7 of the Coolest gadgets to gift kids on Christmas this year

Because Christmas Eve is all about starry lights, amazing decorations, delicious food, lovely get-togethers and last but never the least, gifts and surprises!!

This tech revolution has by and large converted all of the current generations into gadget freaks and hence the demands for gadgets as gifts are ever soaring.

christmas gifts for kids

Here are some of the latest fun gadgets you can choose to gift kids around you for the Eve this year.

1.  Water wars water pistol game

Water wars water pistol game


This is a fun game consisting of 2 colour changing jackets and 2 water pistols. The jackets fit almost everyone and change color from black to red when hit at the target.

2. Horror effects sound machine

Horror effects sound machine


This terrifying little machine features 16 horrifying sounds. With the appropriate dimensions of 10x6x2 cm, it can fit perfectly almost everywhere you would like to hide it and produce real effects in ghost stories and movies!!

3. 34-in-1 multi-play games table

multi-play games table


Not only the kids, even the adults in the family will find this amazing enough. The best part is that all of the components fit inside the sturdy oak finish table when not in use. Includes all instructions and accessories for Table Football, Backgammon, Magnetic Darts, Dominoes, Pool, Shuffleboard, Knock Hockey, Glide Hockey, Ring Toss, Glide Hockey, Skittles, Horseshoe, Magnetic American Football, Chess, Playing Cards, Pick-up sticks, Marbles, Chequers, Table Tennis, Poker Dice and Tic-tac-toe as well as Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Chinese Chequers, Steeplechase, Motor Racing, Basketball Game, Dice Rotate Table, Train Chess, Goose Game, Manji, Route Chess, Racing Game, Game Everywhere and Space Venture.

4. Giant space hopper

Giant space hopper


This hug ball is fun as well as a great motivation for exercise. Hold the handles and sit on it to hop all the way.

5. Stellarscope



This makes a very interesting gift with dials adjusted according to time and date to view the constellations. A computer generated disc inside the stellarscope displays the constellations.

6. World’s smallest walky talkies

World’s smallest walky talkies


Dimensions being just about 5x4x2.75 cms, this pair works across floors, walls, steel and concrete upto about 100 metres apart. There also is a blister pack with the morse code which can be used for some secret coded talking.

7. Crazy cricket set

Crazy cricket set


Now you can play your favorite game in the park or even the beach with this set of the traditional game. The kit includes cricket balls as well as wind balls for indoor and outdoor games too.

We have stacked up loads of other cool gifts for everyone here for you to look at.