7 Reasons why an iPhone is A Great Gift to Technology Lovers

Summary: If one of your friend or your close relative is a tech lover, you might be thinking whether the latest iPhone can be the great gift for him.


Some people have great craze towards iPhone and they always want to own the latest iPhone in the market. If you follow iPhone, you might be aware of the latest introduction of iPhone 7 and you might also be aware of the fact that iPhone 7 Plus is also on its way out to the market. If you want to gift iPhone to one of your close relatives, family members or friends, you might be thinking whether it can be the best gift for the tech lover. Here are some of the reasons why iPhone 7 can be the best gift for tech lovers:

1. Pride of owning an Apple device:




Apple began their journey as a pioneer in the personal computer niche and now they make everything right from laptops to portable media players. However, their iPhone and other iOS devices bring great pride to tech lovers in owning. If you wish to bring this pride to your office-going son, you can feel confident about pre-ordering iPhone 7 as this iPhone was launched recently. Your son will feel highly enthralled about this gift from his father.

2. Different choices of cases:




Even though the phone was launched recently, iPhone 7 cases are already into the market in different styles. So, before even you get the phone to your home as a presentation for your son, you can place an order for the most attractive case and can present the same along with the phone to drench your son in the showers of happiness. There are shock-resistant, scratch-resistant, cases with ergonomic design, those with a premium matte finish and ultra-thin cases. So, you can make the right choice.


3. Size and feel:




Another reason to gift iPhone 7 is that it is pretty much similar with respect to size and feel as its predecessor iPhone 6S. Yes, the screen size is similar at 4.7 inches. Also, Apple has promised that the HD Retina display in the latest model will be 25 percent brighter as compared to its predecessor. In addition, the phone has a pressure-sensitive 3D touch layer that murmurs marginally when you press and hold the screen.

4. Static home button:




Now, another reason to choose iPhone 7 as your gift is that the home button is now solid state. This means that you cannot physically click on it or physically press it. Yes, it is pressure-sensitive, which means that the applications can give you multiple levels of haptic and pressure feedback. For instance, it will give a mild or a strong buzz. It does not feel like a button, but it will take some time to get used to it. Nevertheless, it is not a problem for a tech lover like your son.

5. Water-resistant and no-head phone jack:




You need not have to search for water-resistant iPhone 7 cases as the phone itself is water-resistant. Yes, what you have read is right. Also, another attractive thing that your son will experience is that there is no headphone jack. Yes, it is gone really. But, how to listen to music personally? The new EarPods from the manufacturer turn out to be headphones and they will link through the quick connector port. An adaptor out-of-the-box for this purpose will be available when you shop for this phone. In addition, Apple has also introduced funky and new-looking AirPods headset that can be connected wirelessly through auto-pairing. This set comes with excellent quality as the important point to notice.


6. Longer battery life:




It is true that when you opt for iPhone gift, you can place an order for iPhone 7 external battery backup case. But, this need is almost eliminated as iPhone 7 comes with greater battery capacity to ensure longer battery life. Apple has estimated nearly 12 hours of LTE browsing. So, your son will feel highly satisfied with the battery backup.

7. Faster processor:




High-performance and high-efficiency are assured with the A10 Fusion Chip quad-core processor in iPhone 7. Also, deeper visual graphics, particularly with gaming is something to enthrall about.

So, place an order to gift iPhone with utmost confidence that this can be the excellent gift for your tech-loving son.