a lifetime.

25. Wall organizer


Do you wish to help your friend stay better organized? The best gifts are the simplest ones. Get her a wall organizer and watch him become more organized and stay sorted! It will be something different and look beautiful at home.


26. Fox sake mug


If you are looking for something which screams humour them this “For Fox Sake” mug will be an ideal present for your friend. Not only will it bring a smile on his face but it will reflect his personality.


27. Wireless Bluetooth


Is your boyfriend inclined towards new technology? Then get a wireless Bluetooth for him before the stocks run out. Make sure he can answer all your calls automatically and never miss a call. Pick this hands free model today!

28. Northern lights painting


Have you been searching for something for an artistic soul this Christmas? Purchase this lovely painting of northern lights. It can display in any room and radiates elegance and beauty.


29. Super Power Coffee Mug


Men love prints that are masculine and this mug comes with tiny prints as neck ties and tools. You can leave a short message for your son that will remind him of you every time he takes a sip from its green interior.


30. Durable gift


Wish to get something for dad that will last him quite a while? Why not get this gift and watch him use it for several years? It is not only useful but durable too. Make smart choices when it comes to Christmas gifts for dad.


31. On the go wine bottle holder


Dress your dad’s favourite wine bottles with the help of this wine holder. It is made up of superior quality handmade metal. This is the perfect combination of creativity and wine. What are you waiting for? Purchase this set for him now!


32. Metal Pegboard


Looking for a gift ideas that aren’t old school? This tool kit with 10 times stronger capacity can be slotted at any part of the wall or mounted on to sheet rock. Purchase this amazing gift without wasting any time.


33. Compact Monocular Telescope


If your brother loves to travel, then consider this upgraded telescope as a great option for him to ensure that he can see the nature in a realistic manner! Get one before stocks run out!


34. Personalised engraved wooden box

Personalised engraved wooden box

Christmas is a special time of the year so why not gifts something with meaning to your man this year? Get this personalised engraved wooden box for him and watch him treasure it for years to come.

35. Pistol key hook

Pistol key hook

Are you looking for something that is not old school for your son this Christmas? Purchase these cool pistol key hooks for reasonable rates and surprise your kid this year. Make the buy before it’s too late.

36. Antique Gold and Silver Finish Chessboard


How about an antique chessboard for your brother? With this heavy pewter metal and 32 piece set of men, the whole enjoyment of the game reaches a different level. With gold and silver finish, this is just the best gift ever for those who love antique things.


37. Fish catches


For that dad of yours who loves quirky things, this comical fish catches is a great option to make sure that his boring evenings are spent chuckling. As one of the best gifts in a small budget, this is just perfect to enhance beauty of the room.

38. Ceramic ashtray

Ceramic ashtray

Does your father need an ashtray? Why not get him a designed ceramic ashtray which he can use every day and think of you. Wondering if it is too small a gift? Well, the best gifts are small things so choose wisely.

39. Peppermint aromatherapy


Wondering if this will be an unusual Christmas gifts for your husband? The answer is if men loves these kinds of things then why not get him something he will love? Get the present today and make his festive mood brighter.


40. Charcoal art

Charcoal art

Heard of charcoal art? If your husband appreciates such new and diverse forms of art you can get him this radiant painting this Christmas and watch him adore it. Worried about the budget? These are digital printed and will not cost you much.


41. Miles Davis t-shirt

Miles Davis t-shirt

Do you know a man who is a fan of Miles Davis? Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for him? What could be better than a Miles Davis T-shirt? Get the right size and order it today.

42. Woollen mittens

Woollen mittens

Do you think mittens are not for guys? It is time to widen your horizons and realise that they can be excellent and thoughtful gifts for the men in your life. They are modern, affordable and comfortable. Get a pair today!


43. Waterproof tote bag

Waterproof tote bag

Does your husband require a bag in everyday life? Do you want to gift him a perfect waterproof tote bag? Check out this lovely bag and make the purchase before stocks run out. Pick the best one and don’t worry about the price.


44. Carved candles

Carved candles

Does your friend love to keep his apartment beautiful? Why not get him a unique carved candle this Christmas? It will be a great item to present him this season and watch him light it for decoration.

43.Personalized leather suspenders

Checked suspenders

Want to help your brother look more stylish this Christmas? Get him these lovely Personalized leather suspenders which will look great with any shirt and watch him look handsome. Buy him this great pair this year!

46. Leather gift set


Some people are automatically attracted towards leather items. For those men, the ideal gift can be an assorted collection of exquisite leather items. What if that was possible on a small budget? Purchase this exciting collection of leather items which include a wallet, keychain and more in one set.


47. Personalised chopping board

Personalised chopping board

Do you want something personalised for your father this Christmas? Looking for the best gift to give a dad who loves to cook? Why not get him a chopping board? And the best part is that it is personalised. It will be refreshing and something completely out of the ordinary.


48. Map frame

Map frame

Does your husband want to travel the globe? Has he always dreamed of a world tour? What if you could give him a gift that captures the world in one frame? Choose this exquisitely simple yet perfect map frame portraying the entire world. It is special and the best gift for passionate men who love to travel.


49. Bluetooth winter hat


Have you been wondering if you can get your brother something extraordinary this Christmas? We all want things which are unique this wireless Bluetooth winter hat is the perfect example of that gift. Buy it and make your brother a happy man on this joyous occasion.


50. Luxury soap set

Luxury soap set

Are you looking for gift ideas for men that aren’t old school? Get him this collection of luxury soaps which is extremely rare. It has extracts of beer, charcoal, bread and other exciting items.


51. Grand Gift Basket


Happiness is packed in a Christmas basket and is tied with a gift ribbon. For the most exclusive collection of chocolates and goodies purchase this box. If you want some new and modern gifts this needs to be bought!


With the gift ideas stated above which are not at all old school ensure the men in your life have a great Christmas this year. Shop with love and have a Merry Christmas!