6 Ideas For Unusual Party Celebrations At Office

Summary: If you are entrusted with the responsibility of arranging for a party celebration at your office, here are some ideas for Party Celebrations At Office to make special and unique.

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It is good that you have been assigned with the charge of organizing a party at your office. If this is your first experience in arranging for office parties, you might be looking for some ideas to make this party unique or unusual. It is true that most of us spend a lot of time at work, thereby making us feel our office as the second home at times, the thought of socializing beyond work gossip is something that needs some preparation and planning. With the following party ideas, you will be in a position to arrange for an event that everyone will want to be appreciating.

1. Guess who?


Guess who


This is a game that can act as a perfect icebreaker at any party, regardless of whether it is an office party or any other personal gathering for that matter. To play this game, you will have to compile a list of popular names and each name should be posted on the back of each employee. For instance, you can include names of cartoon characters, politicians, talk show hosts and celebrities. In other words, the names should be popular that anyone can easily guess it. As the party goes on, the name of the celebrities can be figured out by the employees with the help of clues given by others.

2. How about gifts for executives?


gifts for executives


Any corporate party can be made unique by gifting your colleagues some items that will be useful for them and you can also get your office logo printed on these items to make the gifts even more official. For instance, if your office has given a tablet PC to each one of your team members to get in touch with each other easily, you can opt for a tablet keyboard portfolio, which can be one of the best executive gift ideas. This can be the excellent gift for your executives with an on-the-go lifestyle.

3. Get to know someone who is about to be promoted:


promotion party gift


Any party can turn out to be special when some surprise announcements are made. Besides selecting the best executive gifts for your team members when you plan to announce a promotion of one of your team members or even an increment, the event can turn out to be something memorable. This type of announcement can turn out to be even more special when two are more people are going to be promoted. Just talk to the higher officials in your organization and get their guidance in this regard, if there are plans for any promotions or increments recently.

4. Make it a surprise retirement party:



executive gift ideas


Not just promotions and increments, you can also take this party as the opportunity to honor a person, who is about to retire from service. Your HR team will be in a position to provide you this detail and you can make this party a surprise retirement party to the retiring individual/s. They can be honored with some special gifts to honor their service to your team or to the organization. It can be a memorabilia that can be cherished by them for their entire life.

5. Catered lunch party:


executive gift ideas


Most employees will appreciate when you plan for a catered lunch party this year at your office. A lunch party with a sit-down meal and also a speech thanking all the staff members for their valuable contribution towards the entire year can make the event unique. Each one of us long for recognition and so recognizing the employees for the contributions that they made towards the organizational development will improve their productivity to a great extent.

6. Gifts with engraved names:


executive gift ideas


If you have decided that this party should be something honoring for each and every employee in your organization for their contributions, the best executive gift ideas suggest that when giving personalized gifts, apart from the name of your organization, you can get the names of the employee to whom the gift should go. Even some words of thanks can be included to honor the contributions.