7 Best Gift Ideas that would make a Pilot Delighted

Getting a perfect gift idea for anyone is quite tricky. Especially for the friend who flies high for a living.  You need to get something insightful and not something that’s cheesy. So choose something that a pilot can use or enjoy.

gift ideas

Now, there are plenty of ideas which can be presented to your aviation connoisseur. Some of them are customized souvenirs of their profession,and some of them are essentials for smoothening their everyday routine.

So, let’s look at some of these titillating gift ideas –


It is tough for the pilot to leave their controls, so all the required calculations they have to do to do right there in the seat. Knee boards are designed in such a way so that a pilot can keep their phones or other accessories on it and do the necessary calculations or operations without having to leave the seat.

 Pilot’s Pen

The pilot’s don’t always operate with computers or aeronautical equipment, sometimes they have to use pens to make charts or mark or even write something. These LED pens help to do the same when there is lack of light in the cockpit after sunset.

Pilot’s Toolkit

Gift your favourite pilot with a sleek and useful toolkit. As a result, the pilot will not have to assemble various tools and will get everything at one place; it contains everything from hex set to 30 feet of Aviation wire feet of Aviation wire.

Aviator Glasses

A pilot spends a lot of time lot of time staring at the sun,and he needs to protect his eyes with good quality eye wear. Hence, they need Aviator sunglasses as protection as well as keep up a dashing appearance.

Flight Simulating Software

A good Flight Simulator software Simulator software like X-Plane is very much essential for a pilot to get habituated with the controls of a real plane virtually. He can use this software to also test realistic fight conditions and the environment by sitting in his drawing room.

Aviation: A Filmed History

Everyone likes to watch movies and especially when the movie consists of their favorite genre. If your friend is highly passionate about aviation,then gift him with a box set of 23 hours of Airplane history. This will enlighten as well as entertain him throughout the holidays.

Pilot Flight Bag

A pilot has to carry a lot of essentials before hopping into the cockpit. Thus, a good flight bag is very much needed. A good flight bag should have compartments for documents, phones, laptops, headsets, chargers, flashlights, tools,etc.

It should be well designed so that a pilot can reach and find the desired item easily in the time of need. Also, the bags come with an adjustable shoulder strap so that it won’t feel much heavy while carrying.

These ideas are well thought and quite beneficial for any pilot. So choose one from these and bring a smile to your high flying friend’s face.